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Division in costume.
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/ShellMerc (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Aya Lakatos
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTrump, Tinker
Born (1992-04-02) April 2, 1992 (age 31)
Tbilisi, Georgia
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Celestial Wind E- | Division E | Phase E? | Wake F

Character Sheet


Aurora is 5’3 and weighs 160 pounds; since moving to America she has started to dye her hair pink and has a scar over her left eye from where a piece of shrapnel nearly left her blind. Completely immersing herself in Americana to quicker adjust to the new environment.

Costume Theme; Tacticool: Half Gas Mask (Painted black with orange accents), black jacket, tactical vest, black leggings (with spats), knee pads, black miniskirt with orange trim, black combat boots.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 6

  • AK-47 (With ammunition)
  • Motorcycle (Harley Davidson)
  • Tactical vest
  • Cable Ties
  • First Aid Kit
    • Splints
    • Esmarch Tourniquets
    • Various Bandages
  • Cell Phone
  • Multi-Tool
  • Tamagotchi, still on it’s first life

Skills and Specializations

  • Firearm safety, usage, and maintenance
  • Emergency medical attention, triage
  • Speaks Georgian, Arabian, and English
  • Discount SERE
  • Krav Maga
  • Smuggling
  • Motorcycle operation and maintenance


Division suffers from mental instability, she is a figurative house of cards; enough problems stacked on one another that if she tried to build it herself it would fall. After her first and only attempt at leadership in the Arabian Strife went horribly wrong. (tl;dr has issues taking a leadership position due to PTSD, manifesting as nerves, anxiety, and lack of self confidence.)

Looks up to the Heroes that she has met in the past and their willingness to uphold justice and keep fighting the good fight, wants to be a hero too. Is still cautious when dealing with situations, delicate or not, while learning her limits.


Trigger type: Single Natural Trump

Enters a near invulnerable breaker state upon activating her power. When in this state there is no visual representation of physical damage being done to Division, without any augmentations to her durability a standard punch from an unpowered individual will still do damage and cause pain. The properties of her form are esoteric, if cut from her in some way they will begin to destruct, essentially cannibalising itself. Her breaker state is visible as a white sheen that covers her body and clothes, it extends barely 2/5ths of an inch from her body.

This is due to a large portion of her body being replaced by an inscrutable substance (SHARD stuff) when she triggered to keep her alive. The substance gives Division almost free control over her body when her power is active, allowing her to replace the more human components to gain esoteric abilities. When taking damage instead of physically being injured the powered/charged substance is damaged and weakened, needing to be replace the charged/powered substance with basic non-charged/powered substance while the powered substance can be repaired or replaced to be used again.

Division will pass out no matter the circumstances if she is forced from the breaker state; she is forced from her breaker state when taking enough damage to remove all of her powers or if she is power nullified.

She has found that her power provides abilities that can, mostly, be split into four categories: Offence, Defence, Utility, and Unique.

When she enters her Breaker state she can freely select a number of abilities to use during the time she is in the state. The more abilities that she selects the easier it is to disable her and her powers, as she doesn’t take damage but her powers do in her place.

She gains vague scans of powers, referred to in character as “bubbles” when she uses a Unique ability on a parahuman. These scans can only be gained once ever from a single parahuman, and if used in any way are expended. They may be used individually to gain a single power that would fall into a category: Offence, Defence, or Utility. She does not have any control over the way her power interprets the bubble that is used, only noticing that the power is usually similar to the original. The bubbles may also be consumed in groups of three in order to create what she refers to as a “suites” which creates a more powerful ability that has an active and passive component but takes up far more of the substance that makes up her breaker state.

Bubbles and Suites need to be approved via equipment posts, as Division counts as a Tinker for purposes of limitations. Specifically Tinker suites require for two tinker bubbles to be spent on the suite and provides a single focal item as well as three other projects that must fall into the suite's "micro-specialty." Bubbles gained from scanning Trumps cannot be used to create individual powers, but may be used within suites to augment them.

In order to keep track of Division’s available powers in her breaker state, mechanically, there will be a point system in place with different abilities costing more or less in their categories. With suites costing 15 points. The only powers that do not have a point cost are the Unique powers, as they are considered always active.

