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Notoriety Criminal
Author Noman (capes)
Pronouns He/Him
Civilian name Caleb Morris
Alignment Villain
Affiliation The Court (Denver)
Age 22
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Nashoid
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

In costume, Cambion wears a motocross racing suit that he bought secondhand in his hometown. The fabric of the suit is red, and it has built in protective pads that are a hard black plastic polymer, which he has hand painted flames onto.

Cambion also went through and either used dye or additional fabric to cover any corporate logos on the suit. He wears a pair of black combat boots, as well as a black spherical motorcycle helmet which has a detachable face mask, as well as black goggles, ultimately leaving his entire face covered.

He was also able to find a pair of glowing red decorative devil horns which he has attached to the sides of his helmet to give him a cheeky sort of devil look."

Civilian Appearance

Caleb is a young man, 22 years old, though he could easily be mistaken for an older teenager. He stands around 5’9” and has a slender build, weighing roughly 145 lbs. He has a fair complexion, auburn hair cut in a sort of messy faux hawk, and the beginnings of what could potentially be a goatee.

Out of costume he typically has a sort of grungy, Nirvana cover band sort of look, often wearing jeans, boots, a tshirt and flannel shirt, or maybe a Hawaiian shirt if the weather is nice.


Caleb is at a weird place in his life right now. He has very recently lost someone, someone who’s relationship he had kind of based his identity on. He is attempting to sort of start anew with a clean slate in a new town. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean change for the better. Because Caleb is now removed from anybody in his old life, he doesn’t have to adjust himself. And ever since gaining his power, Caleb has sort of become a little more erratic in terms of personality and mood.

He seems to go from happy go lucky and carefree to stoic and serious, and then back to carefree again, all in the span of a few minutes. Because his power gives him a near constant companion who never really leaves him, Caleb seems less interested in forming true bonds with other people.

All in all it seems like he has become more independent, but also slightly detached from others. His social awareness is still there, he just doesn’t care about maintaining relationships as much and doesn’t go through the pleasantries to do such, and he freely expresses his rapidly shifting moods without fear of the impact it will have.

Skills & Training

  • A wide array of eclectic knowledge, some of which can be helpful but most of which is trivial
  • A limited knowledge on street level drug dealing
  • Amateur level gymnastic/parkour ability
  • A few weeks of MMA training via the internet, plus the few things he remembers from taking taekwondo in the first grade.

Resources & Wealth

Roughly $2700, and a rundown apartment with only one room to serve as bedroom, living room, and kitchen, and a small bathroom.

Equipment & Gear

  • Suit and motorcycle helmet
  • Prepaid cellphone
  • Laptop computer
  • Handheld stun-gun
  • Folding pocket knife
  • Metal staff, fashioned from the long handle of a paint roller

Parahuman Power

Cambion has a minion which he has named Gremlin that, when not active (or “sleeping” as Cambion says), will burrow into Cambion’s chest, disappearing once it gets past the skin. When he wants him to come out, Cambion can summon him and Gremlin will come burrowing his way out again.

Gremlin is about 5 inches tall and looks like a monkey crossed with a traditional demon/devil or an imp from d&d. He has dark red leathery skin with patches of sparse silvery hair, claws, horns sprouting from the sides of his head, a prehensile tail with a pointed spade shaped tip, and bat-like wings sprouting from his shoulders.

Cambion maintains partial control over Gremlin. He has a telepathic link with Gremlin where he can send him orders and sense things from him, such as stress level, physical well-being, and sometimes what actions Gremlin is taking. However, Gremlin only listens about as well as a partially trained puppy or an attitude filled toddler. He will more often than not do as he is told, but sometimes it takes a few times telling him and sometimes he flat out refuses, throwing a fit.

Gremlin is able to cough up sparks and embers which spread after landing on objects or areas. The vomit that Gremlin hacks up can burn or melt through nearly all but the strongest of substances (If it’s something flammable it will probably catch on fire, if it is something else like metal or stone it will just melt and smolder and smoke).

