Doctor Displacement

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Doctor Displacement
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/zirns (capes)
Civilian name Matthew Jones
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Out of costume he’s a normal, if physically fit middle-aged man. He stands 6’3, with a powerful build that he hides somewhat under large sweaters. He has brown hair and piercing green eyes.

In costume, he wears a skintight latex bodysuit with a stylized “DD” on his chest, for ‘Doctor Displacement’. The bodysuit is a dark blue and covers his entire lower body. He wears orange gloves and orange boots, each with his “DD” logo embroided on them. His mask is an orange latex coif which stretches down to cover his eyes, but keeps his clean-shaven chin and mouth exposed. He has eyeholes cut out and wears orange eyeliner, batman style, to disguise most of his features other then his eye color. He wears orange contacts to complete the look.

Equipment and Resources

  • Latex suit
  • Stolen stop sign x5 (In pocket dimension)
  • Stolen slow sign x5 (In pocket dimension)
  • Bricks x20 (In pocket dimension)
  • Stolen car (Buggy) (In pocket dimension)
  • In motion bricks x10 (In pocket dimension)
  • In motion foam slabs x10 (In pocket dimension)
  • Bicycle (In pocket dimension)
  • 4 cubic meters of water in motion at 60 m/ph
  • 100 needles in motion
  • 1000 Ball bearings

Skills and Specializations

  • Has a doctorate in psychology, specializing in parahumans. Great understanding of the human mind, even more so the parahuman one.
  • Skilled in long distance running
  • Trained in use of his powers, good reflexes.


Matthew doesn't do villainy for villainy's sake. He doesn't enjoy hurting others or stealing (Although he does thoroughly vet his targets to make sure they're what he'd consider bad people), but he does it with a greater goal in mind. He wants to train up the younger generation of heroes, make sure they're ready to face villains with strong powers, but in a situation where there's little risk to them.

He has come to enjoy the villainy though, which is somewhat worrying to him. He just hopes he doesn't lose himself.


Doctor Displacement can store and eject any object he touches in a personal pocket dimension that's about the size of a shipping container. The objects retain some of their momentum, so he's also able to shoot back things that are shot to him.

The power has a few limiting factors. It's manton limited, so no storing of anything alive. It also has to be manually activated (During which it will pull in all items he hasn't consciously decided not to pull in), and can only be active for a minute at a time before he needs to recharge (Recharge rate of 1 second real time for 10 seconds of power use, so 6 seconds to fully recharge.).

It also takes more time to absorb larger objects, so it's not always instant. For smaller items like a rock or a bullet it would be instant, but for bigger things like a sword it might take a half second. For something like a suit of armor it'd be close to five seconds, and a car or something might be ten to fifteen. While something larger is being absorbed it sparkles in a way, so it's obvious what is happening. The ejection is always instant, though.

Momentum is saved, but the velocity on ejection from his pocket dimension is capped at 100/mph, about the speed that a MLB pitcher can throw at. This renders a lot of things non-lethal.

He can also only absorb things that have mass, so energy beams and electricity wouldn't be able to be absorbed and would effect him normally.

Tinkertech has an odd interaction with the Doctor's powers, preventing him from keeping any tinkertech item for longer then 5 seconds after he absorbs them.


Matthew Jones was a psychology major who graduated from Harvard university and went on to get a doctorate in parahuman psych. He was employed by the PRT quickly after graduation and worked there for almost 20 years.

During his time in the PRT he got married, but eventually got divorced due to personal issues. The one good thing that came out of the marriage, in his opinion, was his son David. David was born when Matthew was 24 years old, and was the light of his life. His ex-wife didn't want him, so Matthew had full custody.

During David's childhood there was an unfortunate incident with a kidnapper, which resulted in David triggering and joining the wards. David was somewhat traumatized by the incident, but Matthew was there to help him through it.

David's career with the wards was an uneventful one, with no real fights with villains to speak of, only training to deal with. If only it had stayed that way.

After two years in the wards a villain came to town, one with a grudge against the PRT. Events happened, and the 'grand finale' of the villains plans ended with three wards dead, and four more injured. David was one of the deceased.

That was a time of turmoil for Matthew. His only son was dead, and he wasn't sure who to blame. The villain was the obvious choice, but that was just a psychopath with powers. He was issued a kill order, he'd be dead soon.

He couldn't truly blame the PRT either. Yes, David wasn't equipped to fight this villain, but that was because he wasn't properly tested against real world threats. The PRT training program was at fault there, but he knew the intentions behind it. Hell, he had helped by being a moral compass in the designing of it. It was intended to not push them to far. But apparently it didn't push them enough.

Matthew was distraught, and time didn't help. The kill order was placed, but hadn't been carried out. His son was still dead and going to his job was torturous.

He grabbed onto the one strand of hope he had, for making things better. In his days at the PRT he heard rumors of people buying powers. He knew the consequences of being a cape, knew them better then most, but it had to be better then staying in this state, right?

And so he sought them out. Spent time, money, sanity. He sacrificed his job, his social life, everything to spend time looking for what he wanted. Needed.

And they found him.