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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/Magos_Nashoid (capes)
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Found Family (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker 0, Trump 0
Status NPC
Other names Wulfric, Mister Sigmond
Reddit Sheet
Blu C | Duelist A$ | Packrat D+ | Phalanx A | Vigor C-

Wulfric Sigmond, child of the public capes Huginn and Muninn, disfigured in the attack on their family estate that ended the lives of his parents.

Wulfric would go on to inherit his families small fortune, and go on to become a bit of an oddity, while he himself never triggered despite having two parahuman parents, Wulfric has gone on to adopt other second-gens who were similarly orphaned.

Character Sheet


The majority of the Wulfrics face has been eaten away by a mix of chemical and heat burns, he elects to wear facial prosthetics, of which he owns a couple different ones, his favorite being a helmet with a retro-futurism aesthetic.

His left arm has been amputated about four inches above the elbow, he has a number of prosthetics but in recent years has begun using one from Equinox, whom he quite pleased with, and endorses heavily.

While he has less drastic burns across his body, none are as significant, and he is quite fit, keeping to a modified version of the exercise and diet routine that his parents used to use to stay in shape for cape activities.

He tends to dress well, suits, vests, nice jackets and coats. He carries a cane with him that he uses to support his knee that while healed after an injury, never healed quite right and occasionally flares up.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 9

A bit of Old Money, and a lot of New Money.

Wulfric's Father was no slouch at investing his already significant assets, meaning that by the time Wulfric was of age to inherit his Father's estate in full, Wulfric could be described as 'well off' if you were being humble, and 'fucking loaded' if you were being honest.

Much of his fortune is tied up in stocks and investment portfolios, but Wulfric has enough to easily support himself, his adopted children, the relatives that had taken him in following his parents passing, with enough left over for philanthropy, and personal buisness endeavors.

Several Vehicles, and a newly purchased, renovated, and furbished estate

  • Facial Prosthetic/Mask/Helmet
  • Equinox Arm Prosthetic
  • Fancy/Durable Smart Phone
  • Pepper spray
  • Taser (Jabby Kind)
  • Heavy Steel Cane
  • $$$ Cash $$$ Money $$$

Skills and Specializations

  • Fluent in English, Norwegian and Swedish.
  • Good but fairly Rusty Hand-to-Hand training.
  • Acquainted with firing handguns and shotguns, though by no means a sharpshooter, mostly enough for home/self defense at best.
  • Knows the Ins and Outs of how to manage his fortune.
  • Good understanding of Investments/Stocks and Legalese, though usually relies of the best Lawyers and Investment Specialists he can obtain.
  • Well read on Parahuman psychology, something he continues to follow up on as new papers are released by various scientific institutions.
  • Passable Horseback riding.
  • Exceptional at traversing the world one-handed, a skill acquired prior to his more advanced prosthetics being available, seeing as sometimes forgo the simple prosthetics entirely out of frustration.


Wulfric likes to think of himself as a pragmatist, but in reality is actually quite idealistic and nostalgic, he has a soft spot for those in need, and while he's long since resigned himself to being powerless, he had at one point wanted to be a hero like his mother and father.

He cares for his adopted children, and does his best to help them with their individual issues and concerns, he's maybe not the most conventional of father figures, but he does care, and he does try his best to be supportive emotionally.

Wulfric can come off as a bit gruff at times, but not in a derogatory manner, he is just a simple man, looking to do the best he can with what he has available to him, in his case the foremost being, money and parental instincts.

Experiences Phantom Limb pain, and has had minor moments of PTSD around the smell of certain industrial chemicals that remind him of the attack.


Trigger type: Unpowered, but capable of triggering as a second-generation parahuman.

Parents (Huginn and Muninn) were both movers.

Huginn could become intangible and manipulate his own center of gravity, mixed with his lower mass while intangible allowing him flight and phasing through walls/threats.

While Muninn appeared to be a teleporter that was also capable of slow flight, but was actually a speedy flier, that became invisible upon reaching higher speeds.


Born to Wade and Beth Sigmond, Wulfic had an odd childhood, his parents were capes, Huginn and Muninn to quite well-regarded capes in Scandinavia, neither possessing Secret Identities.

Complicated somewhat by his mixed Norwegian-American upbringing, as well as the great Wealth his father had inherited from his own father. Wulfric spent most of his life assuming he'd inherit powers and join his parents as a hero one day.

Those powers never arrived, though he kept up his studies and whatever limited training could be expected of a unpowered teenager. The Sigmond family was not prepared for the reckoning, a group of criminals had launched an attack on the family estate.

Huginn and Muninn did not survive the subsequent fighting, and Wulfric was disabled, disfigured, and orphaned. And despite it all he'd known this was a possibility and had steeled himself enough to hold off any extra-dimensional space shards that thought they had an easy in.

Being sent in the aftermath to live with his Mothers family in America, Wulfric would eventually come of age, and inherit his families financial estate in full.

Huginn was not slouch, a pragmatic man who had made wise investments with the old money he himself had inherited, ensuring that the already wealthy Sigmond family would see dividends, which Wulfric was able to reap the fruits of said labors.

Powerless in the modern sense in a world of superheroes, and yet so so powerful in his own way, Money made the world go round.

Wulfric would continue in his fathers footsteps, investing heavily and strategically, using the wealth granted him to become a bit of a Philanthropist. One with an odd quirk.

It wasn't easy to make the kind of contacts that enabled it, but he managed, he began adopting, orphaned cape-kids weren't exactly a dime a dozen, especially not with groups like the PRT snapping them up like candy, but he would provide a home to those that he so deeply sympathized and related too.

In the end finding himself in an interesting spot. He was by no means a celebrity, though his substantial wealth did not go unnoticed, but the media had consistently made comparisons to old DC and Marvel comics.

It was not entirely without merit for them to be comparing him to Bruce Wayne and his gaggle of adopted crime-fighters, or Professor Xavier mentor to so many powerful yet troubled youths.

In recent years he has purchased, renovated, and move into an estate in rural Minnesota, The state of his Mother's birth, and possibly a new proving ground to help train and raise the troubled children and teens under his care.