40 starting points


Name Cost Effect
Memento 2 When taken; Division becomes skilled with a held item.
May be taken once.
Splash Zone 2 Stacking modifier turns attacks into shaker fields.
Starts as a surrounding area 5 feet from the target.
Increases by a 5 foot radius per time taken.
Kinetic beam 3 Fires a purple beam, about as wide around as a soccer ball, that pushes whatever is in its path with the full strength that Division would be able to push with her actual body. (Stacks with increases from Strength powers)
Bio-Strike 4 On touch, Division modifies living biological tissue.
Causes scarring to form where contact was made, inflicts shooting and lingering pain on par with a migraine, extended contact can cause scarring to become permanent.
Backstab 6 Teleports to close the distance between Division and her target allowing her to attack them with the element of surprise, this can only be done once per use of breaker state.
Precision 8 When taken causes attacks to deal reduced damage in exchange for a phasing effect that ignores non-living matter.


Name Cost Effect
Ultra Instinct 2 Heightened senses.
Increases the acuity of a single sense per time taken.
May be taken once per sense.
Bio-Heal 2 You may heal 5 points worth of damage done to your powers, this can only be done once per use of breaker state.
Cannot be used to heal non-SHARD stuff.
Tangle of Excoriation 2 Hair lengthens, hardens, and blossoms with exceptionally sharp hooks and barbs.
While the minimal control afforded by this ability does not allow it to be used as a weapon, it does allow for the ability to painlessly weave the hair into spiked armour that covers about half of Division's body (divided horizontally).
While making strikes more lethal, it primarily provides the benefit of painfully rebuking most physical attacks, shredding anyone foolish enough to grapple Division, and scraping against edged weapons with a grotesque screech.
Coat the Flesh 4 Increase super durability by one level per time taken.
May be taken up to twice.
Farewell 5 Shift from the visible, infrared, thermal, and electromagnetic spectrums until your next non-passive action.
Remaining undetectable by standard means, but leaving a slight shimmer whenever moving as the cloaking is imperfect.
Still detectable by esoteric means.
Bulwark 5 At the start of your turn heal 1 point of damage that has been dealt.


Name Cost Effect
Slide Step 3 Increase super speed by one level per time taken.
May be taken up to twice.
Alchemy 4 You can convert materials to another form at a ratio of 3:2 Cannot be used on living creatures.
Multiform 5 Division lives up to her cape name by being able to divide herself into multiple copies.
This divides the number of points as evenly as possible between however many copies are created with a maximum of 5 copies.
Each copy must have at least one point from this power spent to exist.
The copies are all Division but maintain their own personalities to some degree as their shared experiences are stored within the SHARD stuff that makes up their bodies.
Named - Aurelia, Aria, Aura, Andi, Auburn.
Leapfrog 8 May make a 30ft teleport once per turn or 30ft teleport twice per turn as long as destination is within 3ft of a person.


Name Effect
Scan Gain a scan of a cape when you touch them.
Quality Outside of combat you can freely switch up which powers you're currently using with only a few seconds.
Conquest Every odd round gain 1 point.
Every even round gain 2 points.
May spend gained points to gain powers mid-fight.
Ramp only applies during combat.


Primary Theme Secondary Theme Bubbles Bubble Type Suite
Strength Trade-Off ???
Strength Raw Strength Commander In Chief
Solomon Cain
Herculean Might Suite
With the strength of a great typhoon

The Herculean Might Suite is a suite focused around physical improvements to your form as well as creating nigh impossible actions through shear strength.
You gain the following while it is active:
Two levels of super strength
Two levels of super speed
One level of super durability
Strength Social ???
Lovers Choices ???
Lovers Self-Buff Chiron
Evolution Suite
Life uhh, finds a way?

The Evolution suite is a changer based suite that allows you at every start of turn to choose one of a series of buffs to gain for the rest of the fight:
Increase level of super strength, up to four times
Increase level of super speed, up to three times
Increase level of super durability, up to two times
Increase level of super smarts, up to three times

You may heal 5 points worth of damage done to your powers, this can only be done once per use of breaker state.
Cannot be used to heal non-SHARD stuff.

