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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Much_Howl (capes)
Civilian name Victor Atwood
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker (Brute, Striker, Master)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Victor Atwood is a very well-connected man. Hailing from an absurdly rich family with a history older than Ashton itself and roots stretching back all the way to British nobility, he and his family are prominent figureheads among Ashton’s social and wealthy elites.

His cape identity, Caedes, is not as of yet known.

Character Sheet


Standing tall with an athletic physique, the impeccably well-groomed Victor presents himself exceptionally well in public. Head held high, he is easily poised, dignified, and (whether intentionally or not) seems to suffuse an air of arrogance about him.

Victor’s cape identity, Caedes, combines a stylish cut and functionality in an intimidating mix of a heavy padded trench coat, fully functional gas mask, and ornate rapier. A combination of protective padding lining his coat and a cocktail of biotinker steroids gives him a bulkier and more imposing stature, making him bigger, taller, and stronger than he has any right to be.


Like many tinkers do, Victor holds an intense pride in his work. In fact, he seems to think of himself as an artist of sorts, and thinks of his creations as art - and some as masterpieces even. Thus, like many artists, he is also incredibly pretentious about this 'art', though he pushes this elitist attitude to the point of neurosis. He has little patience nor appreciation for the works and opinions of others, putting him easily at odds with other tinkers. Despite his arrogance and burning desire to meticulously perfect his craft, Victor is nonetheless adventurous in his endeavours, willing to indulge his morbid creativity to explore flaws and strengths. One must break a few eggs to make an omelet, after all...

Equipment and Resources

A fully functional gas mask and air supply as part of his outfit, a padded trench coat, hypodermic needles filled with questionably legal sedatives, an ornate heirloom rapier, a hunting rifle equipped with regular and non lethal ammunition.

Skills and Specializations

Besides the usual gamut of haute-classe courses drilled in daily on finances, social etiquette and the like, Victor’s more practical skills include proficient marksmanship, fencing, and a keen eye for detail.


Resource tinker specializing in the synthesis and reapplication of biomass.

Trigger type: Coven Trigger