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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/flashyamoeba (capes)
Civilian name Stephanie B Taylor
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate
Born (1999-11-29) November 29, 1999 (age 23)
Ashton, Washington
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Aces High F | Lady Fisto D+ | Ventus Dracon C

Member of the Ashton Protectorate for a little over a year. Know to be in a multi trigger with Radiance and Nero. Not publicly known she second triggered fighting an Endbringer and is now an angel

Character Sheet


Cleanse Human Form

Clone form, Relatively tall for a woman 1.75 meters. Blonde, green eyes and with a light tan. Heavily toned body from working out since joining the Protectorate.

Breaker form, Tall, with alabaster white skin and wings. About 3.12 meters tall. She has thin wispy hair the same color as her skin, knees that bend backward and end in talons like a bird’s.

Equipment and Resources

  • All organic leather PRT suit with kevlar plates sown in, equivalent to Class II body armor. [Picture](
  • 5 daggers
  • Grenade launcher
  • Hemp rope.
  • Handcuffs
  • Water tight leather phone case.
  • Waterproof holster for a stun gun.
  • Stun Gun.
  • Taser.
  • Pepper spray.
  • Extendable baton.
  • A Nikon D3100 SLR camera improved by PRT to be able to send pictures to them, Kept in a leather carrying case.
  • Binoculars
  • Sunglasses.
  • Starbucks gold card

Whatever the Protectorate gives her. 20,000 from killing Nero with Radiance. Two bedroom apartment rented with money saved up from living in Protectorate HQ for two months.

Skills and Specializations

Photography, speaks french, part of the gymnastics team in high school. Skilled at interviewing people in a professional manner on Protectorate business. Know Protectorate HQ like the back of her hand at this point.


Has grown more confident since joining the Protectorate and her second trigger. The second trigger has caused her to exhibit mood swings, rapidly shifting between being at utter peace and optimistic, and extreme states of emotion, usually aggressive or carnal, because of the lingering effects of the Gunny suit and Geode’s crystal. Working on several strategies to remain calm. Currently she is trying to keep Clone Steph the calm, optimistic one while only letting Angel Steph be aggressive and act/show feelings. Time will tell how effective this is. Tries to keep her new perma form as hidden as possible, pretending it is just a master minion, refusing to show it unless needed, and one of the clones is Breaker Cleanse. Only Sera/Quicksilver, The Director, and Kitsune will have been informed about this. To everyone else she lies and pretends the second clone is her second trigger powers, able to share consciousness with her minion in case one dies, Ditto Style, and the permabreaker form is a minion she can only summon for brief periods.


ACID (Main Power)

The second trigger, pinging off Nero as he died, Radiance, and everyone else at the EB while being under several different mind altering effects from tinker tech has granted Steph a perma- breaker form based off Radiance, Nero, the Gunney armor, the Swordsman’s Stamina Sword, and the Geode healing crystal. The Breaker form is 3.12 meters tall with skin that is extremely durable yet soft. The form also has extremely durability because of the Gunney suit, skin equivalent to 1/4 inch of AR500 Steel.This perma-breaker form has enhanced strength from the effects of the Gunney suit, able to lift 500kg. The form is technically a Noctis cape, possessing unlimited stamina because of Swordsman’s Stamina sword she had when she second triggered. Cleanse can still sleep normally if she chooses to and any power that would put her to sleep will work normally. Geode's healing crystal has granted her a slight healing factor which enhances their immune system, can speed up the recovery of wounds, and can even help chemical imbalances in the brain. It cannot replace missing limbs or organs.

Nero’s and Radiance's acid powers have combined in this breaker form. At will, Cleanse’s hands can secrete a strong acid capable of eating through any inorganic material and burning organic material through her hands. The acid can dissolve through 1 cubic inch worth of metal per cubic inch of acid every 5 seconds. This is the same for all types of metal regardless of the particular metal's density. Lighter materials such as wood, glass, and plastic will be eaten through the same but every 3 seconds. Instead of melting through organics, the acid instead burns at it, capable of delivering second degree burns over the course of ten seconds of contact with the acid. The acid appears as a thick greenish fluid. It will remain active at full potency for ten seconds after appearing, after which it will promptly become inert.

Cleanse can transform/merge herself into any non-living objects equal to or larger than herself in size. Takes 5 seconds to merge into an object. She can not be forced out of the object. If she merges into a wall and somebody punches the wall she will no longer feel it. If someone cuts the wall in half she won't be cut in half, but will have to find a new exit point equal to or larger than herself. Can perceive the world with all five senses when part of an inorganic object. No cool down other than the five seconds to merge again. It takes 5 seconds to merge completely. so she would only be halfway in after 2.5 seconds. She takes all of her stuff with her when she merges. The exposed parts of her body are resistant as normal.

