Diana Baker

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Diana Baker
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Gozly_Kat (capes)
Civilian name Diana Baker
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Hierarchy (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Born Orlando, USA
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Diana Baker F | Grand Moth D | Hunter and Prey C | Nina Banner E

A secretive and hard working tinker. Most of her cape activity is just her going around and gathering materials, as well as meeting with other villains.

Character Sheet


Diana Baker is 5' 3" tall, normally when outside of work she wears a tank top and jeans or a jumpsuit depending on what she's working on that day. She is lean and muscular, having gained muscle mass from working in her shop. She is of Japanese descent with straight black hair that reaches down to the small of her back, but it is usually pulled back in a pony tail.

Her Cape outfit is just a black tank top with a jump suit half on. As well as a face covering motorcycle helmet.

Equipment and Resources

  • Car
  • Warehouse


Weak Power Module|WMP

  • Appearance: Looks like a regular blank module for Diana’s power. It is in the shape of a cube with a hatch similar to a vault on the side.
  • Abilities: WPM can power 2 other modules, including itself.

The WMP needs regular maintenance every 3 to 4 months. It's hull is 4 inches thick.

Drivers Cab|Xerxes

  • Appearance: A spherical module with a bullet proof window and a door with an internal lock. This specific one has Xerxes painted on its side.
  • Abilities: Can self power and control functions of other modules its connected to, as well as drive them.

The Xerxes needs regular maintenance every 1-2 months. It has a 2 inch thicc steel hull.

Skills and Specializations

  • Has a bachelor's degree in computer science
  • Good at graphic design
  • Innate knowledge of welding from power.


Diana is honestly a friendly person, she has a somewhat cynical sense of humor but she is generally nice to be around. She can be dense, and hates being told no or that she's wrong. She will also follow deadlines to a fault, often times working herself to the bone to get them done on time. Lastly, she is simply ruthless to her enemies. Not just hero's that are trying to stop her from doing crime, but people that are actively going after her just to go after her.


Trigger type: Natural Tinker

Diana is an Architect tinker, specializing in interconnectivity. She has a base design that she has to create before doing any real tinkering. It's either a cube or a sphere with a diameter of 6.5 feet with a shell that is at least one inch thick. 4 digigrade legs for movement and an electrical system which through shard fuckery teleport power from other modules it is touching. If they are not directly touching they can keep power for about 3 seconds before dying. Lost modules need to be manually recharged if disconnected.

Aside from having to use the base or black slate module Diana is also a generic broad tinker able to make anything within the module that she can fit, as well as limited modifications outside. As long as they are not the bulk of the machine.

Due to constraints in the legs of the modules the longest chain of modules is 10, not including the drivers cab. A full chain has a max speed of 25 mph, gaining 2 mph with each module removed.


Diana was born is sweet home Ala- California. California. To her mother and father, she has two sisters and is the oldest. After her father's accidental death, having been crushed by a falling vending machine. She had to take up a parental position in the house. She had a plan for everything.

Eventually she got to college, paying for her tuition with the help of her mother and new step father.

At the age of 25 she got a job as a software engineer at a tech firm. An old classmate from college was there as well and would constantly call HR on her for the smallest reasons getting her in trouble, not for what she did, but for having someone call HR on her. Eventually near the end of a grueling project that took her months to complete she was fired for too many complaints being filed on her, even after she went through all the unnecessary HR meetings of basic concepts she already understood.

At this point she triggered. Although in a turn of luck a discrepancy was noticed in the complaints to her and she was rehired and her old classmate was fired in return.