Color Man

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Color Man
Breaker Form
Notoriety Criminal
C / $
Author /u/Grailsippycup (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Edgar Gray
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker, Shaker, Striker
Born (1993-06-29) June 29, 1993 (age 29)
Mercer, Missouri
Status Active
Other names Mark Joseph
Reddit Sheet
Color Man C$ | Galaxy Rider D | Necroplast D-

Color Man was first spotted in Mercer, Missouri on February 13th, 2003. He is suspected for the disappearance of Keith Joseph, Sarah Joseph and Samuel Joseph, the remaining member of their family being Miriam ‘Mary’ Joseph. Following this, Color Man was reported to be responsible for a number of violent assaults, followed by exposure of said victims’ crimes in evidence left at the crime scenes, most being abuse of family members or violent hate crimes. Victims have permanent colored parts of their bodies. Following that, Color Man ceased major activity for eight years, only appearing briefly in Missouri and Minnesota to attack other criminals, including four run-ins with organized criminals over the past two years.

Character Sheet

Civilian Appearance


Edgar Gray appears to be a 5’10”(177 centimeters) tall Caucasian man of average build and short, dark brown hair. He often carries a white cane and wears sunglasses even at night, both due to being blind. He has a symbol of an upside-down cross inside of each eyelid to mark him as a Coven Cape.

Color Man seems to be 6’4”(193 centimeters) tall with a lanky, masculine build. Skin color can be any combination of seven colors. Various patterns and shapes of his choice decorate his body in those colors, and often change or otherwise move. His face is the exception, which depresses unnaturally into a monstrous black and white inhuman ‘face.’

Equipment and Resources

Wealth: 6

The large majority of legitimate wealth is spent on business and home as well as moving from place to place. The remaining wealth was illegally obtained from blackmail, extortion and illicit products stolen from criminals, sitting in separate dummy accounts for emergencies.

  • Four seat hybrid vehicle for civilian life use
  • Private chauffeur and potential confidant: Violet Garvey
  • New Start up business: Superior Capital Planning High Client retention from low commission, one partner and two employees.
  • Keeps a private investigator on retainer to spy on Mary Joseph.
  • Small three bedroom, two bedroom house owned, downtown.
  • Rescued Female American Shorthair cat (Betty)
  • Civilian use smartphone.
  • Retractable white stick.
  • Burner Phone.
  • Restraints: Zip-ties, Duct tape, handcuffs, rope.

Skills and Specializations

  • Certified Financial Planner and Certified Public Accountant with Six-year's experience.
  • Experience and Aptitude dealing with various types of people.
  • Long study of, and experience dealing with financial systems and organizations.
  • Average Physical training regimen.
  • Training in specialized self-defense for visually impaired.
  • Self-taught practice using his powers and yellow weapons.
  • Speaks and reads spanish, french, and Mandarin.
  • Reads Braille.


Edgar Gray’s concerns are for himself, the life he has built and the family he keeps an eye on. He tends to be distant or even cold at times, but he is very observant and can be very charismatic when required. He shows disdain for hateful religious rhetoric and even organized religion as a whole, being dismissive of faithful peoples in his private life. In his civilian identity, he tries his best to live an honest, legitimate life as a financial advisor. He isn’t, however, opposed to using his powered alter ego to achieve any ends or advantages he desires, such as enacting retribution on people he deems deserving. He keeps tabs on his younger sister without her knowledge, and steps in to intervene as Color Man whenever she gets involved in sketchy or dangerous situations. Lastly, he is intensely against recreational drug-use of any kind for himself, for fear of relapse.


Trigger Type: Single Coven. Breaker/Shaker

One breaker state with seven separate forms. An eighth form triggers only upon death: black.

Only the emotional effects of the closest color apply, scaling with proximity. If touching multiple colors, all effects apply.

Effectiveness of individual colors is based on ‘saturation.’ The greater and deeper the color, the more pronounced its effects. Terrain seems to only be able to be one color at a time, though the parahuman can shift colors. This can be done through shades of color or saturation(specifically traveling through white). A color wheel can provide a visual indicator of this ‘switching’ behavior.

The parahuman must be touching objects for color terrain to expand. Colored objects must in turn be touching other objects directly for the color to expand to said objects. Color cannot expand through air or artificially made constructs, even the Purple terrain cannot expand through its vapors or secondary floating solids.

