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Difficult to see aint she?
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/fire209 (capes)
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger Brute Mover Striker
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Fabula E | The Grey Lady D$

Absolutely nothing is known. It hasn't done anything as of yet.

Character Sheet


In their base form they appear to be a slightly transparent white sphere of some fluid floating in mid-air. They haven't had time to form a distinct image for themselves.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 0


Skills and Specializations

  • Innate understanding of material properties and material structures.
  • A love of the great outdoors, as well as skills in camping and hiking.
  • Decently good at cooking.
  • Knows some scattered combination of martial arts, though they are now mostly incompatible with their new form.


They haven't really had any interaction in their new form as of yet, but their previous self was outstanding adventurous, wanting to help others, and that has somewhat transferred over to them. How they will develop though, that is up to fate.

Beyond hat Eve has been given a unique way to perceive the world and exist. They are more like an infantile general artificial intelligence almost, to an extent. They appear human but given their experiences, they are rather inconceivably not human.


Eve is a case-53. They appear as a floating orb of exotic matter. This matter is nearly frictionless, isn’t affected by gravity, and appears to be a fluid with non-Newtonian properties. This orb is whitish, translucent, and covered in faint coven runes, roughly a meter in diameter (1/2 a cubic meter in volume). Eve is capable of manipulating the matter that makes them up, flowing into various shapes and forms. Matter that detaches from the main mass flows back to it.

Eve in this state is capable of a slow flight, at roughly walking pace maximum. They don’t need to eat or drink, drawing sustenance from the ambient radiation. They are capable of perceiving across the entire radiation spectrum, and perceiving ultra and infrasonic frequencies through any part of their body. In this base state, they are rather difficult to damage, as separated pieces flow back, however attempts to damage them still cause mental strain, especially if large portions are separated rather quickly, resulting in a semi-conscious state where they simply collect all their matter into a sphere and stay still. Eve isn’t able to exhibit much force in their base state due to lack of cohesion, at most able to do things like lift an apple.

Eve’s main ability comes in their ability to store the material properties of solids or liquids they touch, and the ability to selectively replicate them in parts of themselves. This allows them to form themselves into solid shapes, and move these shapes around with much more cohesion and force. They can achieve a maximum durability similar to steel with this. They are capable of copying the properties of powered constructs/materials as well, as well as mimicking the structure of non-tinker tech technology to be able to replicate it.

However, when doing this, they are more vulnerable to mental strain. If a part of themselves they have imbued like this is damaged or destroyed, they take mental lash back and the broken parts return to being the original exotic matter. After about a human head’s worth of material is broken/destroyed this way they are in effect knocked unconscious for around half an hour or so, in a recuperation state. Separated parts of themselves flow back to rejoin the main mass, separated parts automatically transform back to the base state and try to flow back to rejoin the main mass.

They can also store part of themselves in an extra-dimensional space tied to their form, allowing them to be things as small as a tennis ball to their normal size.

At cap, using materials like steel and with proper leverage, They have the durability of steel, can dead-lift up to 4,000 pounds and strike with similar force, as well as run up to 30 MPH (Assuming they aren’t replicating technology capable of moving faster.)

Trigger type: Case 53, Loss of Humanity/Self, Breaker/Changer/Brute


Josie Watts is a hero. Well err, She will be a hero. She has to be. There's no question about it. her dad was a hero, though he had died shortly after she was born. So she had to be. She had heard all about the children of other capes, how they almost always had powers, so she was basically guaranteed one, right?




Well, any moment now.

Josie for her entire life has wanted to be a hero, to be like her late father. Her mother didn't approve of course, and was glad her daughter seemed to not inherit her father's power. Her mother hadn't wanted to lose her daughter as well. But Josie was insistent. She trained, martial arts, exercising. She camped a lot, since she had heard her father liked doing that a lot. Anything to become a hero. But to no avail, nothing worked.

Frustrated, and getting older she had gotten a job, and it seemed like her dreams were fading away. Until she had heard a few rumors. Some shadowy figure, who could give powers, but always for a price.

So she sought them out, and, on a camping trip late one night, she had found them. What price would she pay? Anything, to be as strong and great as her father.

A ripple along it's surface as the bright light of day shined down upon it. Radiation, a multitude of waves and information. What an interesting place it had awoken in.