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Vital Infrastructure & Important Locations

Colorado State Capital

Government Bureaucracy

Capitol Hill Area

Located in the heart of downtown Denver, is a dense collection of Government & Administration buildings, all within sight, or short walking distance at most.
Among the Most notable & Relevant (among others) of these are the following:
◆City Hall
◆Colorado State Capitol
◆United States Mint
◆US Postal Service

Law Enforcement & Prison:

Denver Police Department
The Denver Police Department (DPD) is the full service police department that provides police services to the entire county.
With roughly 1,600 Police Officers, and another 300 civilian support employees. Including a crew for a singular Bell-407 helicopter.
The DPD operate several specialized units, including a Mounted Patrol, a K9 unit, a S.W.A.T team with a pair of LENCO Bear Cats and a Mobile Truck Command Post.
Denver Sheriff Department
The Denver Sheriff Department (DSD) are officers that manage a number of vital operations, including jail operations at the Denver County Jail, staffing the Vehicle Impound Facility, providing security at the County & District courts, and transporting prisoners across the state.
They also operate a number of specialty units, including the Criminal Investigations Unit, The EOD Bomb Squad, Fugitive Unit, Emergency Response Unit, Mounted Posse, Gang Intelligence Unit & a K9 Unit. With a total of 1,100 uniformed officers all-together.
◆Denver County Jail (Short term)
◆Denver Correctional Facility (Long term)
◆Denver Women’s Correctional Facility (Long term)
◆Denver Juvenile Correctional Facility (Long term)

PRT and Protectorate Headquarters

PRT & Protectorate
The PRT Rocky Mountains Regional Headquarters (PRT HQ for brevity) is a 15 story building with 3 subfloors, taking up the bulk of a city block.
The building is staffed by well over a thousand administrative and support staffers who work to keep the local department, and departments under the regional umbrella operating as smoothly as a monolithic bureaucracy can hope to.
PRT Troops operate out of the building as their primary deployment center, and the Denver Protectorate & Wards are stationed here, with on-site living quarters available, as well as much of their support & training facilities.
Floor Breakdown
Subfloors: Utility, Maintenance, and Parking garage.
First & second floor: Largely dedicated to The Museum of the Protectorate, and the PRT PALS™ gift shop.
Third floor: Devoted to public affairs, Image Bureau, and IT support space.
Fourth & fifth floor: Local Operations Bureau, armories, training rooms, communications, holding cells.
Sixth floor: Protectorate & Ward Living quarters.
Seventh floor: Protectorate Offices, Training Facilities, & briefings “War Room” for issuing briefings.
Eighth floor: Protectorate Support & Secretarial offices.
Ninth and Tenth floors: Image Bureau. Costume design and fabrication.
Eleventh and Twelfth floors: Regional Operations Bureau, responsible for overseeing the entire Rocky Mountain district.
Thirteenth floor: The “Tinker Nest”, laboratories, workshops, and storage space dedicated to the team’s Tinker members.
Fourteenth floor:Administration. The Regional Director’s office along with the rest of the “Command-Suite” of the PRTRHQ.
Fifteenth floor:The top floor is mostly utilities, and access is provided for a helipad, rooftop garden, and a communications mast.

Emergency Services:

Denver Fire Department
Denver Fire Department
The Denver Fire Department operates out of 39 fire stations, including 5 Airport Stations, located throughout the city in 7 Districts, each under the command of a District Chief.
St Luke’s Medical Centre (Downtown):
The state of Colorado’s largest hospital, St Luke’s is a multi-specialty hospital that is especially high-rated for their Cancer, Cardiac, Stroke, & Back Surgery care.
University of Colorado Hospital (East):
The second largest in the state, They are a multi-specialty teaching hospital, affiliated with the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Highly rated for their Cancer & Diabetes care, Endocrinology, & for lung & intestinal surgery.
Centura St. Anthony Hospital (West):
St Anthony Hospital is a Level 1 Trauma center, home to the nation’s first original airborne ambulance service, with a notably advanced ground based ambulance service for critical & specialized care.
Centura Porter Adventist Hospital (South):
The Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver is a multi-speciality medical and surgical facility. The hospital specializes in, & is highly rated for joint replacement, spine surgery, organ transplant, cancer care & innovative cardiac treatments.
North Suburban Medical Center (North):
A multi-specialty hospital, North Suburban is known for its exceptional labor & delivery services, orthopedic care, and vital health screenings like mammograms.