Distance is not a limiting factor as long as the previous constraints are met.

Once terrain is altered, it will remain altered and unchanging for a duration of about one hour from the point the parahuman stopped touching the object or connected objects, after which it will return to its previous state. Objects greater than 100 feet away from the parahuman will also turn to normal after an hour, even if connected to the parahuman indirectly by colored terrain.

Upon loss of consciousness, the parahuman’s breaker form is lost and colored terrain returns to its original ‘canvas terrain’ after about an hour.

Living beings cannot be ‘colored’ by the parahuman, but the parahuman has an enhanced sense of beings affected by terrain, especially when directly touching terrain.

Persons more than 30 feet away from colored terrain seem to practically be in a blind spot for the parahuman.

The parahuman experiences the same effects as the terrain when their body has the appropriate color(s). The parahuman is immune to the terrain effects themselves. Table for quick reference below:

Color Physical Terrain Alterations Enhanced Mental Effects
Red Rough and Abrasive, Spontaneous Forming; Painful and Damaging Shapes/Obstacles; High Heat (50-100 Degrees Celsius range). Impulsiveness; Aggression; Fight-or-Flight
Yellow Very Smooth, variable slickness; Allows the creation of solid structures. Enhanced Senses; Mental Speed x5; Self-Awareness; Confidence; Caution/Cowardice
Blue Non-newtonian liquid; Can trap people like quicksand if they remain stationary too long; Ejects trapped people and objects safely. Loss of Tension/Stress; Awareness of Long-Lasting Effects; Sense of leadership/defensive tactics
Green Soft and pliable like dirt or damp sand; Soft string flows from terrain that defies gravity and is pleasant to touch. Awareness of Empathy and Environment; Sense of Peace and Safety; Focus on Material Gains/Losses; Loss of Aggression
Purple Excretes a gaseous vapor that can become solid and return to gas at the parahuman’s will. Inhaling it applies the same effects as touching the terrain. Psychedelic Experiences; Self-Reflection; Sense of Acceptance for Powers; Enhanced power use(cannot be used by Color Man)
Orange Supernaturally conductive, enhancing all types of energy that travel along or contact it. Enhanced Positive Emotions; Enhanced Motivation; Enhanced Focus; Impatience/Boldness
White No change aside from color. Gradual loss of the five human senses.
Black Inability to reflect light; Spontaneously creates and destroys crystals with the same traits as the terrain. On contact, undergo simulated trigger events or severe pain.

Details on the Terrain:

Red: Terrain becomes rough and abrasive with great friction and oftentimes spontaneously changing to form sharp/damaging shapes and obstacles with consistency such as lines of razor wire, jagged rocks, bramble patches, etc. Terrain obstacles do not often remain static, often changing randomly to different shapes unless the parahuman is actively modifying the terrain. Terrain generates heat of variable degrees, but often within the range of 122-140 degrees Fahrenheit(50-60 degrees Celsius). Parahuman can actively push the temperature up to a maximum of 212 degrees Fahrenheit(100 degrees Celsius). Often seen with a heat haze over terrain and has no chemically flammable qualities.

Subjects exposed to red terrain become more impulsive and aggressive, their natural senses being heightened as if in a constant state of danger in a conflict setting. Subjects experience what is practically a constant fight-or-flight response when near the terrain, including raised adrenaline levels.

Yellow: Terrain loses many rough edges, becoming similar in consistency to a kitchen-tile floor, slipperiness varies. Obstacles and stable structures are more easily and quickly manifested in this terrain, such as basic prisms and simple architecture. Created structures cannot spread color.

Subjects exposed to yellow terrain exhibit and testify of enhanced senses, such as heightened senses of smell, taste, sound, touch and especially sight(Color breaker does not regain sight) beyond human peak. Mental speed increases greatly, processing power and response times enhanced up to a factor of five. Subjects exhibit increased confidence and awareness of the self, as well as increased concern of self-preservation and caution.

Blue: Terrain becomes non-Newtonian, similar to ‘oobleck.’ Terrain can be impacted and traversed, though remaining inert for an extended period of time will see someone trapped as if in quicksand. When terrain dissipates with objects and creatures trapped within, all are ejected safely onto the original ‘canvas terrain.’

Subjects exposed to this terrain exhibit immediate loss in tension and stress. A greater sense of safety and peace envelops the target, and they exhibit a greater sense of ‘the big picture,’ in relation to their actions and the consequences. Subjects show a greater sense of leadership and defensive tactical thinking.