Cleanse can no longer leave holes in objects when she exits. Now once Cleanse is fully merged with an object she can “swim” around as fast she can normally walk or run. This leaves a shadow on the surface of the object that looks identical to Cleanse’s normal human shadow. Cleanse can move from one object to another so long as it is larger than 1.75 meters, touching the current object she is in, and is non-living. If there is no exit large enough then Cleanse is stuck forever/until someone adds enough material/surface area to the object so she can exit.


Can move/fly in all directions. but only as fast as she can walk/run. The flight is the traditional floating/hovering form of flying. Moving takes as much energy as walking would. Just hovering takes as much effort as standing up would, no matter what position she is hovering in. The act of flying produces no noise. If she want to fly a mile it will take as much energy as walking a mile. Can only carry as much as she could normally lift.


Can create up to 2 clones of herself. The clones can appear within 1 foot of her, must remain within 20 yards, and do not need to remain within LOS. If a clone is forced beyond 20 yards it disappears as if it was killed. The clones are exact copies of her before her second trigger. She can hear, see, and speak through the clones and shares all senses. The clones require food and sleep just like a normal person and can die just as easily as a normal person. Master effects work normally on them. The clones can fly same as Cleanse and can merge into walls the same way as before, takes them five second to merge, can only merge for 10 minutes before being ejected, the object must be larger than Cleanse, But they can not make a hole when ejected.

Mental powers can travel through the shared senses, but purely physically powers can't.

If a copy is killed it disappears immediately. Cleanse has to wait 24 hour before she can form a new clone.


Stephanie and Chad had been dating since their freshman year and had been friends for years before that. It all started to fall apart in the final semester of their senior year when Chad came out in private to Stephanie as trans and wanted to be called Kate, Stephanie tried to be supportive at first, but privately felt uncomfortable and became more distant. Plans got moved around, sudden cancellations for events, never having enough time for just getting together and seeing a movie. One day over pumpkin spice lattes with her posse Stephanie let it slip that she calls Chad Kate when in private. The rumor mill guaranteed the entire school “knew” Kate was trans before 24 hours had passed. The next day, Kate was presenting as female. The change was sudden and complete, one day she was Chad, the next Kate. Anyone the rumor mill didn't reach knew about it by the end of the next day. Rumors and high school are rarely a kind mix. Rumors about Kate quickly frequently involved her long time friend and significant other, Stephanie. Anytime spent with other classmates quickly devolved into talking about the Chad/Kate situation. The rumor mill and the emotional strain of supporting Kate while the whole school was talking about her lead Stephanie into the arms of another man, Elias, the president of the photography club Stephanie and Kate were part of. Elias was the only person who didn't ask, who didn't pry, who didn't start looking at Stephanie and Kate differently. The relationship was a full blown affair with secret meet ups, sex, and cute pet names for each other. The photography club they were all apart of started to suffer. Members were divided over how to react to the rumors of Kate being trans, membership quickly deteriorated. The club was soon down to just the three of them Elias, Kate, and Stephanie. The meeting was supposed to be a big presentation of everyone's projects they had been working on all year, but with so many members gone it was really disappointing. Kate was showing one picture in the presentation with Stephanie and Kate in it. Elias, frustrated for weeks at seeing the club he is president of and founded go down the drain, says, "You could have gotten a better picture of Stephanie and me last night in bed." Kate punched Elias in the face, Stephanie punched Kate in the face, Elias punched Stephanie in the face. Stephanie thought to herself, “I’m such a thot.” Multi Trigger. In the four months since that Cleanse adjusted rather well to Cape life, finding friends in her Protectorate Teammates and getting along quite well with the Wards who she more often than not had more in common with due to her own young age. Everything was good until Elias made his move killing some punk, allegedly raping Kate, and then leaking their identities and nudes onto the internet. Before she knew what was happening Cleanse's life was thrown into disarray. Her fathers were placed into protective custody and she was under lockdown at Protectorate HQ.

After about 2 months of eating, sleeping, and working at Protectorate HQ, only leaving for patrols and brief outings for food, Geb attacked. Against all odds, Nero was there to attack her when she was doing search and rescue. After a winning the fight between her and Nero with some excellent assistance by Radiance, Cleanse collapsed onto her knees from the stress of the fight, being within a mile of an Endbringer, her shard telling her to love Elias even after everything, the Gunney suit telling her to kill or fuck Nero, a feedback loop of those two, and Geode's healing crystal making her optimistic and positive about all of the above. Cause her to trigger. She didn't fully realize it then, what happened to her. It was only after the fight was over and she took off the suit that she assumed her full perma-breaker form