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Notoriety Criminal
C / *
Author /u/the4bestgame (capes)
Pronouns They/Them
Civilian name Thomus Kumar
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Mafia (Devilfish)
PRT Classification(Thinker 6, Master 3)
Status Active
Other names Grave Issues
Reddit Sheet
Blast Off C$ | Dunemere C* | Galacterian Knight C | Queen Bonk C+ | Voitarus E


  • Name / Alias: Thomus Kumar / Dunemere
  • Age: 37
  • Alignment: Villain(independent)

Public Information

Dunemere is a decently well known cape, they make a habit of traveling around the country heading to places they expect trouble to come to. Once there they make their services as a bounty hunter available for purchase from both villains and heros alike, though their methods leave much to be desired by heros.

There are rumours that Dunemere has killed people in the line of their work as a bounty hunter, but so far these are unsubstantiated. Starting Reputation: D*

Physical Appearance

Dunemere is a tall Asian-American cape, with shaggy black hair and blue eyes. In their personal life they tend to wear basic non descript clothes such as jeans and t-shirts, the main distinguishing feature being a large backpack of some kind to hold their costume.

Costume: Dunemeres costume is a concrete grey trench coat over the top of their backpack, with many pockets inside for different weapons. They wear a black balaclava to hide their hair and face from view whilst in costume.


Dunemere has a fascination with death and the afterlife, being both terrified of it and yet compelled to know more. They believe that it is their duty to gather the memories of as many people they can, so that their lives can continue through them. They are incredibly violent against anyone that has killed another, though that don’t hold themselves to the same standard, believing their power means they aren’t “really dead”


Dunemere doesn’t have much in the way of assets, just keeping enough petty cash on them to pay for food and cheap motels.

Wealth Level: 3


Dunemere has a large collection of weapons and restraints stored in their coat. From knives to swords, to staffs, and including handcuffs, gags and good old fashioned rope in their backpack. Since joining the Mafia they have added a Gold coloured Desert eagle and a smaller silenced pistol to their loadout.


Driving (Cars, Trucks, Buses, Motorbikes) Shooting (Pistols, Snipers) Hand to hand fighting Boxing Parkour Negotiations Lying Knife fighting Knife throwing Longsword fighting Staff fighting Espionage Counter espionage M/S Protocols Containment foam usage First aid Surgery Accounting Car maintenance Plumbing Cooking Baking Languages (English, French, German, Chinese, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu) Hacking Lock picking Management Botany Chemistry


Trigger type: Thinker 6 Master 3

TL:DR - Dunemere can collect and dish out memories from dead people. They have to touch the head of a dead body to collect memories, at which point they gain memories and skills depending on how long they’ve been dead for, the shorter the better. They can give these memories out to help others augment their skills or as a traumatic attack.

Dunemere can absorb the memories of the dead, by touching the head of a recently dead body they gain all of that persons memories and skills. The longer a person has been dead for the more their skills decay, starting with less important and less recent memories.

Dunemere can also choose to share those memories with nearby people, in a range of about 30 feet. Once a memory has been shared any skills gained from it will dissipate over the course of 24 hours, but the actual memory itself will still be remembered. Anyone that knew the person the memory came from will feel an inherent sense of familiarity and be able to identify whos memory it is.

Dunemere can use particularly traumatic memory’s as a form of attack against other capes, inflicting those memories onto people moments before an attack would connect to put them off their gaurd.

No matter the disposition of the deceased person, once Dunemere has collected memories from them they cannot hide things, as they are no longer alive and so no amount of will power can hold them back. However Dunemere doesn’t gain any instant understanding of which memories are what, and so has to take some time to relax and ‘remember’ all the memories before they can be used.


Dunemere blocked a fast punch thrown their way by the off duty PRT officer. Sweeping her legs out from under her as they quickly brandished a knife from inside their coat. The officer kicked back into their shin, giving them space to disengage and run.

They considered for a moment inflicting a wave of nauseating memories, a collection of times people were drunk, sick or had seen something horrid; But it wasn’t needed, and refreshing the knife fighting skills they got recently into true muscle memory was more important.

Instead they tossed the knife, steel impacting into the centre of their back. A small stumble though she kept going, but a small stumble was all they needed. Dunemere caught up, kicking them to the ground and kneeing the dagger in deeper. They used the hilt of another dagger, cracking it against her head, and then bliss, ass the memories of her last moments flooded their mind.

Now to dispose of the body, and make sure it looked like a random act of gang violence. Truly a shame no-one will know she still lives, but better their skills go towards the collective.


Dunemere pounded their fists against the stone of the mausoleum. Their hands bloody and raw, but anything was worth it to distract from the bodies they knew where behind them. Mother, Father, taken from this world too soon. The people at the funeral said they should say their goodbyes, but they couldn’t just let their parents go like that. Locked forever in a silent stone tomb.

So they snuck past, and waited there with them, talking, promising they’d never leave. And then the stone door slammed shut. They where too weak to force it open, hungry from not eating after their parents passed on, and now they’d die here too, buried in a stone box with their parents.

They triggered, but it didn’t give them a way out of the box. Instead that came days later when the social workers realised 15 year old Thomus hadn’t been to school since the funeral. But by that time Thomus has made friends with the ghosts, and knew all their tales, they would become the afterlife people dreamed off, the souls of the dead living in their head.