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Cetus Breaker.png
Cetus in their breakerstate.
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/eldritcheldrazi (capes)
Civilian name Samuel Iverson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Out of costume he’s a regular sight at commander night at quite a few Local games stores, running an Arixmethes deck as one of his favorites, followed by a Lorthos deck.

The breaker state was seen recently walking out of the sea and onto the beach late at night, when it was relatively unoccupied.

Was intended to transfer into the Ashton protectorate months ago, but the paperwork got slowed down on his end by the plague incident in Ashton.

Character Sheet

Civilian Appearance

Sammy typically wears denim jeans, sea monster socks, sea monster movie shirt and a blue beanie. Based purely on appearances, this guy obviously likes sea monsters. He’s got short brown hair, pale skin, like he doesn’t go out much and ocean-blue eyes.

In costume he wears blue metal armour, very similar to what is worn by the figure in the breaker state. Visibly ocean themed.

Breaker state Appearance:

Despite appearances, the winged horse and rider are one being, fused together, standing at twelve feet tall (Knight beginning at 5 foot) The breaker state weighs around 1000kg.

The breaker state is made of solid (on a scale of one to ten, with the average human being around a 5.5, Cetus is around 6.5 to 7), yet flowing water. To the touch it is cold, not uncomfortably so but noticeably so.

A ghostly afterimage follows a half-second behind Cetus, completely intangible,

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 6

A relatively small house, close to the pearl river in Mayview suburbs. Nice, compact, blue roof. Can’t miss it.

  • His ocean-themed armour.
  • nothing else yet.

Skills and Specializations

  • A bit too much knowledge of sea monsters and aquatic urban legends.
  • Decent at magic the gathering.
  • Pretty good swimmer.


Tends to blame himself when things go wrong, still blames himself for the deaths of his friends during his trigger, even though he knows, deep down he probably couldn’t save them and acts like he doesn’t blame himself. Samuel is a huge sea monster nerd, from having watched basically every sea monster movie he can get his hands on to playing sea monster themed characters/strategies in games that allow them, even if they happen to be sub-optimal.

As a member of the protectorate, he’s generally regarded as pretty good at following orders, from his limited spell in the San Marco Protectorate.

Samuel doesn’t like lying, and doesn’t tend to. Being lied to is one of the things he really can’t stand, and the number one quickest way to make sure he doesn’t like you.

The breaker state has a minor mentality shift, namely that he forgets that people need to breathe. This means that if he sees a person drowning or suffocating, he will not move to help them. (For clarity this only applied while in the breaker state)


Trigger Type: Single Natural Trigger

The Breaker state resembles a mounted knight, forged from water, see-through but solid

In this state, he possesses limited, imprecise hydrokinesis within 1m of him, specifically in repairing the breaker state as it takes damage, in addition to slow flight and enhanced strength (roughly two and a half times that of an average human)

Underwater breathing and enhanced general durability The breaker state is unable to drown, and can breath perfectly underwater. The breaker state also completely lacks internal organs, but still feels pain, and can speak, although it is unable to eat and drink. Damage dealt to the breaker state seems to carry over into the non-breaker state, as does repair made while in the breaker state and damage taken in the non-breaker state, seemingly by the shard trying to use the breaker body as a map to put the human body together, and vice-versa.

Any weapons/forms of damage should have roughly the same effect that they would have on a standard unarmored human.

The cape would die if they left their breaker state while severely damaged.

Flight via Hydrokinesis: By using the hydrokinetic power to manipulate the water the knight is made out of, the knight can fly through the air at walking speed, and effortlessly through water at around 24 meters per second.

Healing factor via Hydrokinesis: The knight can use any water within 1m to patch itself up after taking damage, with the amount of water required being enough to replace what was lost (Cannot heal without enough water). In addition, the cape tends to take damage in the form of visible dents, tears in the form and loss of entire limbs.

Any severed limbs will instantly evaporate, meaning that Cetus must find a water source to forge a new limb from.

This healing requires conscious effort, and takes time to heal more major wounds (A lost arm might take a few minutes of uninterrupted focus)

Hallucinations:The longer Cetus is in his Breaker state, the more he hallucinates, Over the course of four hours, moving through five stages. The stages reset if Cetus spends eight hours outside of his breaker state

  • STAGE ONE (Zero to One hours) "No hallucinations"
  • STAGE TWO (One to two hours) "Auditory hallucinations", sounding like everyone is underwater."
  • STAGE THREE (Two to three hours) "Visual hallucinations", The hallucinatory threats from his trigger event appear on the corners of his vision, as well as in reflective surfaces. This is in addition to everything appearing like it would appear underwater.
  • STAGE FOUR (Three to Four hours) "Enhanced hallucinations" The hallucinations that were affecting Cetus over the past three stages become completely indistinguishable from reality, with sensations like touch and smell also being hallucinated instead of just visual and auditory.
  • STAGE FIVE (Four plus hours) Cetus begins to fully experience their trigger event again for as long as they are within their breaker state, fully trapped within the hallucination. The only escape is to transform out of their breaker state. He is treated as completely immobilized during this stage, the hallucination overtaking reality.


Sammy was driving. The windows were down, the radio was playing, the breeze was calm and the lake looked beautiful. Darius was in the passenger seat having a conversation with Nolan, in the back, looking at the map. At least, that’s how he remembered it.

And then the next thing he knew, they were at the bottom of the lake, the small car was nowhere to be found, and his friends were gone. There was a horrible screaming sound, down in the darkness, like the fish were all screaming in agony, A horrible roaring, signalling danger from all sides, Two threats. A skinless centaur-like creature that he instantly recognised as a nuckelavee walked on the lake floor, locking cursed eyes with him as a man who he could only describe as “like the lake had a tongue” swum screaming at him, yellow eyes a gleaming contrast to the black teeth.

He triggered at the bottom of the lake, unable to remember how he got into that situation, from the pain of drowning and the need to be anywhere but here.