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Notoriety Criminal
D / $
Author u/fire209 (capes)
Civilian name Daniel Merin
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Miami)
PRT ClassificationStriker/Thinker
Born (2001-07-12) July 12, 2001 (age 21)
Miami, Florida
Status Lore
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet

Public Info

A very troubled young man, not much is known but is recognized for going out and performing beatings on people for fun. Doesn't really perform many crimes for money, instead preferring to vandalize things. Rumors say the longer you fight him the better he gets and the harder he hits.


A young man, fairly well built but a bit short for his age. Tends to wear expensive clothing and generally live it up. In-Costume wears a black suit made of a darkened leather, thicker panels over vital areas. Wears a full-face mask that appears entirely dark, but appears to be scratched to reveal white portions in the general shape of a general 'scary' face, including a large mouth with large teeth and 2 triangular shapes for eyes. Wears full gloves.


Very deeply troubled from his trigger event, occurring at roughly 6 years old, somewhat instigated by Blake Lively, who was 10 at the time. Blames Blake for causing the trauma on him. Enjoys inflicting pain on others or their belongings.


The more he touches something, the more information he gets about it. He can slant this information in a specific direction if he so chooses. The more information gathered about an object or thing, the more damage he can do to it with his blows. For fighting, touching someone with a melee weapon counts as touching them for the purposes of this ability. Information he can gain from a person- How they fight, Specific pieces of information about their past, etc. He can't choose precisely what information he gets from a blow, though information gotten like this tends to be generally useful to him or his desires. Information with this can also be gained about the uses of an object, for example while holding a knife the user gets a basic but fairly solid understanding of how it is used in combat, and can use it with fairly solid proficiency.

His blows become 1.2 times as effective with each blow before them, or roughly 2 times as effective per 4 blows. This caps out at 8 times as effective after 12 blows.

Trigger: Single Natural (Striker/Thinker)

Private Notes

Dumb, rich, and angry are the general ideas I had. He's from a fairly wealthy family. His trigger event wasn't actually Blake's fault- Blake, also being young, suggested to his friends that they try and gain a trigger event. Daniel was a part of this event, and it was the consensus of the group that it was a good idea (Being dumb children and all that). The event killed 1 other child and caused Daniel to trigger, and Daniel blames Blake for the event and his trauma. See Archmage's backstory for more specifics