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Errant's cape costume.
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/SirSureal (capes)
Civilian name Lester Joseph Hopkins
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStriker (Brute)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Errant is one of Ashton's longest surviving Indie Heroes, general consensus is that he is a brute of some variety.

Character Sheet


'1" and a little lanky. He is usually wearing a hoody and jeans when not in armor. He has wavy brown hair that extends about half way down his neck and is Caucasian with light tan skin. He usually has his shoulders drooped slightly in a manner that either comes off as lacking confidence or disinterest.He always looks sleep deprived as his power prevents any bed from being very soft. His general appearance seems not threatening even when he is in his cape outfit.

Equipment and Resources

Errant's armor and baton are his most valuable items. He also has an apartment not to far away from the Bulletin. He also has a cat named Squire. He lives off of his inheritance and some bounty work.

Errant sports a 3'4" metal bar of high strength steel of which resembles a studded kanabo.He also sports armor made of a combination of steel, durable high grade plastic, and internal padding. His armor is probably his most prized possession. He also has an Italian style long sword and a kite shield which he uses when he knows he needs deadly force. He usually keeps a collapsible baton on hand when out and about.

Skills and Specializations

Lester is a bit of a history buff and likes to study the styles and marshal arts of different cultures. He also has a knack for acting dumb.


He is usually a slightly macabre humored sort with very little interest in getting pinned down with rules, which is why he never joined the protectorate. He feels the wait of responsibility because of his powers and has the need to help people when ever its convenient or can't be ignored. His internal sense of right and wrong is his strongest motivator. Sadly he has the terrible trait of losing track of people's personal needs in favor trying to do the "greater good" which has lead to a lot of hurt feelings in his past. He also has no qualms with using force if he feels its the best solution.


Errant's power is a contact based one in which any non-living object he is in direct contact with becomes immensely stronger to the point that it is about 8x harder to break or generally damage in a manner similar to if it was appropriately denser. It doesn't get heavier. The object also has a lot less give to it if it would normally be soft and flexible making paper almost a blade. Clothing is slightly affected with a t-shirt feeling like it is a sweater and a pair of denim jeans feeling like two pairs of denim jeans. His power continues to change the properties of objects the longer he is in contact with them. While the strengthening effect happens instantly on touch, after about one minute the object starts to have increased kinetic energy. At this point the object departs twice as much force as it should with any particular swing or movement. This makes all his strikes much stronger than they would normally be. After three minutes of constant contact the object gains the ability to act as a conductor for his power and will start spreading it to other objects its touching. The objects it imbues with power do not gain this ability to imbue more and more objects but it does mean he can imbue power through his beloved armor. He also has no ability to turn off this power and it is constant, making his life kinda tiring.


Lester Hopkins was a normal kid with a normal family of a mom and dad with two siblings. He enjoyed reading and spending time with his family. The only strange thing about him was his small collection of accurate replica medieval armor and weapons. Then one day while his family was in Vancouver it happened. Hadur happened. He didn't know fear until he saw it. It went by so fast. First he was watching buildings fall and heroes flood into view ready to fight it.

His parents were driving the car with his brother and him in the back seat. The car crashed. His parents died on impact but he wasn't really paying attention to who was still alive because he saw a giant Cannon fire at a building. The building was going to fall on the car. Pure terror gripped him. He was going to die. His body wouldn't even be recognizable. The car would just crunch like a tin can against the force of the building. He didn't want to die. He felt strange for a second and then the rubble hit. The car moved but didn't crumple in on itself like he expected. It didn't seem to break at all. It rolled several times and hit a wall which hurt like hell when he was bouncing around inside the whole time but he didn't seem to be to hurt. His clothes weren't even torn. He wished he could say the same for his brother. He puked for a few moments while the world spun. Finally he managed to climb out of a door and run. Many moments past as he ran. It seemed like eternity until he hit an intersection where there were robots making their way in all directions. Lester ran as fast as he could down the only street without robots blocking it. He heard footsteps behind him. He kept running. He slowed down from fatigue and looked behind him. The robots had gotten busy fighting some hero he didn't recognize as one of the local capes. He was safe he thought. He started walking down the street until he finally made it to safety at an evacuation point. It occurred to him as he was getting help that he shouldn't be alive after the car got hit by the rubble. It just wasn't possible. His eyes widened ever so slightly as he realized that he had triggered. That must have been how the car stayed together instead of breaking into a million pieces. It was after much searching that he found that his other sibling had also died in the endbringer attack.

It was almost a year ago that his family died in an endbringer attack and he's been trying to make good use of his time since then. He blames

himself for much of what happened. He's made his way to Ashton because it will let him help even more. Especially with the resent attacks.