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Counterfeit costume.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
E / ?
Author /u/Beauf5 (capes)
Civilian name Cedric Watts
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster sub Striker, Blaster
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Barely anything is known about this cape. The only thing that is publicly known is that a man in a suit and mask can beat people up with living objects.

Character Sheet

Appearance (Civilian)

Cedric has caucasian skin, black hair and is nearsighted therefore always wearing black rimmed glasses on his head. Full height is 180cm tall, but thanks to countless hours spent leaning over a desk he has a slouch, meaning effective height is around 175cm. Apart from that he has an athletic build thanks to his weekly visits to the gym though not necessarily muscular, somewhere between scrawny and macho. He loves buying t-shirts with funny jokes and slogans on the front as well as a full sleeve denim jacket while outside.

Appearance (Costume)

He wears a full one-piece suit as well as a red mask that covers his eyes and lower face. The suit is modified to allow unrestricted movement that a normal suit would entail as well as several secret compartments to store equipment out of sight.

Mundane Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level:5

  • Job at police department working as a forensic scientist.
  • Small and humble apartment in the city as well as a motorcycle which he uses to get to work every day.

Wears a bullet proof vest under his suit for protection and has integrated metal plates sown into the sleeves of his forearms so he can block an attack without breaking any bones. Wields a stylish cane with a taser on one end for close quarters combat as well as pepper spray in their back pocket. Additionally, he has a burner phone and flashlight stored away in separate hidden pockets on the inside of his jacket in case of emergencies.

Skills and Specializations

Has a degree in forensic science and criminal psychology from a prestigious university. Also despite his indoor lifestyle he greatly values staying in shape and used to run track in high school. Knows his way around a computer thanks to all his lab work and is very experienced in researching for long periods of time; knows where to find the best information. Very scarce training in hand to hand combat and other fighting styles, took a self defense class in high school but apart from that he has a lot to learn.


All his life he's been able to focus on a single goal and work hard until he achieved it. With every new success coming closer to his dream. He likes it when things work the way they should, everything is a part of a system, and nothing makes him feel better or more satisfied when something works exactly the way it’s supposed to. Like when a criminal is put to justice for his crimes, and if not, then when said criminal is punished in alternate ways. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty if he believes what he's doing is right. He'll manipulate and lie as much as he needs to in order to accomplish his goals of equalizing the playing field so that normal people can go about their daily lives in peace, and evil-doers get exactly what they deserve. He always speaks in a polite matter and strives to solve conflicts through negotiation and diplomacy rather than savagery and violence, however, that's not to say he wouldn't if the situation called for it. He hates people who hurt others for a living with a passion, going so far as to hunt down and physically assault escaped convicts using his thinker power. He is a firm believer in human nature, and that some people are just born bad and can't be changed or redeemed, so instead they must be punished. The system betrayed him when it failed to put his sister's murderer to justice, so just because someone was deemed innocent in court doesn't mean that they're innocent in his books. Other than that he likes dogs and the color blue.


Trigger type: Single Natural Trigger (Golem Master x Target Thinker)

Touch based post-cognitive thinker power that also has the ability to replicate inanimate objects they use their thinker power on into twisted and deadly minions based off of negative, or flawed aspects of their past.

The cape can touch an object that's no larger than around the size of a fridge and immediately know every negative or flawed aspect of said object's past. After coming into contact with an object and using their thinker power, they can activate it once again to recreate the object out of dust that flows from their opposite hand. The dust changes shape and form upon creation to perfectly replicate the original object, with a few twists. Replicating an object takes around 5 seconds and cannot be interrupted. The cape does not share any senses or mental communication with their minions, but the minions always know where to find the cape and how to get there. All replications can speak not matter how they’re built or look. More like producing a noise than talking. However they only speak when spoken to by their master and when they do it’s in one word sentences. All replications sound the same: a deep, guttural voice with an accent that’s impossible to recognize. Only one replication can be made at a time. The replication is an animated version of the original that follows the verbal commands of the cape and also gains warped and twisted physical features based off of the nature of an object's negative past or other imperfections. Any and all replications do not count as living creatures for the purpose of power interaction, and the cape cannot use his replication power on any tinker made item. These twists fall under four different categories and one is chosen by the cape upon replication:

