Carnage Conductor

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Carnage Conductor
Notoriety Criminal
C / *
Author /u/Argerro (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Priscilla Milliane von Ulm
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Born (1995-03-16) March 16, 1995 (age 28)
Devilfish, Minnesota
Status NPC
Other names CC/The Conductor/Conductor Carnage/Engineered Destruction/Miss Topham Hatt/Your Best Nightmare/The Train Hoe/Mommy?
Reddit Sheet

As her ‘public’ debut, she was seen making off with a diesel locomotive and three detached box cars and one flatcar worth of materials, roughly split evenly between steel, and wood, and copper, as well as a single tank car full of diesel. The small train made its way west out of devilfish’s stockyard and disappeared down the track.

It is an open secret to the higher up rail union workers in the Devilfish area exactly who C.C. is, however she is also family to most of them. There are more than a few daughters named after her. So when the train crews are asked to describe what exactly happened to their trains, the rails, their shipments, or where C.C. went, they tend to be less than helpful, and if she ever needs a few extra hands for high paying jobs she knows where to look.

Character Sheet


  • Civilian: Pricilla is a simple woman. At 5’11, she is tall, and built with corded muscles from her efforts to stay in shape as well as her work as a train mechanic/engineer. In her day to day life she tends to wear jeans, white muscle shirts, and a grey jumpsuit that covers her legs with the sleeves tied around her waist. She tends to keep her jet black hair cropped shortish with an undercut. Her hands are often greasy and dirty, but when she decides to clean up she has an air of quiet beauty. She has a large back/upper arm tattoo that depicts clockwork angel wings.
  • Costume: In costume Carnage Conductor wears a stylized Train Engineer outfit. Blue overalls that are more form fitting than usual. She wears heavy, black leather lace up boots that end at her knees. She wears thick leather gloves the go up to her elbows. Her top is a white, flowy silk button up shirt that is rolled up to her elbows as well. Around her neck is a red bandana. Upon her head is a blue and white cap that is made to look like a steamer’s smokestack with her personal logo on the front. Said logo looks like a pair of gears overlaid by a simple steamer. Her mask is a pair of welding goggles as well as a red, bandana-ish, mouth/nose covering. She also wears a large tool belt at all times.
  • Vehicles: All vehicles built to be a part of the C.C.R. (Carnage Conductor Railroad) project will, no matter their build or aesthetic, carry the same paint job. The vehicles are painted black with burgundy as the secondary color. Gold is used as the accent, filigree, and type print color. She adds a personal touch of classic painted filigree depicting rail lines in the shape of flowers. Every car will follow proper procedure as far as having the required rail codes painted on the sides as well as the company code and car number.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 4

Priscilla owns, now that she paid off the mortgage, a nice sized family home she inherited from her parents. Due to her career, she ‘owns’ (read: is paying off the bank's loan for) a very small repair shop, turntable, and shuntyard. It has enough room for one locomotive in the shop and three short shunting lines for carriages that are to be repaired. Connects directly to BNSF Line and is located Directly South of Devil Track and just East of 435.

  • Cell Phone
  • Tool belt
  • Extendable baton
  • Pump-action shotgun (in the locomotive center console)
  • Large medkit (in the locomotive)
  • Large mobile tool station (in the mobile crane)


“Magnum Opus” C.C.R.X.-M.O. #10101001

  • Source =
  • Creator = Carnage Conductor
  • Appearance = Based around the stolen AC4400CW Diesel locomotive #5700, this locomotive has been upgraded to the point where it is armored, and no longer bearing the BNSF paint job in favor of the C.C.R. project colors. It bears the logo CCRX #10101001 as well as the standard markings for horsepower, and tractive effort. Has A.T.T.Ms installed.
  • Abilities = The MO is faster, stronger, and better armored than a standard diesel engine. Is able to clock in at 100 mph at no or light load. Capable of improved tractive effort compared to its original form up to 200k lbs. Provides power to the entirety of the train connected to it, though that energy is not unlimited. Capable of stopping from full speed in just five minutes on rail, and on a dime on treads.

