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Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/Libraryseraph (capes)
Civilian name Eve Morris
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger 5 (Striker 5, Brute 1)
Born (2004-07-07) July 7, 2004 (age 18)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

A new member of the Wards- a very obviously monstrous cape with plant-like features. The new cape almost immediately strikes out into work with LGBTQ groups, but seems reluctant to be involved in combat fieldwork, despite an applicable power

Character Sheet


Eve is a slender girl with a heart shaped face. After triggering, her skin is bright green, and textured like the stem of a plant, being firm and smooth. Instead of hair, she has a series of rubbery spikes that resemble a sideswept mohawk/undercut. Her fingers are slightly too long and pointed, and she has growths resembling Venus flytraps on her shoulders, elbows, and hips. In costume, she wears no mask, and a orange-pink jumpsuit with cutaways for her flytraps and tearaway seams to allow the growth of more.

Equipment and Resources

  • Costume
  • Smartphone
  • Small First Aid Kit

Skills and Specializations

  • Good poker face/Liar
  • Surprisingly good singer


Trigger type: natural, single-trigger

Dionaea is trying to shove aside the trauma of her trigger event under performative toughness and boisterousness. Anxious and jumpy, but it ends up pushed into snappy anger rather than fear. Currently coping fairly well with being a monstrous cape with no secret identity, since she sees it as a guarantee her old life is completely gone.


Dionaea sprouts growths resembling Venus Fly traps from her body. These growths can clamp down hard and fast enough to sever fingers, grip tightly enough to restrain people, and can seep powerful digestive fluids from the inside. She's slightly more durable than a baseline human, but not enough to make a difference against guns and most powers. Punches and kicks mean nothing, and things like knives and baseball bats require more force behind them. Her powers are currently poorly controlled, with flytraps manifesting at the slightest stress and snapping at full strength. It's a good thing her power has virtually zero range.


Eve was the eldest daughter of a controlling, conservative family. As she reached high school, her parents pushed her harder and harder to be the perfect daughter. Eve didn't push back outwardly, but she began sneaking out, getting involved in her city's punk underground and, as she began thinking about her sexuality, gay organizations. As time went on, the disconnect between Eve the perfect daughter and Eve the lesbian punk became more and more painful to her, and when he father found her coming in one night and violently confronted her, Eve triggered and ran away from home. She spent some time living on the streets post-trigger, but when another homeless teenager lost a hand to her flytraps, she turned herself into the Wards for help controlling her power.