You also gain the following passive benefit: Start with 5 additional points for powers
Lovers Linking Prima
Hardened Heart Suite
Steel your Heart from hardship, but ensure that your passions do not grow cold in their metal prison.

Micro-specialty: Networked-Intelligent Augments

The Hardened Heart Suit is a suite of mental, physical, and tinker abilities that allow you to craft the Intelligent and Connected Cybernetics/Augments.
The Suite's focal Item is the 'Divided Mind' a Bio-Mechanical secondary Brain, host to an alien intelligence that acts as an Administrator and Assistant. The Divided Mind is a Fist-sized core clamped to the spine, that provides its own alien thoughts, opinions, and guidance, increases hosts multi-tasking ability, manages networked Devices, and monitors mental and physical vitals, as well as a variety of minor personal assistant and computational features.

While this suite is active, you gain the following:
Gain one level in Super Smarts, from hyper-awareness of potential dangers.
At will you may 'harden your heart' and convert your sadness, anger, or guilt (natural or parahuman induced) into a manageable level of apathy.

You may maintain three additional tinkertech projects
Devil The Shadows Wink
Night Howler
Dark Watcher Suite
Careful, if you knock on enough doors asking for the devil, then one day he might answer.

You may sink into any existing shadows, these shadows can no longer be dispelled with light, and you may reposition and shape the shadow to different sides of the person or object casting it, and may move freely into any shadow that overlaps with the one you inhabit.
You may not use other powers or suites when fully submerged into a shadow, but can use them when at least half of you is unsubmerged.
Inhabited shadows may at will cause severe sandpaper like abrasions to those you are cast upon.

You gain the following while its active:
Two levels of super smarts.
Two levels of super speed.
Devil Limit Break Paragon
Doomsday Suite
You see it. You know what to do to finally put them down for good.

Micro-Specialty: Man-Portable Ranged Weaponry.

The doomsday suite is a suite of mental and tinker abilities that have allowed you to craft the doomsday firearm, a weapon so complex that while this suite is inactive you struggle to even comprehend how it can be used.
The Suite's focal Item is the Doomsday, a two handed rifle that fires a tinkertech metamaterial round.
This metamaterial deals damage in layers upon repeated exposures.
Starting similar to a 9mm round which doubles each time. Resetting on a miss.

May charge the Doomsday for one of two modes on a two round cooldown.
Shot becomes an area of effect on impact, covering a 25ft by 25ft area.
Shot phases through matter for 40ft while still interacting with matter

While this suite is active you gain the following:
Gain two levels of super smarts from increased visual acuity and problem solving ability.

You may maintain three additional tinkertech projects.
Devil Curse Lasciate
Death Horse ???
Death Changer State ???
Death Resistance Yggdrasil
Star Sound ???
Star Communication ???
Star Feedback ???

Used Bubbles

Cape Result Class What they do
Lasciate Reserved (Curse suite) Shaker Stacking damage fire area
Yggdrasil Reserved (Resistance Suite) Breaker Massive defence form
Scylla Reserved (Resistance Suite) Thinker Thinker Power Copier
Cross Reserved (Resistance Suite) Trump Attack Reflection
Wink Used (Suite) (Devil) - (The Shadows) Stranger Imp-Lite
Outlaw Used (Suite) (Devil) - (The Shadows) Thinker Auto Pass Thinker
Night Howler Used (Suite) (Devil) - (The Shadows) Changer Ambush Monster
Paragon Used (Suite) (Devil) - (Limit Break) Tinker Silver Bullet
Lens Used (Suite) (Devil) - (Limit Break) Tinker Vision
Greenhorn Used (Suite) (Devil) - (Limit Break) Tinker War
Chiron Used (Suite) (Lovers) - (Self Buff) Tinker Ability granter
Skaperen Used (Suite) (Lovers) - (Self Buff) Tinker Vat grown
Samskara Used (Suite) (Lovers) - (Self Buff) Trump Daily powers
Solomon Cain Used (Suite) (Strength) - (Raw Strength) Striker Teleport striker
Alexandrite Used (Suite) (Strength) - (Raw Strength) Brute Cycling Alexandria package
Commander in Chief Used (Suite) (Strength) - (Raw Strength) Changer Superstat Generator
Whipsnarl Power Striker Razor Tendrils
Starstruck Power Blaster Kinetic Blasts
Bluescreen Power Mover Teleporter
Phalanx Used (Suite) (Lovers) - (Linking) Tinker AI
Prima Used (Suite) (Lovers) - (Linking) Tinker Implants
Skillset Used (Suite) (Lovers) - (Linking) Thinker Skills

