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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/noahch26 (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Kirby Sutherland
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Cambion E | Dino-Might B

Dino-Might is an established member of the Wards, and has a great deal of respect from most of the public, despite his young age. This is partly due to his 4 year long career, of which he has been shown to be quite formidable. It is also partly, or more largely in part, due to the attention that his power draws, as well as the many news reports on residual damage after Dino-Might has been engaged in the field.

Because of his desire to be seen as mature, and out of frequent necessity, Dino-Might has become very good at public speaking, be it in news interviews, press conferences, or board hearings. He is a figure that many in the public, especially children, look to with admiration because of his apparent commitment to heroism even as a youth. Also, kids just love the fact that he makes big giant dinosaurs. Not only that though, Dino-Might has proven over the past few years that he is in fact a serious and effective hero and should be taken seriously as a powerful force.

Dino-Might has spent most of his career with the Wards in Atlanta, though he has recently been relocated to Devilfish to work with the Wards there. Some have speculated that this may be a publicity move.

Character Sheet


Kirby is an average looking preteen boy with shaggy dark blonde hair, of slightly smaller than average build and height. He has light scarring on his chin, upper lip, and right eyebrow, as well as his hands, arms, and legs.

In costume Dino-Might wears a suit that resembles a stripped down set of PRT armor, albeit youth sized. The suit is colored a bright forest green on the arms, legs, and back, with stripes of orange to resemble the markings a dinosaur might have. The front of the torso of the suit is a pale yellowish green. His mask resembles the top half of a T-Rex skulls with panes of curved and tinted glass filling the empty areas such as eye sockets and nostrils. He is also adorned with a necklace and bracelets that appear to be made of bone and dinosaur claws and teeth.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 4 (pay has been elevated above baseline Ward pay, though he receives quite a bit of deductions for collateral damage caused to surrounding areas and structures/property)

  • PRT issued suit, equipped with taser/stun gun in the right hand
  • A pair of handcuffs
  • An earpiece communicator

Skills and Specializations

  • Combat training provided by PRT over the last 4 years
  • Public speaking/ PR skills


Though young, Dino-Might takes his role as a hero very seriously and has a maturity much greater than his youthful appearance would lead one to believe, especially given the fact that he looks younger than he is. Although with 4 years of heroics under his belt he actually has more experience than many capes who are older than himself.

Kirby knows that his power is potentially destructive and draws a lot of attention, so he does his best to be cautious of when and how he uses it. That being said, Kirby is still a kid. A smart kid, but a kid. And kids can act on impulse, doing things without fulling thinking them through. Sometimes his mentality is as simple as “that’s the bad guy, and I can’t let them get away!” without time to think of what the fallout will be.


Trigger Type: Natural Single Trigger

Dino-Might has the ability to create a body around himself composed of a sort of psionic/force-field energy. However, the force-field avatar he creates around himself is always in the shape and form of a life sized dinosaur.

Dino-Might can only create dinosaur bodies that are large enough for his entire true body to be safely enclosed inside. When using his power, Dino-Might will just hover in the center of the body of whatever dinosaur he has created. From here he is able to pilot the dinosaur force-field body, fully articulating limbs and tails and gnashing jaws.

Dino-Might’s dinosaur avatars are able to withstand a substantial amount of damage before being shattered, though with sufficient enough force the force-field can be broken, at which point the entire form will shatter and dissolve immediately.Two or three hard blows from your average brute should do the trick. Additionally Dino-Might can only use his power for an unknown amount of time before he “loses his grip” and the form shatters and dissolves. This is usually somewhere between a few seconds and about a minute.

However, there is a cool down before he can bring another Dino from back up, corresponding with how long the form is as held. Dino-Might is able to rapidly shift his avatar from the form of one dinosaur into another, almost instantly if he only holds each form briefly before cancelling his power and turning off his avatar, which he is able to do.

He is able to make his avatar take the form of any dinosaur that he has seen visual depictions of and learned at least a surface level knowledge about, so long as the dinosaur is large enough for him to fit inside of to pilot. The dinosaur forms he creates are life sized for the species, and have the appropriate levels of strength, weight, etc, though they are composed entirely of a slightly glowing semitransparent green energy.

Strength and weight would be dependent upon the form, but should be more or less the same as their real life dino equivalent. A triceratops in real life would be about 30 ft long and around 7 tons, or 14,000 pounds. For reference, a typical American public school bus is roughly 35 ft long and weighs 15,000-20,000 pounds (without passengers).

So for dinosaurs that are about school bus size, they are about school bus weight. Strength would also depend on the form of the construct, but a triceratops sized dino should be able to do something like flip a car over, knock through the side of a brick building, etc.


Kirby spent the first 8 years of his life living in poverty in various areas in and around Atlanta GA. He did not have good role models growing up, as crime and substance abuse were a regular part of his families lives. Kirby and his mother and older brother often bounced around between different relatives homes, or the homes of whatever man their mother was dating at the moment. Although naturally a very bright and sweet kid, Kirby’s environment was not one that cultivated these traits.

One day at the age of 8 Kirby was sitting in his families trailer where they currently lived, attempting to do his homework. Kirby’s arrived home and loudly entered into the trailer with a group of his troublemaking friends. Loud music was turned on as the teens began drinking and smoking and loudly laughing and talking amongst each other. One of the friends had brought his dog with him, a mean looking German shepherd which didn’t seem to be well taken care of.

Kirby retreated back to the single bedroom in the trailer and shut the door, trying to create a barrier between himself and the rowdiness. He especially didn’t like the looks of that dog, which wouldn’t quit barking at anyone who got remotely close to it, which in a mobile home full of people was difficult to avoid. At some point, the teens grew irritated by the dogs constant barking. Kirby’s older brother, who was a mean spirited bully, suggests that they throw the dog in the room with his younger brother. So they open the bedroom door and push the dog into the room.

Kirby tries to crawl onto the bed and away from the dog, which is alternating between barking at the door and barking at the boy. Kirby tries to shout at his brother to let him out, but the loud music outside and the loud conversation drowns out his shouts. Though the yelling does cause the dog to fully turn his attention to the young boy. The dog snarls at Kirby, and barks ferociously at him. Kirby starts trying to get the window near him to open so he can get out, but when he does the dog lunges at him. It latches onto the sleeve of his shirt and begins to thrash its head back and forth violently. Kirby is thrown off of the bed and onto the floor, with the dog falling on top of him. Kirby holds his arms in front of his face and does his best to shield himself from the snarling dog, using every ounce of strength he has to push the dog away from him. Bits of drool and blood fly from the dogs mouth as it scratches and bites at the boy, causing deep gouges and puncture wounds in Kirby’s arms. At once point the dogs teeth snag on the lower portion of the boy’s face.

The pain and the strain of keeping the dog off of himself as best he can is too much for the 8 year old boy to handle. Blood and spit and tears cloud his vision, but he can still make out the snarling maw of the dog inches from his face. In this moment, it feels like he is staring into the mouth of a monster, about to consume him.

And then, his mind went blank. And a moment later, Kirby felt something flowing from him. In that moment, all he could think was that he wished there were something bigger, badder, scarier than the beast attacking him. And before he could realize what was happening, the shimmering green energy that flowed out from Kirby, which had knocked the dog back from him and was growing, beginning to destroy the walls around him, grew and formed into the shape of a T-Rex around the boy. Floating in the center of the dinosaurs chest, Kirby looked down through the green forcefield at the screaming and shocked teens below and the remnants of his family’s home.