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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/Argerro (capes)
Civilian name Atalia Lisbon
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger/Stranger
Born (2001-05-02) May 2, 2001 (age 21)
Calhoun, Georgia
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Atalia is known as a quiet, yet brilliant CS major at DSU, so much so that the staff seem to want her to go onto get a Ph.D. there. On the other hand, her cape persona is something of a special case among the powered individuals of Devilfish. She seems to barely care for money, prestige, or power. There have also been rumors of a new hacker in the corporate espionage scene based here in Devilfish, but there never seems to be any evidence of hacking or break ins aside from the stolen information being leaked to the web. Those that live near the DSU campus may have heard other rumors regarding large wild cats or wolves prowling the alleyways and streets of Devilfish.

Doppel, having been active for a year, has a bit of a presesnce around the DSU campus, as that is where she operates the majority of the time. When she is seen publicly it is usually as more of a good samaratin than hero that goes around punching bad guys. She helps old ladies cross the street, rescue cats from trees, the whole schtick. However, there has been a notable decrease in gang activity, as well as the harsher drug trade in the area.

Character Sheet


Every form: Every humanoid form she takes keeps her blood type tattood, or in some cases etched, over her heart.

Civilian: Atalia’s everyday form is that of a 5’7” bookish girl of average build. She has blue eyes, freckled cheeks, lower back length dark brown wavy hair, and can be seen to have some curves. Usually wearing long sweaters, some pretty good fashion sense, and big round rimmed glasses.

Cape: Technically she can take any build or form when she is working, but she favors a 5’10” athletic feminine form. Since she can change her clothes on the fly, her “suit” is her skin. She tends to make it look like a black, chitinous suit, with golden lines down the extremities and torso that all connect at the shoulder blades, and her face looks like a dark metal face mask, but moves like normal. This is, of course, all her skin and can change on the fly, but conversely, despite being slightly harder than normal human skin, still makes her take the damage directly to her body. Her utility belt holds her weapons, and tools. The clasp on the front is sturdy but quick to remove, just in case.

See Picture.


Atalia is a firm believer in the 'have but not need' ethos of combat. She carries backups for just about everything just in case. She feels that having the extra gear helps her as her power does not make her a physical powerhouse like some other capes out there on the streets.

  • Telescopic baton
  • Taser
  • Vintage Handcuffs
  • An easy release utility belt
  • Burner smartphone
  • PRT Indie Radio
  • PRT Surplus Medkit
  • A sharp pocket knife
  • A 20ft length of paracord


Atalia is relatively well off due to her side work, great scholarships, and lack of spending her money on anything. Why buy what she cant fit in her dorm and/or doesn't need? So what she does have tends to be very high quality and lasts a long time. She only really ever buys something that she finds she needs, or her old version broke. She is probably saving up for her own place to live, but why leave the campus if she doesn't have to?

  • A single person dorm room at DSU
  • Personal affects (very high end computer, large variety of clothes, thousands of dollars in higher level textbooks for various tech fields, etc.)
  • Thrift shop violin + maintenance kit
  • Lockpicking set
  • A motorcycle with license (Kawasaki KLR 650)
  • The money she allows herself to spend from her scholarship refunds and from her side work as a hacker, professional voice actor, and vigilante

Wealth Level: 6

Skills and Specializations

  • Decent at violin
  • Extremely talented coder/hacker (for a mundane human)
  • Well-practiced with costume makeup
  • Training to be proficient with combat (hand to hand and melee weapons) at the uni gym
  • Lockpicking
  • Staying awake for days at a time and still functioning
  • Able to comfortably move and fight at any size and shape she can manage
  • Lying/Acting


Atalia, in her heart of hearts, believes that doing the right thing for others is her purpose in life. Her first and largest rule is ‘help others, do no harm’. After that she completely believes in a person’s autonomy to do what they want if it isnt impeading others doing the same. She sees what she is and believes that she has been given the power, and responsibility, to do right by the little man that can’t help themselves. When against so many super baddies and government entities that wish to do them harm, everyone needs someone in their corner. This means that she usually, but not always, sides with the government insofar as working with the PRT.


Trigger Type: Natural Single

Doppel can shapeshift into any realistic, four limbed, biological creature between the sizes of a mid-range dog and a very large man (about 8 feet tall and very heavy-set). Her power’s biggest drawback of only allowing four limbed creatures has an upside, and that is she instinctively knows how to move and function no matter what she changes into. She has very fine control of her changes, from the coloration, density, fur presence, teeth/claw sharpness, etc. of her shifted form. She is able to do a full body shift in a couple of minutes. It takes her a few rounds to invoke major changes (skin density, size, etc), but can make minor changes in a round (Adding claws, sharper teeth, etc). Realistic means that she doens't need to be an exact replica of any one animal, but anything more weird than chimera is out fo the question. No horrors from the void.

She does not create nor destroy any mass when shifting in any way (her mass is set and unchanging at 135 kg). However, she can change the density of any part of her body, allowing her to make her cape form have thicker, tougher skin that functions almost like chitinous armor. The absolute toughest that her skin can get is comparable to steel. However, when this dense, the chitin acts as armor plates with breaks and gaps (Lvl III on the Armor chart). She usually keeps her density close to thin kevlar (Lvl. IIA). This allows her a full range of movement as well as stab protection.

As a secondary minor power, she is able to perfectly change her voice in any way she wants by shifting her mouth size, vocal cord dimensions, etc. This allows her to mimic someone, or something, perfectly as far as sound goes. Her acting ability allows her to manage the tone and inflection...usually.

As a tertiary minor power, it seems that, as long as she keeps her head down, people tend to ignore her when in an average human form. Its not impossible to be seen or remembered, and it has no affect on digital media like cameras, but if she is dressed like a janitor and carrying a mop, the corporate suits and security will tend to glance over her. This does not count if she draws attention to herself, has a non-human form, or would be considered an abnormal human (i.e., a 7-foot-tall man).


Atalia had always been a bright kid, and later, logical person. Her name used to be Alan. Alan parents were kind enough but were both narcissists. If Alan behaved, and respected their wishes, she was showered with praise and loved. But this led to her not living for herself or finding out who she was. She was never really happy, never quite felt right in her own skin. At the age of sixteen Alan met someone who opened her eyes to the possibilities. Alan learned that she was trans. She finally felt happy, right even, that she could be normal and have normal feelings. She thought her parents would be supportive, they had always seemed nice and accepting, mostly because she never questioned them or misbehaved. She was wrong. The disowned her, said that she wasn’t their son, much less their daughter, and to disappear. And so she did. Soon she triggered, wanting nothing more than to be someone else, be ignored, and to be normal. She Kind of got all three of those, in a way. But she knows that she will never be "normal" with her powers.


Credit for character art goes to AzakaChi-RD-17