Utilities & Public Works:

Zuni Generating Station
Denver Water Company
Denver Water is a public water utility that serves the City and County of Denver, Colorado, and a portion of its surrounding suburbs. Denver Water’s primary water source includes the South Platte River, Blue River, Williams Fork and Fraser River watersheds, along with a number of smaller creeks, and reservoirs.
Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy Inc. is an electric utility and natural gas delivery company that serves the Denver Metro area. Generating electricity through several gas & hydroelectric power plants both inside and outside city limits, a half a dozen power stations in the metro area help with regulation.
Denver Wastewater & Solid Waste Management
The City and County of Denver Department of Transportation & Infrastructure, maintains more than 1,500 miles of sanitary sewer and more than 800 miles of storm drainage underground lines and pipes. Sewage runs through the sanitary sewer system and is treated in a half-dozen of Denver's dedicated sewage treatment facilities.Trash, Recycling, & Compost, are Distributed the to several recycling centers, junk yards, and landfills.
Denver Union Station


Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport (IATA: DEN, ICAO: KDEN), commonly known as DIA, serves as the primary airport for the Front Range Urban Corridor surrounding Denver. DIA is the largest Airport in the Western Hemisphere, and is the 3rd busiest airport in the world with 58.8 million passengers in 2021.
Denver Union Station
Denver Union Station is the main railway & bus station and central transportation hub in Denver, Colorado. It includes the historic train station house, a modern open-air train shed, a 22-gate underground bus station, and light rail station.

Educational System:

Auraria Campus

Auraria Campus:

Auraria Campus is an educational facility located near downtown Denver, Colorado in the United States. The campus houses facilities of three separate universities and colleges.
The Auraria Campus Library serves the three institutions that share the campus. The library houses nearly 1 million print books, 130,000 e-books, 44,000 e-journals and 300 databases.
Community College of Denver
Community College of Denver (CCD) is a public community college, focusing on underserved, first-generation, and minority students. Serving almost 10,000 students per semester.
CCD offers more than 100 areas of study ranging from Associate degrees in Arts, Science, Applied Science, General Education, as well as Health Science & Nursing.
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) is a public university, & an opportunity school, MSU Denver is by design required to be accessible to all, which is why it consistently has some of the lowest tuition of four-year colleges & Universities in the entire state of Colorado. With 15,000 students on average.
MSU Denver offers schooling for Health, Applied Sciences, College Letters, Arts and Sciences, Education, and Hospitality. With an Honor Society, & Greek Life Fraternities & Sororities.
University of Colorado Denver
The University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) is a public research university, with an average of 19,000 students, it offers a wide variety of courses, including a variety of medical degrees for becoming physicians, nurses, pharmacists, & surgeons, among others healthcare & bioscience occupations.
Business courses such as accounting, finance, marketing, & management.
Art & Media courses such as animation, tv & film, photography, & music.
Finally Administrative courses such as Criminal Justice, Public Affairs, & Disaster, Hazard, & Emergency Management to name only a few.

