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Eden Costume.png
Eden in her costume (comes with a mask that features opaque lenses.)
Notoriety Criminal
E / -
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Civilian name Lana Carrigan
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationShaker (Changer 5
Born (1995-08-25) August 25, 1995 (age 27)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Memento E | Natalie Howard D

An incident was reported regarding a cape completely blocking off the front of a pawn shop using fleshy looking stalks before robbing the place, leaving with the cash in the register and a few odd bits.

Character Sheet


Out of costume, Lana is a tall woman with long brown (dyed) hair who simply dresses herself neatly, if often the same every day. She's also sometimes seen with a white cane, denoting her as blind.

In costume, Eden is often seen wearing a somewhat modified suit covered in a protective layer of her power's stalks and eyes, her arms being covered the deep red substance of her power for easy usage. Her face is covered in a plain white mask with opaque lenses. Her hair is also reverted to a grey-blue-ish color. (A result of her misremembering the hair color she had before losing her sight and deciding she liked the color afterwards.)

Equipment and Resources

  • A regular ass knife
  • A phone with important numbers pre programmed
  • A few coins to use for shaping makeshift spears on (by absorbing stalks and leaving the 'main' one)

Skills and Specializations

  • Able to read braille
  • Can give speeches without real trouble
  • Excellent motivational speaker
  • Remembering paths and areas after only having been there once or twice
  • Is able to guess where something is purely by sound


Eden puts an extreme amount of value towards her own independence. Refusing aid unless she can pay them back for it immediately or in the very near future. In costume, she has also picked up on a somewhat curious nature regarding the things that she couldn't really do or experience without her now power gifted sight.


Eden is a changer/shaker who controls a thick, reddish substance that has replaced their blood. It has a similar consistency to tar, though she can negate the stickiness and draw it out of things it's soaked. It can slowly be exuded through her skin if wanted, while actual wounds would allow her to draw out more. This substance does not contain DNA and is incapable of carrying blood borne diseases/other foreign stuff.

Once outside of their body, the substance can move slowly along surfaces at about the same speed as a regular person's calm walking pace. The cape can also on command, make the substance congeal or explode into hardened, potentially branching 'stalks' of sorts dozens of times their original volume over, ending up looking not too far from the branches of an especially morbid tree without leaves.

These stalks have the occasional eye spaced about that the cape can see through and will remain for a few hours after leaving the cape's presence or until losing their connection with the surface that it is on. (So removing a bit will destroy that bit, while tearing it near the base will destroy the whole thing.) The stalks are approximately the equivalent of steel and count as organic.

These stalk explosions vaguely follow the cape's will regarding the direction and will attempt to avoid impaling the cape or others unless intended, simply trapping them otherwise.

When touched, the stalks can also be shaped to some degree, and the 'surface' they are attached to can also be transferred to somewhere on the cape's body, being able to be moved across their body as if they were still 'blood' and weighing only a tenth of their actual weight for Eden herself.

While on the cape's body, their control over the stalks intensifies greatly, allowing for the shaping of pointed weaponry and equipment, if with open spots as the stalks will not allow themselves to be completely shaped to be tight against one another to allow for full coverage, though something close can be achieved with time and effort are spent intertwining multiple sets of stalks attached to a 'base'. Stalks on the cape's body count as part of their body for the sake of power effects.

When touching a stalk, the cape can also absorb it into their body, healing their body and replenishing their 'blood' for future use. Healing themselves in this way costs approximately the same volume that is being healed for flesh, with bones and organs requiring twice as much. Injuries closer to the point of contact come first and all healing uses Eden's self image as a reference.


Lana remembers very little of her childhood, but she remembers not always having her current impairment, and how she used to not be 'so damn helpless' as she'd put it.

It was frustration, day in day out. Trying to learn how to not need to rely on others. But something would always come up that needed her to ask someone for help. Thankfully she had a grandfather who understood. He didn't offer help unless she asked for it. And if it wasn't for him, Lana would've probably either been far more bitter, or driven herself mad with frustration long ago.

And as she grew up, the feeling of other people thinking that she needed help, that she was somehow less than them. It ground on her mind. So what if she didn't have one of her senses? The others worked just fine.

Except things would always come back up. She was more than what she lacked, dammit! And she came to only teeth grinding conclusion. People were always going to be looking down on her for it for once reason or another.

So she turned to researching powers. The capes she heard about were seen as a real threat. As people who shouldn't be messed with and weren't helpless. So she set out, looking into powers. How they worked. And most importantly, how to get them.

Except all sources point towards one thing. You didn't simply get powers, and there was no surefire way to get them. She almost threw her computer out of the window that day, instead she found herself a spot and screamed her throat raw in frustration.

And that is when she heard a woman step up behind her. At first she though that it was a burglar who had come in, but that quickly changed when the woman offered her powers. Complete and utter independence from any need for help if she wanted it. To be the person she wanted to be. All it'd cost... were the memories of her grandfather.

She was handed a rune, and if she truly wanted powers, she was to break it. If not, the woman would be back. Lana still had no idea how the woman had gotten in or out beyond maybe teleportation.

And the next day, as she was thinking it over, Lana decided that it would all be worth it. Smashing the rune to bits. Then as she felt her heart slow, and her body fill with an odd awareness that she knew that the woman had not been bullshitting her.