As the embers spread and the object quickly begins to smolder and burn, the object or area of the environment will begin to release a dark smoke. When Cambion comes in contact with the smoke he soaks it up like a sponge, and this will cause Cambion to experience a minor boost in strength, speed, and stamina. The more smoke he absorbs, the greater the boosts are. At his maximum Cambion will be strong enough to flip a small sedan on its side, and sprint at a speed over 25 mph. He can even heal some very minor wounds if he absorbs enough smoke, and make severe wounds not quite as bad as they would be.

When Cambion has Gremlin crawl back into his chest, the objects he has caused to burn will quickly extinguish and Cambion will almost immediately lose his increased strength and speed. If Gremlin is killed or mortally wounded, he will crumble into a pile of embers, and will reform in Cambion’s chest over the span of a few minutes (in this case the fires/embers will go out and Cambion will lose his boosts).

While Gremlin is surprisingly strong and durable for his size, he is still subject to harm, to the point that even a human at baseline strength could potentially kill him if they got a good grip on him or got him in a corner.

Background & Trigger

Caleb always had a tumultuous life at home and never really connected with his family. He did well in school, but faced constant pressure from his mother for academic perfection. His mother who had issues with mental illness. His abusive stepfather didn’t help the situation. Caleb’s saving grace was when he began dating Amy.

Amy gave Caleb a reason to be happy. She gave him stability. A normal person, who he could have a healthy relationship with. Caleb was more than happy to spend all of his time with Amy, because it gave him an excuse not to deal with his issues at home. For a year, Caleb and Amy had a great relationship. But then, it was time for Amy to go off to college. Caleb’s family didn’t have a lot of money, so he was going to be staying home for two years to take community college classes and work. But he and Amy were sure that they could make the distance work, after all her college was only a few hours away from home.

However, almost immediately after Amy left, Caleb began to fall apart. Without her there, he had nothing else in his life to keep him from what felt like drowning in a sea of issues. But even worse, an ugly side of Caleb that hadn’t been seen before started to emerge. His feelings of anxiety towards his regular life became confused, and he diverted that anxiety into paranoia over his relationship. Caleb began to become more and more convinced that Amy would meet someone else and leave him, or simply get tired of him and realize he wasn’t that special. He was sure that she would find someone better than him.

Caleb started being uncharacteristically insecure. He wanted to always know where Amy was, where she would be, who she would be with. He became controlling, telling her that he didn’t want her to do certain things or go certain places, and he would get very upset if he tried to contact her and got no answer. But in Caleb’s mind he needed to do it, because if not he would lose Amy, and lose what he felt to be the one bright light in his life.

Instead, Caleb drove Amy away. His insecurity and fear became too much for Amy to handle, and she had become miserable. She ended the relationship, rightfully so, and on the night that she drove all the way home, hours from school, to tell Caleb face to face that she couldn’t do it anymore, he was broken. Through the anger and the shock it took Caleb a few moments to fully digest everything Amy had said to him. As he watched her drive away into the night, he finally realized that his overwhelming fear of losing the person he had burdened all of his happiness upon was the very thing that had taken her away from him. And with that realization Caleb began to feint, and as he blacked out he got just the faintest glimpse of the strangest visions.

After he realized he had gained a power, Caleb made the decision to make a new life for himself in a completely different area. He felt like there was nothing left for him really back home. Caleb scraped together every bit of his savings from his past few years of working in restaurant kitchens. After he bought his suit and helmet, and a bus ticket to Denver, he had about $3700 to his name. Caleb made his way to Denver, and after a few nights spent sleeping in the bus station Caleb managed to find an apartment, albeit a shitty one. After a security deposit and first month rent costing him about $1000 in total, Caleb was finally ready to settle in Denver. But he’d need to start figuring out how to make money soon, because $2700 won’t last him long at all.

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