Child of Light

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Child of Light
Child of Light.png
Notoriety Criminal
D / +
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Civilian name Mari Bright
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker (Striker, Changer) -->
Born (2005-07-17) July 17, 2005 (age 17)
Ashton, Washington
Status NPC
Other names CoL
Reddit Sheet
Memento E | Natalie Howard D

Character Sheet


Out of costume they look like a fifteen year old girl with shoulder length dark hair and green eyes. She is rather short for her age and rather well muscled with it.

When entering her other state, a ring of black liquid forms a halo above her head and back from which insectoid limbs dripping with the liquid extend. While out as a cape she wears a thick jacket, knee and elbow braces projecting her joints and a greyish mask. All of this turned into black, white and various shades of grey by her power.

Equipment and Resources

  • A padded costume with braces for her knees and elbows.
  • A couple of glass marbles that she likes the look of.
  • Burner phones
  • Cable ties

Skills and Specializations

  • She's got an extremely good memory, remembering people she's met once for months afterward.
  • Is a surprisingly good singer.
  • Quick learner.
  • Somewhat good at eastern martial arts.
  • Pretty good runner


Mari tries her best to be cheerful, fully believing that she should be using her powers to help people. She is also exceedingly awkward towards other people her age, not having had much contact with any since her trigger. She has a tendency to become very tense when around heroic capes that she doesn't know yet, her powers having given her a history of being attacked for its appearance.


Trigger type: Natural trigger

Can change into a deleterious breaker state, taking on what could be described as an almost demonic form. A pitch black halo made of 'ink' appears above their head and another at the center of their black, everything else just turning monochrome. She can extend long insectoid 'arms' from the rings that are covered in the same ink. They are about as strong as the arm of an average adult and up to three meters long, capable of impaling, swatting at things, and otherwise protecting her and she has a fine control of them. Each “arm” coated in an oily ink like substance, also dripping it from each tip. This ink acts as an 'acid' of sorts and simply eats through whatever it touches in equal volume when not on the 'arm', removing it from existence. The ink is manton limited to only affect nonliving material.


Mari grew up in a strict and heavily religious family, being told that as long as she was doing her best, everything was fine. So she worked her hardest every single day. Sure, she didn't always succeed, but that was fine as long as she did her best, right?

She would go to school and the other children would be mean to her, but this was fine, she was her parents' little angel and nothing would change that. Not the mean looks, not them stealing her stuff, not them trying to trip her as she walked to her seat. Everything was fine... really... please believe me.

Mari had been walking home from school, where nothing bad had happened if anyone were to ask her. The bruises she was hiding under her shirt meant nothing.

She was about halfway when she was roughly pulled into an alleyway and slammed against the wall, several of the children from her year standing over her with anger on their faces.

She was about to ask them 'why' when the first punch hit her, causing her to double over in pain. Things were still fine though she just had to-

The next punch sent her stumbling further into the alleyway. Maybe things weren't fine. She needed to run away and hide somewhere if she could just-

The next punch hit her straight on, sending her to the ground. She looks up to her tormentors, the people who had been making her life hell and were about to make it worse yet again.