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Notoriety Criminal
D / $
Author /u/spider_dream23 (capes)
Civilian name Johnathan Torch
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationShaker
Born (1993-06-15) June 15, 1993 (age 29)
Status Active
Other names Staub-Geist
Reddit Sheet
D D- | Dst D$ | F C+ | Fun D? | Refrct C | TM C* | T D+ | Trk E-

In his hometown and some other places, he is known as a shadow like incorporeal being, that appears out of nowhere and vanishes just as fast, robbing stores or working for other villains. Sometimes he just attacks people seemingly for no reason.

Two weeks ago, a group of Protectorate heroes cornered him, and somehow, he got furious. The locals still talk about the “storm” that destroyed part of the town and got two heroes killed.

He got his name from his first big mission in Germany.

Character Sheet


He tends to wear suits, like a salesman, though the ends justify the means, and he would abandon his usual outfit if it would make him appear less suspicious and more innocent.

As a cape he uses his power to cover himself , making him appear like a ghostly image of a person or just a giant obscure cloud.

With extreme fine control he can manifest facial expressions on his constructs, mirroring his actual reaction.

He can also use a small cloud to only cover his face like a mask, or to emulate different faces by rearranging each particle in his control.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth level: 4

He moved away from his hometown, because the local heroes started to get on his nerves and he crossed a line, did something he didn’t intend to do(murder).

He now lives in a small flat, which isn’t that bad, but he obviously aims a little higher and uses his powers to work as a mercenary.

  • Smartphone
  • Stun gun
  • Pepper spray
  • Epinephrine

Skills and Specializations

He has basic knowledge in hand-to-hand combat, especially how to evade his opponents.

He is a good actor and liar.


Before his trigger he suffered from a bunch of phobias, including amathophobia and mysophobia. One of the causes of this, is his allergy against dust mites and his obsessive parents.

Though his phobia wasn’t that obvious in public, he nonetheless stands out as the introverted and awkward misfit, keeping his distance to others but still trying to impress anyone he got close to.

After his trigger and mental breakdown, he kind of got over some of his fears, but still dislikes messiness and getting himself dirty. He is somewhat emotionally detached and views human lives as worthless.

He sees any form of skin to skin contact as nasty and it will deeply offend him if one gets to close without his consent. Though he is a skilled liar and actor, using his charisma to get what he wants or to appear completely innocent. Because of this most people wouldn’t even notice his antics or if they crossed some of his boundaries, but well he can hold a grudge even for something minuscule like an unwanted touch …

In his civilian identity, he would present himself as a nobody, meek and a bit awkward, though he still pays great attention to his appearance and surroundings, everything needs to be perfect and clean. He would devote himself to his work with a no-nonsense attitude.

As a cape he seems like a completely different person, though he usually avoids direct confrontations and will prefer to control his dust construct from afar or hide inside of them. If he is forced to face someone, he can be surprisingly talkative and manipulative. Those rare situations would spark some form of excitement and blood-lust in him, but it’s a side of his personality he dislikes.


Trigger Type Natural Double Trigger

Macroscopic Particle Manipulation

Capable of precise telekinetic control of particulate Matter, such as dust, sand, ash, pollen, powder, and other extremely fine debris.

A touch striker effect is used to take initial control of the Particulate, with particulate under his sway able to exert the striker effect, resulting in a domino effect that allows placing relatively large quantities of the matter under his telekinetic sway.

Each particle is capable of exerting force roughly twenty (20) times its own weight, with large clouds of particulates able to collaborate to lift people and objects many times their own weight, and can form defensive barriers akin to something halfway between a forcefield and a military sandbag.

His control and sensory feedback are fine enough to be capable of detecting movement and sound, with the effect diminishing or increasing based on the density of the cloud, with greater density allowing clearer feedback.

Particulate that are exposed to large quantities of moisture, or that are compressed to the point they no longer constitute a ‘cloud’ prematurely ends his control entirely.

Can envelop himself with a dense enough cloud to facilitate personal flight, and can shape the matter under his sway into various rough shapes, and can even control it remotely over a 100 meter radius centered on himself. And can control a maximum of 5 tons of particulate (approx 4500 kg)

“Minions” made with this power are physically quite frail.

Sensory feedback from particulates under his control is strong enough that he is susceptible to drastic/sudden movements and sounds, able to adapt to strong wind and most reasonable movements, but a powerful and sudden noise can cause disorientation, especially low frequency sound. Reacting similar to movements that exceed the speed of soun


He was always the awkward kid, mostly because of his parents who sheltered him from everything, nowadays every time he thinks back to this time, he realized how much he resents them for it.

At a young age he nearly died because of his allergic asthma and from then on, his parents only reinforced that fear, they themselves are somewhat neurotic and obsessive. Anything needs to be clean and tidily, the air needs to be unpolluted, etc. …

Everyday his fear grew more, he saw how other children played in the dirt and he needed to keep his distance, even though he also wanted to join them.

Apart from this, he doesn’t remember much about his childhood, but what he knows is they turned against him, weaponized his fears. Its hard to tell when it happened, he suspects he was in middle school when they ganged up on him. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see, feel it… taste it. It was everywhere. From a rational perspective it wasn’t that bad… a harmless joke... a prank… but he was not rational!

The feeling of being everywhere and everything hit him, a billion parts scattered, like a galaxy and its stars rotating around a common center and the whole thing moves through the vastness of space. Billion points acting in union as one being against a common threat.

He can feel it jumping from one point to the next, connecting them, increasing their numbers. A barrier between him and the rest of the world. His own little area, inside of it he will be save.

The sensory overload mades it difficult, but suddenly he notices the screams. Some of his particles cease to be part of the “whole” its like they stop existing, but they are still there, he just can’t sense them anymore. They collide with something…a body… a body covered in fluids. Even as he opens his eyes, he is unable to see anything besides the storming cloud that surrounds him. But he knows what he did and what a good portion of his cloud is now made from.

He fleet, and he remembers the laughing. his laugh and his cries. He kept running but it kept following, with every step he took it grew, certainly attempting to devour him, to taint him.

But he is free and soon this revelation made him much stronger than he ever was.