An electric battery has been added, capable of pulling a small train of a few cars for an hour before dying. This is an absolute emergency last option.

  • Duration = As long as there is fuel or power
  • Notes = She hides her shotgun under the center console, a habit she took from her father.

“Mobile Repair Station” C.C.R.X.-M.R.S. #11001001

  • Source =
  • Creator = Carnage Conductor
  • Appearance = A retrofitted flatcar, with an extendable crane on the back, as well as a small shed on one end. Has A.T.T.Ms installed.
  • Abilities = The crane is capable, under its own very limited power, of moving itself, anchoring itself in place via hydraulic feet, switching to its treads, and lifting any of her cars back onto the track or off of the track. The crane is quicker than the usual railway cranes, capable of resetting a locomotive in ten minutes from a full derailment. The shed carries a veritable mobile workshop, not as extensive as her home shop, but capable of fixing all but the worst damage on the fly.

The crane and workshop takes up 30 feet of the 89 foot flat car, leaving only 59 feet of freet cargo space.

  • Duration = As long as there is fuel or power.
  • Notes = Always kept directly behind the M.O. if she can help it.

“All Terrain Transport Mover” C.C.R.X.-A.T.T.M. #20101

  • Source =
  • Creator = Carnage Conductor
  • Appearance = Treads inset behind the wheel axles of all the cars that The Conductor has.
  • Abilities = Over the course of an hour, the standard rail wheels are switched out for heavy steel treads that allow for movement over any terrain type that can support the weight of the train. Takes an hour to switch back to the standard wheels. When on treads the standard speed is cut by 75% due to increased friction and safety, but tighter turns are possible allowing for on road travel.
  • Duration = Last long as they are not damaged too heavily.
  • Notes = N/A

“High Efficiency Spike Inset Launcher” C.C.R.X-H.E.S.I.L #30101001

  • Source =
  • Creator = Carnage Conductor
  • Appearance = A two-handed weapon with a large magazine and has a small spike protruding from the front. All industrial, metal, and hard angles. Painted black and burgundy. Makes a choo-choo sound that technically is the railgun resetting, but is mostly for fun.
  • Abilities = The HESIL is capable of launching a seven inch railroad spike at extremely fast speeds, capable of pinning a track in place with one shot via a low power railgun inside of the gun. Is fairly low range, however, with the damage falling off quickly after a few meters.

She is also capable of using special bolts that carry an electric charge, originally meant to weld the spike to the rail, but also capable of being used as an aoe shock weapon. When used in this way it creates a five foot circle of charge that shocks those within at near taser levels.

Finally, it is also capable of protruding the spike without launching it, similar to how a jackhammer head moves, able to be used as an improvised fist weapon. Capable of breaking a 7 inch thick rail tie with a few swings. This damages the spike beyond the ability to fire and she must manually reload after doing so.

  • Duration = Capable of shooting 10 shots before reload.
  • Notes = She carries 40 rounds in her bag, ten are the electric rounds

Non Tech Large Equipment

Seeing as there is no reason to make every single carriage CC uses into tinkertech (I.E. A box car with metal welded onto the outside isn't tinkertech, its a retrofitted boxcar), here is a section where I specify what mundane cars she has, modifications to them, as well as equipment kept within them. This list will expand with her aquiring more carriages or vehicles for her work.

C.C.R.X.-F.T. (Fluid Tanker) #11002001

C.C.R.X-I.L.H. (Insecure Loot Hauler) #10801001

C.C.R.X.-S.L.H./C.H. (Secure Loot Hauler/Crew Hauler) #10701001/10501001

  • Source =
  • Creator = Carnage Conductor
  • Appearance = A pair of retrofitted boxcars, covered in welded steel armor, and painted black. Under the side doors are wide ramps. Has A.T.T.Ms installed.
  • Abilities = A pair of simple armored cars, these carriages can withstand most hand-held weapons, up to and including grenades. Has doors on the ends to allow movement of the crew between cars easily. One car is purely for secure storage of weapons and booty, the other however has been converted to a sort of living area, with a few cots, sanitation devices, lockers, and a small kitchenette.

