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Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/TheTowerIV (capes)
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Mafia (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTrump
Status Active
Other names Chauncey Specula
Reddit Sheet
Evolutionist D- | Lovelorn C | Night Howler B

Character Sheet


Out of costume: Tall and intimidating are certainly the words to describe him. Often wears neck coverings, such as sweaters or scarfs. Can be caught constantly looking down and fidgeting with his hands. Fairly forgettable looking if you saw him in a crowd, if he wasn’t hiding behind something. In costume: He seems something like a white cleric with straps of cloth hanging around. The mask is made from a thin cloth. It is like an anti-version of his old costume.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 4

Has an average college job, doing custodial work for the campus.

  • Equipment Costume: New one made from newly bought fabric
  • Cell-phone: Research purposes
  • Gun: More for show than actual usage. Has some ammo. (9mm Glock 17)

Skills and Specializations

  • Obsessive knowledge on parahumans and the cape scene. Is a major in Parahumans studies Learned how to act from taking acting classes.
  • Only shows this in cape identity Good at keeping a low profile. Hides well and keeps out-of-sight.
  • Tall. His lankiness seems unsettling, probably disturbs most people in and out of costume.


Not right. A recluse and relentless stalker. Often lost in fantasy while hiding away or watching others from afar. Not one to talk with others unless talked to, or if it's something related to his interests.

Is more charismatic, or at least louder than others, once in costume. Putting on this ‘persona’ lets him take out all the bottled emotions from his own lifestyle.


Trigger type: Single Natural Trump

He’s the worst type of Trump; a power amplifier with no way to de-escalate. His power can target up to five (5) parahumans within an area equal to a football field. These capes start to have their powers grow in strength however there is a catch; the more a power gets boosted, the more likely the cape will lose control of the power. (Brutes lose their coordination and can possibly shatter what they're holding, or a Thinker would start to process too much and get a migraine more intense than they’ve had before.) He can choose when to stop boosting a power, but cannot retract the boosts. Boosted powers go onto a scale from one (1) to ten (10), after a certain point (level six (6)) their power can become unstable or unreliable which results in misfires within the power. The time it takes to go up one (1) level is one round of actions; but once a power is at level seven (7) it would take three (3) rounds to get to level eight (8) then another four (4) to reach level nine (9) and then another five rounds to reach level ten (10). [1-7: 1 round each, 7-8: 3 rounds, 8-9: 4 rounds, 9-10: 5 rounds] When a power reaches levels nine (9) or ten (10) the manton protections begin to break down. Powers will increase in strength from levels one (1) to seven (7) where one (1) is barely noticeable and seven (7) being the point of the highest benefit with the least amount of detriment comparatively. At eight (8), nine (9), and ten (10) the detriment increases exponentially until the power starts to break down. The benefits at this point are not comparable to the downside that would be suffered.

Table Here

Has a minor parahuman sense; When activating the power, can feel the shard connections to chosen capes. It applies if he knows that they’re a cape. Can’t use it to find capes if he doesn’t know. When targeting capes through walls, he must know there is a cape on the other side of the wall to affect them.



“Height: 5’6. Hair color: Auburn Brown. Goes out in costume at around 3:50pm on Monday-Wednesday, and classes end at 3:30pm. It’s obvious: Casey Williams is Reprisal.”

Chauncey did heavy research into this heroine for days. Hours of figuring out who she was while passing the girl in the halls. He memorized her schedule and routines so that they could ‘bump into' each other, then start a relationship. Months later they became close friends, and Casey had no idea of his true intentions. She honestly thought that he was a nice person, despite what everyone said.

He wanted to test and experience her power in person. It was late at night when Reprisal would answer an average store robbery. Chauncey ‘staged’ the event, by playing as the robber. Reprisal confronted this masked criminal and he fired a warning shot. His heart sank when the hero was accidentally hit. Killed by nobody, a human thug. His rage of the site was uncontainable. He scrambled to get to her, removing his mask he scolded her with tears in his eyes. “HOW COULD YOU DIE? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A GOD!” Her eyes of surprise then turned into eyes of betrayal, and finally faded. Trigger. He fled the scene dragging her corpse.

He now had the power to make sure they stayed gods.