El Tigre

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El Tigre
El Tigre.png
Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/VoicesDontStop (capes)
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born Chiapas, Mexico
Status NPC
Nationality Mexican
Height 6 ft 6 in (198 cm)
Weight 350 lb (160 kg; 25 st 0 lb)
Reddit Sheet

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Character Sheet


El Tigre is a large imposing man, standing about 6'6" and in the ball park of 300-350lbs. Tan skin, and ripped from years of wrestling. He ALWAYS wears a Luchador mask he never removes his mask. Most often his clothing consists of boots and spandex pants that fit with his color scheme. Though he will wear regular cloths, while also wearing his mask.

Equipment and Resources

Mask wash, mask wax, black and orange lowrider, 200k (converted from pesos) saved.

Skills and Specializations

High flying Luchador wrestling, growing up in a poorer part of Mexico he is a skilled general handyman.


El Tigre like most capes isn't quite all there, maybe it's from his tigger or the years of fighting but he can be very... Aggressive. That is not to say he can't be kind or follow a strict sense of honor also instilled in him by his years in the ring.


Shape manipulation of inanimate objects. He has the power to grab chunks of inanimate objects as if they were made of dough to combine and mold them into new shapes, forming things such as helemts, body armor, melee weapons, and quick fixes to other objects. The new objects retain the relative strength and weight of the material it's made of. His alterations are permanent. His power also adds finishing touches to get the exact shape he wants. (Ex. He rolls something into a ball his power will smooth it out and make it a near perfect sphere).