Unused Bubbles

Cape Result Class What they do
Matea Unused Changer Adaptive Tail
Monte Unsused Thinker Prediction Thinker
Grey Zone Unsused Tinker Fusion
Hellkite Unsused Tinker Engine and Speed
Aces High Unused Master Sensory Deadening
Ammonite Unused Tinker Electricity
Black Dove Unused Thinker Sensory Tweaking
Canvas Unused Trump
Charcutie Unused Trump
Retcon Unused Striker Rewind
Unity Unused Striker Wound Manipulation
Zipdash Unused Tinker Aerodynamics
Acoustica Unused Tinker Wavelengths
Black Diamond Unused Tinker Pollution
Liquidator Unused Blaster Matter Liquification
Nyoom Unused Mover Kitty Pride
Refraction Unused Master Self-Duplicator
Asbestos-Chan Unused Blaster Suffocation
Zeitgeist Unused Mover Rewind
Monochannel Unused Shaker Sounds
Ball Unused Changer Ball
Galaxy Rider Unused Master Adjustable Construct
Quake Unused Striker Vibration
Deadpan Unused Thinker GPS
Reactor Unused Tinker
Scoria Unused Trump

Strength Levels

Level Strength
Base 150lb Deadlift - 150psi striking - Average human ability to push and pull
Plus one 300lb Deadlift - 300psi striking - Two human ability to push and pull
Plus two 600lb Deadlift - 600psi striking - Four human ability to push and pull
Plus three 1200lb Deadlift - 1200psi striking - Eight human ability to push and pull
Plus four 2400lb Deadlift - 2400psi striking - Sixteen human ability to push and pull
Plus five 4800lb Deadlift - 4800psi striking - Thirty two human ability to push and pull
Plus six 9600lb Deadlift - 9600psi striking - Sixty four human ability to push and pull
Plus seven N/A

Speed Levels

Level Speed
Base 6.5 miles per hour or 10.5 kilometres per hour running speed
Plus one 13 miles per hour or 21 kilometres per hour running speed
Plus two 26 miles per hour or 42 kilometres per hour running speed
Plus three 52 miles per hour or 84 kilometres per hour running speed
Plus four 104 miles per hour or 168 kilometres per hour running speed
Plus five 208 miles per hour or 336 kilometres per hour running speed
Plus six 416 miles per hour or 672 kilometres per hour running speed
Plus seven 832 miles per hour or 1344 kilometres per hour running speed

Smarts Levels

Level Smarts
Base 1 second per second speed-of-thought and perception-of-time
Plus one 2 second per second speed-of-thought and perception-of-time
Plus two 4 second per second speed-of-thought and perception-of-time
Plus three 8 second per second speed-of-thought and perception-of-time
Plus four 16 second per second speed-of-thought and perception-of-time
Plus five 32 second per second speed-of-thought and perception-of-time
Plus six N/A
Plus seven N/A

Durability Levels

Level Durability
Base Human
Plus one Plastic
Plus two Hardwood
Plus three Concrete
Plus four Steel
Plus five Titanium
Plus six N/A
Plus seven N/A


The Doomsday Rifle

  • Source = Original Submission
  • Creator = Division
  • Appearance =
  • Abilities = A two handed tinkertech rifle that fires a metamaterial round.

This metamaterial deals damage in layers upon repeated exposures.

Starting similar to a 9mm round which doubles each time. Resets on a miss.

May be charged to use one of two modes on a two round cooldown before charging again.

