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BB visual in progress!
Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/fungalstruggle (capes)
Civilian name Galilee "Lily" Packer
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Ashton)
Born (2004-10-10) October 10, 2004 (age 18)
Fossil, Oregon, USA
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

From her public profile, it is know that Busy-Bee is a changer/master able to create insects. Since she's a new ward, not much of the nuance is known as of yet. From her appearances so far, it's apparent she's intensely shy, and doesn't like interacting with media.

Character Sheet


Lily is a somewhat full-figured 5'7 girl with gently curling brown hair to the shoulders and warm brown eyes. She moves with a restrained and delicate manner, as though she might break something by touching it, and she has a pale complexion. She has soft facial features and a slightly heavy build. She almost always wears an ankle-length skirt and long, elaborate socks hidden under it - along with a plain grey hoodie. She wears rectangle glasses with thick black frames, as she can't quite see clearly past 10 or so feet without them.

Equipment and Resources

  • Hero Costume: A polymer bodysuit covered in tiny hatches and flaps. These openings are surrounded by small yellow hexagons, giving the appearance of a sort of "neo or digital honeycomb" that's bright compared to the surrounding dark polymer. The hexagons run up the back of her legs, over her back, and over the outside of her upper arm and the entirety of her forearm. Her gloves are dark grey with yellow fingers. She has a yellow and black striped vest, along with a belt with a hexagonal buckle. Her helmet is smooth and round, sort of like a motorcycle helmet sans visor (which is instead covered by just more helmet), and has a design of a cartoonish wasp face. The base color of this helmet is yellow, with the design having the rest of the color in it.
  • Bee is always equipped with emergency meds in case she overblows something, or harms someone allergic to stings.

Skills and Specializations

  • Lily is quite good at keeping her mouth shut, and fading into the background of situations.
  • She works well under stress, with mental breakdowns in the field producing some of her best exploits.
  • She's also a quite good cook, having studied under her mother for a good deal of time.


Lily is incredibly shy, and will break down easily in social situations. She does her best to not talk to people, especially people her age and especially girls. Despite this, she still has an ingrained desire to help out, and still thinks of people as people rather than annoyances. Her overall manner is coated with a thick psychological shell and hard to examine from how little she interacts.


"Living Hive" (Changer/Master/Breaker)

User's outer arms and legs, as well as their upper back, are lined honeycomb-like scar tissue, which remains dormant/closed when the power is not in use. When activated, those portions of the body convert into a waxy honeycomb, with a thin membrane over the top of it. Inside lies a large internal space filled with these combs, which are capable of growing and supporting eusocial insects (eg: eusocial wasps, bees, ants, and termites). This space is generated by an always-on breaker state with effects just beneath the skin, and still counts as being technically inside the body. User shares a connection with the bugs that descend from those grown inside of their body, being able to control them mentally so long as they're within 300ft. This control is somewhat clunky, as the user maintains awareness only "verbally" with groups of their bugs (like a mental phone call of sorts). Outside of this range, or when not being directly controlled, the bugs act as they might if they were natural - retrieving resources such as pollen for their hive, stinging/biting things that bother them, chewing on wood, et cetera. They may be recalled at will.

Within the colony is a single queen - a seeming hybrid of a large wasp and a bee, being roughly the size of a palm. It is responsible for the production of eggs that fuel the colony's population, the type of which currently being produced is selected by the user. A new queen is produced each month, prompting a fight to the death between the two extant queens, or simply replacing the queen if it already died before then. Without a queen, the colony does not reproduce, and quickly loses members. The power becomes far weaker, and must take time to recuperate.

The functions of these insects are overclocked somewhat while they're in the 300ft range. While they do not move or operate faster, they are more efficient. Honey requires far less pollen to make effectively, termites chew through most woods like a splash of acid, wasps exterminate other insects more easily.

While commanding bugs, it's easy for her to space out and become engrossed in the dialogue. While doing this, she goes slightly on autopilot in her own body, as though sleepwalking.

Trigger type Single-Natural


Lily lived a life quite standard for an Oregon Christian girl, in the little tiny town of Fossil. She went to church every Sunday, attended youth seminars, and read the bible like any good Mormon should, and attended the not-so-subtly religious middle and high schools. Everything was fine enough. She'd get home from school, and mom would be waiting in the kitchen to talk about her school day and all the good things that were going on at the moment, then Lily would do her homework and help make dinner for when her father came home from work. It was small, but idyllic in a way. Most people in the town knew each other, which ensured Lily had a healthy circle of friends.

However, she found herself thinking of strange things as she got into high school. What was normally just talking with one of her best friends on the whole Earth, Sariah, became something different. Lily's heart throbbed when she saw her friend, even more when they talked or when Sariah complimented her on her outfit or what she had done with her hair. She even got nervous, and her palms would sweat sometimes. It was all confusion, until she really began understanding halfway through her freshman year. She was in love.

Two days later, as the pair was walking home together, having lived on the same street for as long as either could remember, Lily stopped walking. Sariah faced her, wondering what was about to happen. Lily confessed. It was shaky, but it was heartfelt.

Sariah sprinted off down the street with a hand over her mouth.

Lily came home with a defeated expression, and told her mom about how she was longing for someone, leaving out the part about how it was Sariah Campbell from down the street and not a boy like her mom would've assumed. They spent the time chopping vegetables listening to the radio.

Lily came to school the next day expecting nothing to be different, except for relations between Sariah and her. To her surprise, nobody approached her at all. Rooms and hallways were their normal buzz, but nobody even seemed to notice or care about her. Lily felt eyes on her when she passed every now and again, but even when she attempted to speak with another member of the student body, they'd just glare and turn away. It was a hard day at school, mainly spent bawling her eyes out in the bathroom after third block, trying to cope with her new position as outcast. It was a long way from her previous position as a respectably high-rank member of school society. She used to be one of the bees attending the queen and her young, and now she was a drone left on the ground.

When she came home, neither her mom nor her dad were there. It was utter silence, with not even the radio daring to speak a word. She did her homework, then tried to distract herself from the lack of people by reading, but it didn't work. There was a nigh-palpable tension in the room, the tension of nothingness, of a vacuum wanting so desperately to be filled. Tears streamed out of her eyes, staining the pages of George Orwell's 1984.

Likewise, bees streamed out of her skin.

It wasn't until ten o'clock that night that her parents came home from having dinner out and a long, stressful chat about what they were going to do. They came home to a living room swarming with insects with their "faggot" daughter lying in the center, face down with holes in her body. As far as anyone in Fossil knew, it was the work of Satan.

The Packer family could no longer operate in Fossil. Everywhere any of them went, their reputation preceded them. With contempt for their "cursed" daughter, Lily's parents moved along with her to a whole other part of the state, a city named Pheonix in Jackson County, under the pretense of getting her some help with her "ailments".

However, before the reverends came in, Lily proposed a better idea. They could just get rid of her. How? By sending her over to Ashton to join those odd PRT folk as a Ward. Promptly, she was applied and sent off, to the infinite relief of her mother and father.

Out of her small-town element and weighed with shame, Busy-Bee did not turn out to be the most social of wards.