Orange: Terrain exhibits energetic conductivity of an unnatural nature, seeming to alter its specific elements to better support whatever energy may travel along it. For Instance, electricity moves faster/farther, fire spreads faster, Sound-waves even bounce further and seem to be enhanced in clarity by this terrain. Even kinetic energy is enhanced, such as making bullets ricochet at greater speed than initial firing velocity. Patterns and shapes are formed in this terrain.

Subjects exposed to this terrain exhibit greater positive emotions and reactions, feeling more enthusiastic and motivated in whatever task they feel needs doing. Subjects become bolder and focused, though have trouble standing still any longer than ten seconds. ‘Jittery’ fits many exposed subjects’ body language.

Green: Terrain becomes soft and pliable, similar to sifted dirt or -at times- even damp sand. Small strands of string of varying sizes ‘grow’ from this terrain, and are very soft to the touch.

Subjects exposed to this terrain exhibit a greater sense of others and their environment, as well as a sense of safety and relaxation. A greater focus is given to immediate concerns of health and material gains and losses. Subjects lose a great deal of aggression, showing increases in willingness to compromise or disengage.

Purple: Terrain excretes a vapor that seems to be able to alter its state between gas and solid at the parahuman’s discretion. With a lack of care, the vapor seems to follow unconscious directives of the parahuman. Inhaling this vapor seems to be benign in nature as far as physical repercussions go, and inhaled vapors lose the ability to become solid.

Subjects exposed to this terrain or vapor exhibit various sense-altering states of mind and perception. The most intense of which has been compared to an ‘acid trip.’ Subjects seem more able and willing to reconcile their compulsions and worries. In particular, parahuman subjects find greater comfort with their respective powers and effects of said powers positive, negative and benign. This often results in enhanced or more creative use of powers by parahumans.

Parahuman technically has a seventh ‘color,’ though it seems to be almost entirely detrimental to them if their body is this color. They seem to use it exclusively for quickly switching colors, or for creating terrain that forces conflicts to stalemate before changing color to escape.

White: This terrain is unchanged from the base ‘canvas terrain.’ It seems to have no physical alterations whatsoever aside from visible color becoming white.

Subjects exposed to this terrain exhibit loss of senses, the greatest of which is sight. Hearing is reduced to what is described as ‘underwater,’ eventually resulting in deafness. Taste becomes almost nonexistent. Touch becomes numbed, extended exposure resulting in inability to move and coordinate the body without powered interference. Sight becomes blurred, extended exposure resulting in blindness. Smell is reduced and eventually becomes useless.

All white effects are temporary and will fade gradually with lack of exposure.

Upon cessation of brain activity, the parahuman’s body will become pitch black with the inability to reflect light, all connected colored terrain slowly becoming black. If terrain was not previously colored, connected terrain will slowly become black. Details below:

Black: Terrain spontaneously forms and destroys black crystals, gaining the inability to reflect light which is transferred to the crystals as well. Gravity undergoes distortions of strength in areas over this terrain, being either significantly weaker or significantly stronger, making it very difficult to avoid crystals even for fliers.

Upon direct contact with colored terrain or crystals the terrain creates, parahumans lose consciousness and experience their trigger events with any action taken by the parahuman to intervene making results worse. Coven Triggers and humans with a corona pollentia experience simulated scenarios of similar traumatic experiences required to cause Natural Triggers at a rate of 10 simulations per second, only ending when direct contact with terrain or crystals is removed. Humans without a corona pollentia, Case 53’s and parahumans that have second triggered or double triggered(1.5 triggered) experience severe pain until direct contact with terrain or crystals is ceased. Simulations are randomized experiences built from memories taken from the individual. If multiple individuals make direct contact at once, they share experiences and are present in each other’s simulations, theoretically being capable of creating grab-bags.

Crystals will not be spontaneously destroyed if direct contact is being made with any human that can trigger or second trigger. Crystals have a structural formation consistently similar to quartz. Crystals form long, abstract shapes.

Striker Power

The properties of the parahuman’s body change with the color of the part of the body.

Red: Strikes often break skin and can even combust on rare occasions, burning the subject and causing painful blistering. Very painful for the subject.

Orange: Strikes seem to jolt as if charged with electricity, delivering a painful, spasm-inducing static shock or apply double kinetic force that the strike would have applied normally. Oftentimes both.