The barracks, #10501001, is not meant for long term living, but better than nothing, and allows goons to stay close if she ever hired any.

The one for storage, #10701001, is currently equipped with a crate of molotovs, beyonets, batons, and a single bolt action rifle, as well as a heavy vault inset into the wall on one side, capable of carrying a few wooden crates of supplies.

  • Notes = Provides room for six to live 'comfortably'

Skills and Specializations

  • Intimate knowledge on how to operate a wide variety of rail vehicles
  • Knows the local railways, old and new, inside and out
  • Adept at repairing trains, even without her tinker power
  • Public Speaking
  • Throwing improvised weapons
  • Carpentry
  • Improvised survival
  • Painting
  • Speaking a variation of German. Not truly 'proper' but passable and full of slang terms


Priscilla is a jovial, caring, hard-working soul. She cares about the poor and working class. She tells awful puns and cracks jokes almost nonstop. This joviality, however, stops when she sees abuse, especially abuse by those who have the funds and ability to make changes. Would happily throw a brick through a billionaire’s empty skull. She sees the rail workers in the Devilfish area as family and would happily die, or kill, for them.


Trigger Type: Single Natural, Waivered

C.C. is a Tinker focused on building, upgrading, and maintaining any vehicle that could be considered a train or be necessary to the function of a train.

She is also able to produce a few tools that allow her to work on tains or rail lines, but these are fairly limited in nature. Tools like rail spike launchers, basic exosuits for moving heavy parts, etc.

As examples of what she can create, below are a few ideas that are possible

  • A carriage that lays hard light tracks to allow the train behind it to travel as it pleases
  • A drill that allows a tunnel to be dug in front of the train
  • Upgraded wheels that allow the carriage under it to levitate
  • A road based engine on treads allowing for all terrain travel
  • A car that can open a single, temporary portal once every 30 minutes allowing the train to pass to a far off place immediately.
  • A mine lift attached to a wire to continually haul full buckets of ore out of a pit.


Pricilla is a rail rat. Always has been. Her father was an engineer, her mother a signalman, and her family has worked for the railroads for generations. She had always been fascinated by the heavy machinery, the logistics of it all, how everything fits together. At the age of 16, with her parent’s help, she opened up her own repair garage near Devilfish where she would work under her father’s tutelage learning how to fix up trains.

After her parents' deaths, she was thankfully self-sustaining. Sadly, as she is technically a business owner, she is not able to hold a union card, but over time, she grows to be a respected figure to the union presence in the Devilfish area due to her familial connections to the rest of the RWU. At the age of 23 the BNSF company announces that they are going to be raising hours, while getting rid of many benefits. The Union immediately gets upset about this and talks start immediately. Priscilla is one of the non-union members to be pushing back on this, fighting doggedly for the workers, and the memories of her parents, to be respected.

Priscilla fights and struggles for years, losing business from BNSF in the process, trying her best to make the company see reason. She starts to get threats of foreclosure on her business. She’s forever blackbooked to the rail companies. Yet she puts her everything into this fight. She feels it’s worth it. The rail workers rally around her, seeing the sacrifices she’s making, seeing how she hits her head against a brick wall over and over, looking for a way to make people see reason. At the age of 26 escalations eventually lead to threats of strikes turning to mobilization…all with Priscilla being one of the loudest voices in the crowd, standing arm in arm with her fellow workers. The Federal courts rule that their strike is illegal. BNSF starts hiring scabs. Pinkertons start to be seen in Devilfish Minnesota. Despite all this, Priscilla keeps to the front of the Picket, ready to fight tooth and nail for what she wants.

All of her work proves for naught. When the Pinkertons arrive in town rumors suddenly start to spread about her family. The courts start investigating her and charges are laid against her for inciting unrest. At the start the union supports her, cries out for a mistrial, and tries to help. But as time goes on, public opinion shifts, the court rules against her, and so the union, despite their love for her and the closeness she has with the rail workers, asks her to stop striking with them for fear of public backlash. Without her, the union finally folds, and everything she sacrificed for nothing.

Broke, a mountain of problems she can’t fix, and the memory of her family to the wider public in shambles, she finally breaks.