  • Ranged attack: The replication gains a ranged form attack, the nature of which is determined upon replication. Replication has limited mobility, growing a twist that lets them move at around walking speed. They have the same amount of health and durability of whatever object they were copied from. Additionally they have a ranged attack that's around the same power level as a high-velocity sling-shot. No matter how the ranged attack ends turns out, they always have a maximum velocity of 80m/s, max range of 50 meters and can fire 1 shot every 4 seconds. Example: A mail box with short spider legs on the bottom that lets it move at around walking speed and shoots knife-like letters at high speeds from it's opening in 4 second intervals, still breaks like a normal mail box.
  • Mobility: Replication has high mobility, developing a twist that let's them move either long distances at high speeds (around 30mph in a straight line) or instead just be really hard to hit (think about the same effort as trying to swat a fly, they're small and annoying and always landing on you where you don't want them, but if you manage to slap it it's fucking dead). If a replication of the mobility category can fly (be it with wings or propellers or some other mechanism) all movement and maneuverability is around 2/3 that of a ground based mobility replication. They also have lower durability than what they've been replicated from, usually about half as durable as whatever they've been replicated from. Example: A kitchen knife that's been curved into a full, bladed circle with jagged edges and can roll around on any surface at high speed (, due to it's small size it has high maneuverability and can turn on a whim. It also has little legs on the sides of the blade to jump up from the ground or the wall while rolling to cut someone. Range: 100 meters.
  • Tank: Replication has the same overall toughness of its original and then some. A replication could be extremely hard to break, like a steel bar replication that's been twisted to become denser and tougher than the original material. For example: As a general rule, it would take twice as much effort or damage to break a replication than it would to break the original. Additionally, they have more brute strength as well. For example, in the example I showed how a crowbar replication with the tank category and low mobility was strong enough to crush a man's arm all the way down to the bone by squeezing, possibly even severing it completely if Counterfeit had not told it to stop. 100 meters.
  • Recon/Stealth: Replications of this category have the same movement and mobility options as well as health as the regular mobility category, but they don't have any weapons or offensive power. Instead they have a mid-tier visual concealing ability and relatively silent movement. They can also follow complex instructions or be assigned an objective and act autonomously for awhile until they either return and report to their master or time-out. For example: they could gain a twist that let's them change color like a chameleon or they could look like a completely mundane object with concealable mutations so they can pass themselves off as the original object. Range: 500 meters.

The cape can create up to four replications at a time and each one will have a lifespan of around 30 minutes before it crumbles back into dust. Replications will always defend their master and do nothing else even if the cape is knocked unconscious, however they will still wither away and crumble once their time runs out. They can also speak in a very crude matter, only doing so when spoken to by their master and usually in one word sentences. Replications can be ordered to do simple tasks (with the exception of the recon/stealth type) like attack, or move into certain formations or attempt to grab something etc. Orders can be done through the use of verbal commands from the cape. Upon the death/destruction of a replication (except when they die naturally from the time limit) all the information and history of the object will come rushing back into the mind of the cape causing an immense thinker headache as well as bringing back all the trauma of their trigger event as well. This thinker headache lasts for approximately five seconds and renders the cape immobile as they're wracked with overwhelming mental pain.


Cedric's sister was murdered when they were only ten years old by a grown man who used to be a neighbor of his. The killer was caught but was let go due to a lack of evidence. Cedric always knew who had done it, but couldn't prove it. After this traumatizing incident, Cedric knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. This new purpose of his was to study and become a forensic scientist so he could help put criminals to justice so the world would be fair again. Ten years later he's finally landed a job at the Ashton police department investigating crime scenes and putting criminals behind bars using his sharp mind like he always wanted. Being young and talented meant that Cedric had a bright future to look forward. That all changed when he received a case to investigate, and the suspect was the very same man who had killed his sister back when he was a kid. Turns out he'd been at large all this time, staying low, playing it safe. Until he messed up and got caught. Cedric is overcome with joy and fierce determination to put this man behind bars for the rest of his life. Gathering the evidence wasn't hard, since it was fairly clear the man had done it. However none of this ended up changing the outcome of the trial, the man was found innocent and free of charge thanks to the best lawyer you've ever seen and several under the table deals. After coming to the realization that his sister's murderer is getting away again despite his best efforts, he triggers and gains powers. He later moved to Ashton, Washington despite all the plague because of a rumor he heard that his sister’s murderer was hiding out there.