Yellow: Strikes are unchanged, but the body becomes hard like steel without losing flexibility. Weapons can be formed on limbs.

Green: Strikes or direct-contact apply loss of pain for the subject. Extended direct contact slowly heals the subject of wounds and restores effectiveness of soft tissue. Healed tissue is altered to become the color of the parahuman’s choice. The subject that is healed becomes afflicted with the effects of the respective color as though it were colored terrain for about a week. The color of the tissue is permanent, with the exception of powered interference or deep surgery.

Blue: Body exerts a force field effect just over the skin, forcing solid matter to be deflected/diverted without breaking the subject. Effectively, physical contact cannot be made.

Purple: Body emits similar vapors to the terrain version as well as a viscous liquid. On skin contact, this liquid exerts an effect similar to surgical anesthesia.


Mark spent his first thirteen years of life a devout Methodist Christian in a heavily religious town. Things were fine then despite some comments and jokes from his family that made him uncomfortable. Then high school and puberty. Mark found himself leading a life he wasn’t happy with, with a girlfriend that he didn’t care for. Eventually, he connected with an outcast in the community, Oswald Tanner, and they became a secret item. Mark’s brother, Samuel, noticed the change in behavior and found out. Samuel gathered a bunch of guys in town as well as his father, Keith. The group horribly injured Oswald and kicked Mark out of the house. Oswald, out of fear, avoided Mark and left town with his family.

Desperate and suffering, Mark moved out and found the Crossroad Clergy. He became addicted to methamphetamines and almost overdosed multiple times, the Clergy using his addiction to keep him on a leash doing what they asked. After a year of bad choices and addiction-motivated loyalty, he found himself approached by the Devil with a deal. Mark sold his soul and sight for the power to be free and do whatever he wished to do. He spent his debut as Color Man enacting revenge on his parents and older brother, forcing them to hurt each other and isolate them from each other, orphaning his abused little sister who was forced to fend for herself as Color Man worked.

Eventually, he gave them to a human-trafficking ring, left unconscious in a popular kidnapping spot just outside of Kansas City. High on his power trip, Mark changed his name for a fresh start, using his Color Man identity to specifically seek out homophobes and religiously-motivated criminals and ruin their lives in his spare time as he got an education. He stopped his reckless activities when he heard his sister got involved in drugs like he did. Color Man exposed and tormented her dealer and tried to scare his sister straight with threats. Afterward, Edgar ceased cape activity and saved it for when it was necessary to achieve his goals. He got his master’s degree and began working for a financial advisory firm to gain experience. He often moved around to keep a figurative eye on Mary, sometimes even working while traveling.

Recently, Mary has moved to Devilfish, Minnesota to start a new life with a child. She works at a small restaurant and takes online classes. Naturally, Edgar started a business in Devilfish soon after.



[POV] walks casually down the sidewalk, blue spreading from his body and coating the block in blue. What few civilians there were this time of night skittered off. [POV] turns and chuckles as the apartment building turns blue. [POV] enters the building, humming an unrecognized tune loudly, carrying his pace up the damaged stairs to the second floor. [POV] stops in front of residence 203, placing a green hand on the door. The door turns from brown to green, becoming greener and greener before the hand is pulled back, the frame itself blue. [POV] then strikes the door with a yellow hammer-shaped hand, caving the door in quietly as if it was a screen of dirt, forcing it to collapse. [POV] then steps inside, making his way to the bedrooms. [POV] turns to the victims lying in their bed which is now colored blue. They sink into it as [POV] watches. [POV] then touches the victims, waking them up gently before speaking. “You see that corner? I have something special there and in your kids’ room as well. I have the capability to make your lives very painful, so I suggest you confess what you’ve been doing in there before I make you regret not doing so.”



“That’s the third one this month, chief. We have the victims in custody, their limbs colored red and giving us a hard time. The children were found outside in a little patch of green concrete, playing with the weird stringy things. We found multiple contusions. The looks in their eyes…”

Chief of Police Garrison Howe sighs as a deputy inserts the second tape. He listens to the testimony of the victims’ confessions. Multiple officers shift uncomfortably before the second video ends. A deputy begins to insert a third tape before Chief Howe speaks, “No need for that one. I don’t think we need to see what he does to them.”

“With respect, Chief, we need to cover everything.”

Howe then stands up and walks to the door, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” and he exits.