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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Ironside322 (capes)
Civilian name Chloro Despretz
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (1995-01-13) January 13, 1995 (age 28)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet

Public Information: Nothing is known about Effluvium, due to him rarely, if ever using his power.


Chloro more or less looks like a normal person. He usually can be seen wearing a white lab coat. He wears a simple featureless black mask with eye holes, a mouth hole, and holes for the nose. Under his lab coat, he generally wears regular jeans and a tee shirt. He is quite thin, but not to the point of being frail. From looking at him, you can tell that he is not at all physically strong.

Equipment and Resources

  • Bulletproof vest
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Lab coat
  • Metal plates sewn into fabric of sleeves
  • Featureless black mask with two yellow lenses over eyes

Skills and Specializations

Chloro graduated college with a master’s degree in chemical engineering. He knows his way around computers, and is a moderately skilled programmer. On top of that, he knows his way around chemistry. He has no real self defense training, but is not in horrible shape. He does spend most of his time inside, but can’t afford too much food, so he is fairly thin. Due to his thin stature, he has learned how to make himself look more intimidating than he actually is. This is mostly due to trying to avoid bullying when he was in school.


Generally an introverted person, he mostly keeps to himself. He likes to hang out in areas of a room where there aren’t that many people, and mostly shy's away from social interaction. He does not have much presence in a room. Despite this, when in combat he is a completely different person. In complete contrast to his civilian self, Chloro acts with a sense of confidence never seen by people who know his civilian self. Due to his introverted nature, Chloro does not work too well with other capes or regular people aside from those who shared his trigger event.


Effluvium can emit a gas in a sphere centered on him that starts at 5 feet in radius and grows by 5 feet every round out to a maximum of 50 feet. This gas makes anybody who breathes it in feel fear and paranoia towards anyone else that isn’t Effluvium, but makes people trust him more, and feel like he is their friend. This starts as soon as they breathe the gas in, but gets stronger the longer they breathe it in. The gas is not a visible gas, and does not come from some opening on Effluvium’s person, it is just released through his pores. However, the gas does have an odor that gets more noticeable the larger the radius of the cloud. Effluvium can also choose who in the cloud the gas effects.

After 36 seconds (6 rounds) the person affected by the gas would be willing to cease attacking Effluvium. (on the seventh round they would stop) After 1 minute and 12 seconds, or 12 rounds they would start attacking their allies. And after a full five minutes they would be willing to perform an obviously suicidal action.

After the person leaves the gas, it takes about a minute for the effects to fade if they

If the person was in the gas for less than 5 minutes it takes about a minute for the effects to fade, but throughout that time the effects go backwards (i.e. they go from willing to attack allies to not attacking him, to no effects at all). If they stayed in the gas for longer than five minutes, it takes around 10 minutes for the effects to fade, with one effect rolling back after 3 minutes.

For someone who doesn't really have a reason to have their guard up around Effluvium it would take 1-2 rounds to get them to not attack, 8 rounds to get them to attack allies, and 4 minutes to get them to willingly put their life at risk. Someone who has their guard up or was already on edge before he arrived would take the entire regular time.

Secondary power (mix of brute and changer): There are fleshy tendrils under Effluvium’s skin, and he has a core instead of organs, meaning that when damaged, almost anywhere it is equivalent to basically just a flesh wound, and he recovers faster. This shifting of tentacles is what allows Effluvium to change his proportions, along with pigmentation changing systems in his skin.

The core is located in the center of his chest. It's a little bit larger than the size of two hearts and is underneath his rib cage. Enough tissue damage can reveal the tentacles under his skin. The tentacles don't have any of the pigmentation that allows them to change color, so they can be seen once the skin is broken.

Effluvium recovers from a wound about 1.5 times as fast as a normal person.

When changing his appearance, bigger, more broad changes are easier to make while fine details like facial structure changes are harder. He also uses the effects of his gas to try and cover for any mistakes. He also can't make himself look over seven feet tall, or under two feet tall, but anything in that range is fair game.

Cluster Bonus: Any member from the cluster can ping for the other members whenever they like. After pinging, the person who did so knows the exact location of the other two cluster mates for 10 minutes, the rest of the cluster is aware that they've been pinged when it happens but cannot tell where the person who pinged is. The cool-down of this ability is 7 days. Additionally, cluster members can invade one another's dreams, showing up in a sort of shared mind space that can be entered upon sleeping. The dream world can be manipulated by any member of the cluster in the dream space at will, and cluster members can interact, touch, and use their powers on other cluster mates in the dream. However, no real damage can be done and cluster members will simply wake up as if they had a completely normal night's sleep.

Trigger type: Multi Trigger

Main Power: Master

Secondary Powers: Brute and Changer


Chloro grew up in Ashton, and went to school all his life there. After high school, one of his two friends moved away to pursue a career as a security guard while the other stayed in town. They had grown somewhat distant after high school, but they still talked somewhat regularly. When the quarantine started, not much changed for Chloro. However, for his friend, things became a lot tougher. She had had a heart problem since birth, and none of the clinics in Ashton had the medication she needed, so she needed to be taken out of the city. Unfortunately, this was impossible due to the quarantine. When Chloro heard that their other high school friend had come back to town to work security for the quarantine, he was excited that there might be hope for his friend. The three organized a plan to allow Chloro to sneak their friend out when Walter (The security guard) was on duty and could turn a blind eye to their actions. Unfortunately, Chloro tried to sneak out at the wrong time, when other guards were still there. This resulted in Walter having to shoot warning shots at them, but he missed and hit their friend. All three of them triggered at that point, and Chloro ran into the city to get away from all of the commotion. Now Chloro and his friend who was shot are hell bent on finding Walter and getting revenge for what he did to them.