Denver High Schools

Freefall Memorial Academy
Junior High & High School, the default & preferred ‘Ward school’ for the Denver PRT. Named for Doctor Freefall, a member of the Inaugural Denver Protectorate.
Known for his dedication to charitable causes, Freefall was slain in battle against Behemoth, his final will and testament bequeathed his estate & proceeds earned from his image to the local charities & community outreach programs.
Chaffee Park High School
Middle through High School, Chaffee Park is a reasonable quality public school, it has an excellent football program, there is some criticism & allegations that they prioritize sports over classrooms, but they do well enough.
St. Joseph Catholic School
A well-funded religious private school, named for St. Joseph of Cupertino, the patron saint of studying. They offer Elementary through High School.
Glendale School For Excellence
A prestigious college preparatory school, known for an excellent curriculum, and an award-winning robotics team, sport rivals of Freefall Academy.
Denver Edgewater Academy
A non-religious Private school, they have a good curriculum, and even better facilities, the children of doctors, business men, and lawyers are common.

Tourism & Hospitality:

Auraria Campus

Denver City Park

Denver Zoo:
Denver Zoo is an 80-acre nonprofit zoological garden, it is the first zoo in the United States to use naturalistic zoo enclosures rather than cages with bars
Denver Zoo houses species from all over the world, including hoofed mammals, carnivorous mammals, primates, pachyderms, birds, reptiles, and fish. The zoo's animal collection contains 3,500 specimens representing 550 unique species
Denver Museum of Nature & Science:
The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is a municipal natural history and science museum, providing programming in six main areas.
The exhibitions, IMAX films, lectures, classes, and programs pertaining to one or more of the following core competencies: anthropology, geology, health science, paleontology, space science, and zoology.
With permanent exhibits about prehistoric fossils, egyptian mummies, wildlife from various regions of the world, gems & minerals, And a space exhibit featuring a full-scale Mars rover replica!
Denver Disaster Memorial
The Denver Disaster Memorial is a common spot for tourists and visitors in the city, located just on the coast of Ferril Lake in Denver City Park (See: Tourism and Hospitality).
First constructed in 2007 after the Endbringer attack of the previous year, it is a large plaza lined by six wide walls of polished slate in a circle around a central fountain. Each stele is lined with the engraved names of capes who died under truce, during Endbringer attacks and otherwise, in the northwestern United States in recent years.
Though it has been expanded to memorialize capes who died in other disasters since, such as the Portland Time Bubble in 2010, victims of the 2006 Leviathan attack still make up the majority of the engraved names. The monument is commonly criticized as forgetting the many without powers that have died in those disasters, though it is generally agreed that inscribing the names of all deceased would simply require too many additional steles.
City Park Pavillion:
Built in 1882, and refurbished multiple times, the Pavillion is a 350 person venue with on-site kitchens, it makes a fantastic location for hosting events, with a fantastic view of Ferril lake.

Commerce & Recreation:

Elitch Gardens Amusement & Waterpark
Cherry Creek Shopping Center
An indoor shopping mall with over 160 specialty boutiques and over 40 stores.
Electronics, clothing, jewelry, shoes, an eight-screen movie theater, weekly seasonal farmers markets, a children’s play area, and various dining establishments.
Denver Pavilions Shopping Mall:
An outdoors shopping mall, with covered areas, and multiple tiered levels.
Featuring over 40 restaurants, shops, & entertainment venues, plus indoor parking garage.
The Shops at Northfield
Open-air shopping plaza with specialty shops, restaurants, comedy club & playhouse. Home to Bass Pro Shops! Hot Topic! & Harkens Movie Theater!
Colorado Mills
Upscale indoor shopping mall with a variety of stores, plus dining options & an IMAX theater. Lego Store, Gamestop, Build-a-bear workshop, & Boardgame den, make this a destination for children and hobbyists.
Elitch Gardens Amusement & Water Park
Rollercoaster & Waterslides! Swing-rides & Drop-rides! The Lazy River & Wave Pool! The Carousel, Teacups, & Tilt-a-whirl, It's summer fun for the whole family!
Water World
While Elitch Gardens is primarily an amusement park with a secondary built-in water park area, Water world is very much a dedicated Waterpark. With double the number of waterslides & aquatic attractions!
Downtown Aquarium
A sprawling aquarium complex with a state-of-the-art aquarium housing 500+ species, plus a restaurant & lounge. Has a fantastic ballroom venue for events.