Dr Brooks

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Dr Brooks
Dr Brooks.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
F / $
Author /u/spider_dream23 (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name John Brooks
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Minneapolis)
PRT ClassificationMaster/Stranger
Born (1979-04-02) April 2, 1979 (age 43)
Status Lore
Reddit Sheet
D D- | Dst D$ | F C+ | Fun D? | Refrct C | TM C* | T D+ | Trk E-

Infamous biologist involved with parahuman research. Got discredited because of his views and questionable theories. Followed by the reveal of his more than unethical experiments. Accused of sabotage and may have been involved in certain ‘accidents’ causing the death of coworkers. Only recently the full extent of his private activities became clear, the police investigating several murders likely related to his ‘studies’. Most recent victims including some less known capes and case53’s as well as people who may have been average, but with their demise caused in such a way.. its been rumored he wanted them to trigger.

The full extend of his power or even the fact that he is a cape at all, isn’t widely known.

Character Sheet


1,90 m height, short black hair, brown eyes, slender but athletic built.


“Knowledge is power and life in ignorance worthless.”

John could be described as a person, solely interested in the cause and workings of parahuman abilities. He can appear friendly and charismatic, but has no real regard for human lives. His family mostly being there to cover for his other activities. Still he does care for his son, but only in the way of seeing his potential, trying to mold him in his own image, to teach what he views as important.

He harbors a deep distrust towards the higher-ups and cape-controlled government in general


Able to insert thoughts, and images into anyone who perceives him for an extended amount of time.

Be it a voice in your head that constantly tries to introduce certain ideas or actions until weak minded individuals actually start to belief them as their own. Or actual images of him standing besides them, talking or threatening them. Visions can mask his presence, blocking their view to the real him.

Effect usually wears of after 12 hours, but long term exposure can cause an almost permanent influence.

Only works if he is aware of someones presence.