Shot becomes an area of effect on impact, covering a 25ft by 25ft area OR Shot phases through matter for 40ft while still interacting with matter

  • Duration = Useable while using the Doomsday Suite.
  • Notes =


  • Source = https://www.reddit.com/r/wormrp/comments/vq5zfh/division_power_and_tech_submission_round_one/
  • Creator = Division
  • Appearance = A silver barrel trimmed in orange with a carrying handle, grip, and targeting reticule.
  • Abilities = A man-portable, shoulder-fired, directed energy weapon firing a solid state laser, a powerful microsecond-long pulse of energy capable of burning through thick plates of metallic laminates, nanocomposites, or hardened steel. When the trigger is pulled, a blue targeting laser is painted on-target, this laser flickers as the Wyrd charges up. The charging sequence takes about 3 seconds before firing, and may not be aborted. Battery holds 2 shots before needing to be recharged and can be fired once per round.
  • Duration = Useable while using the Doomsday Suite.
  • Notes = Powered by a rechargeable internal battery that cannot be removed or replaced without taking the whole unit apart, the Wyrd is charged via an external dock kept in the Tinker Nest at HQ.

Divided Mind

  • Source = https://www.reddit.com/r/wormrp/comments/xn1lgm/division_powers_round_2/
  • Creator = Division
  • Appearance = A Fist-sized core clamped to the spine
  • Abilities = Provides its own alien thoughts, opinions, and guidance, increases hosts multi-tasking ability, manages networked Devices, and monitors mental and physical vitals, as well as a variety of minor personal assistant and computational features.
  • Duration = Useable while using the Hardened Heart Suite.
  • Notes =


Born in Tbilisi, Georgia Aurora grew up knowing the risks of Russian action. When it finally boiled over and her family fled from the possibility of genocide. Spending most of her formative years in the constant war torn lands known as the Arabian Strife, her family; her, her twin sister, brother, mother, and father. They were constantly moving to avoid the majority of the violence as it shifted from region to region. But once Aurora and her siblings were old enough to look after themselves for the majority they settled down in Kuwait City under the watchful eyes of the UN forces and the American Protectorate stationed in the city.

Power Example

Aurelia, Aria, Aura, Andi, and Auburn. Division could split her attention five times, perfectly, thanks to one of their powers.

Aurelia was currently going toe to toe with Matea, a pair of batons in hand, shifting their composition and forms through the fight; stopping only momentarily to create fresh ones from the terrain by adding material to the originals.

Aria and Aura were trading places, keeping the Multi-Pauls at bay and trying to find the original to disable the self duplicator.

Andi had rushed off to get the Protectorate members that were deployed a few miles from where the group/cape had run into this mix-up. It wouldn’t be long before they returned, super speed had its benefits.

Auburn was their rock, soaking hits from Outlaw as the Thinker poked holes in her defences. Slowly being chipped away, but keeping their healing power in reserve.

Aya breathed out slowly as she levelled the rifle she'd constructed, after putting together her newest suite, at the approaching grey mass that was Father Roosevelt. Each squeeze of the trigger pushed it back into her shoulder with the slightest force. While the first handful of shots barely seemed to phase the Breaker they started to build up, eventually blowing whole parts of his body off with each shot until the substance that made up his breaker state was back to the size of a normal human and he changed back, surrendering while the assembled Protectorate members in the area took him into custody.

Trigger Event

She saw them, capes fighting barely a hundred metres away from the oil derrick, how were they supposed to stop that?

The fight drew closer and closer as she directed everyone, doing her best to keep the panic hidden from her voice as she wiped the sweat off her palms. It seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, that explosion was deafening, was the only thought that crossed Aya’s mind as the truck that had brought her and the others out to the oil derrick seemed to detonate from the inside out, leaving a pile of burning scrap metal in its place.

The capes arrived, nobody she recognized from the city, and all the more destructive for it. None were there for the location, and that meant collateral damage meant nothing to them. It was like walking through a tornado of destruction, seeing the derrick torn apart around her, the handful of people who were just there to get paid for protecting the oil derrick for the week dying one by one, the place that she’d been responsible for, the people she’d been responsible for, all of those families that would never see them again, and possibly never know what had happened.


And with that everything seemed to quiet, the fighting, the destruction. Aya looked around, the world tinted red; red she would later learn was her own blood spilling down her face. Red that led her to each of the capes, rising from where they’d seemingly passed out; whoever’s power that was she would thank them if she got the chance. And red that gave each of the capes that had destroyed so much, and killed so many, a bullet to the head from the AK47 she’d purchased in town barely a month before.