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Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/Mr_Serine (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Damien Folger
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStriker, Mover
Born (2003-09-22) September 22, 2003 (age 19)
Chicago, Illinois
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Cheshire C+ | Haze D? | Hec D | Midas F | Slingshot E

A graffiti artist with a pretty distinctive style, has recently taken on much more ambitious, and frankly impossible, targets.

Completely unrelated, Rockstar seems to have picked up some strays on her tour.

Character Sheet


Civ: The first thing you'll probably notice when you see Damien is that he is short, like 5 feet tall. He's got tanned skin from being outside a lot, and dark blonde hair. His right hand is damaged, missing parts of the pinky and ring finger.

Rockstar: Loose clothing, with the sleeves and legs longer than his limbs. A long cape made from many strips of cloth. Colours are white and splotches of sky blue. A glittery golden mask, with radiating spikes.

Personal: Paint mask, including goggles. Leather jacket.

When not in civ, he almost always walks a few feet off the ground to be taller than others.

Equipment and Resources

  • Paint cans
  • Taser
  • Decent camera

Not a lot, considering he ran away from home. Still has access to his bank account.

Lives in a rented home with the other groupies.

Wealth level: 3

Skills and Specializations

  • Nah but he's seriously good at freerunning
  • Skilled graffiti artist
  • Can drive. A little.
  • Escaping


Impulsive, prone to making rushed decisions. Attitude problem.

Weak KISS/KILL: On KISS days he wants to help his sister, he's likely to go along with what she wants or suggests. On KILL days he'll oppose her, but he'll rarely actually get hostile.

He loves his sister, sure, but he hates that he's forcibly tied to her. He runs with Rockstar's group at least partially to get away from that for a while.


Trigger type: Natural Cluster

Primary power: Solid Air

He can solidify or 'freeze' the air he's in contact with. Does not involve actual cold, more like Clockblocker-style shenanigans.

He can activate this power in two ways: The first is to choose a part of his body, and solidify the air in contact with that part. The second is to visualize shapes, to solidify the moment he touches them, which he uses to walk in mid-air.

The frozen air is completely invulnerable to anything short of an All-or-Nothing, allowing him to use it as a makeshift shield. The downside of this is that if he uses it in the first way, the body part he forms it around is unable to move.

Secondary power: Gravity

Damien can change the strength of his gravitational pull. He can either lighten himself to float and ignore fall damage, or make himself heavier to hit harder and drop like an anvil.


One day, Damien and his adoptive sister Chuu were taking their parents' car for a joyride. Sadly, but not unsurprisingly as neither of them knew how to drive all that well, they crashed. The car flipped off the road and landed on a train track, with a train incoming in less than a minute.

With a mad scramble, he managed to get himself out, before running around to grab his sister. He wasn't as fortunate this time, and the train reached them as he was still pulling her out.

He let go at the last moment, seeing his life flashing before his eyes... As well as something else.


He watched in wonder as the car flew through the air in slow motion, only realizing later that he was doing the same.