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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/ALargeHairyDerp (capes)
Civilian name Simon Nand
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute (Striker)
Born (1991-02-22) February 22, 1991 (age 32)
St. Paul, Minnesota
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Ammonite C | Cruach D- | Phix C*

Buckler has stopped a few muggings and the like here and there, and cooperated with the PRT to apprehend villains on occasion, but is mostly completely unknown, security camera and cell phone video can be found of these events, but there isn’t much of it. Some speculation has been made on PHO as to the nature of his power, his motives, etc., but again, not much is known.

He hasn't been seen in Ashton for some time, and an individual matching his general description has been spotted on occasion in Devilfish as of late, though reports are unreliable, mostly consisting of shaky videos from cell phones and general speculation.

Character Sheet


Civilian: he is in excellent shape, and usually wears cargo pants and T-shirts when not in work attire. He stands at about 5’11”, with messy black hair, a moustache, a beard, and grey eyes.

Cape: he wears a black bodysuit with padding on the joints and placed on other important sopts, along with a simple mask, which fully covers his face, with only holes for the eyes, all is stylized with scale-like green patterns, with the forearms, lower legs, and mask being covered in swirling patterns of the same color. As his power activates, and he ramps further, scales and larger plates of a highly durable black material form over his suit, providing decent protection without hampering mobility, his field coating his form in what appears to be ghostly green flames.

Equipment and Resources

  • He has an apartment in Devilfish, and works at a small, but well liked restaurant as a cook during the day. He supplements his standard income with some cash looted from drug busts, muggers, and the like.
  • Civilian:
    • Standard Home Furniture, appliances and such
    • A cell phone
    • A Laptop
    • A rather old, but still functional car
  • Cape:
    • Hand held taser
    • Costume (black bodysuit with a green scale and whispy pattern, some protection, padding at the joints, a full face mask, and Pockets for gear)
    • Throwing knives, some blunted, others sharp
    • Harness for throwing knives, in the same pattern as costume, and worn over it
    • Pepper spray
    • Zip ties
  • Wealth level: 5

Skills and Specializations

  • Excellent Cook
  • Boxing/Hand to Hand Fighting/Martial Arts
  • Beginning Writer
  • Tactics
  • Harmonica
  • Knife Throwing


Simon seems like a pretty normal person, if a little quiet, though in reality he is deeply scarred by the circumstances of his trigger event and his experience has led to long lasting paranoia and mistrust of others. He doesn't have any close friends, as he moved to Devilfish recently, and has kept all those he knows at a safe distance, though he does interact in a friendly manner with his co-workers.


Power: Disintegration Field Fueled Brute

Trigger type: Single Natural, can Second Trigger

Buckler can coat his body (or individual parts of it) in a field, appearing as ghostly green flames, which disintegrates all that it touches (at a speed of about 1.5 cubic centimeters per 10 seconds, on each cubic cm of the field, meaning if fully coated in the field, and fully submerged in substance, he would disintegrate something like 25 liters in a 10 second period) he has decently fine control over this field, preventing it from making him sink into the ground, or from eating away his clothes, and enabling finer manipulations with concentration. The field is Manton limited, only disintegrating inorganic matter, though it does provide some haptic feedback, tingling and tickling slightly when touched.

  • The amount of matter disintegrated fuels ramping brute benefits:
    • The formation of a set of black armor composed of scales and larger plates, which is strong enough to withstand most low caliber bullets, but light and flexible to a degree that does not hamper movement. He has a degree of control over how this armor is formed as it generates, allowing him to make aesthetic decisions, form it over his costume, and retain access to his gear while it is present.
    • Regeneration which is fast enough to close small surface level wounds in seconds, and larger, deeper wounds in minutes. Extreme damage, or damage to a complex structure (organs, eyes, etc.) takes longer to heal, depending on the severity of the injury and the amount of matter he is disintegrating.
    • A ramping increase in strength and stamina, up to a hard limit, at this limit, he can lift up to about a large car, and can continue fighting/moving without tiring significantly for hours without breaks. Upon the formation of the full coating of armor, and the reaching of the cap in strength and stamina, regeneration speed increases steadily.

To hit the point where armor is fully formed, and strength/stamina has reached its cap takes variable amounts of time depending on how much is being disintegrated, taking about 20 minutes to fully ramp in an environment which doesn't provide much (such as walking the street while on patrol), and about 8 to 12 minutes in a more enclosed space with more material readily available (inside buildings, alleyways filled with trash).

The field is extremely heat sensitive, speed and control slipping at higher temperatures, proportional to how high the temperature is, this not only affects the field, but the benefits it provides as well, causing armor to crumble, regeneration to slow, and strength/stamina to decrease back to baseline. This begins to take place at around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, with a slight wavering in control and slowing in ramping, and scales linearly from there.

If Buckler turns the field off, any armor will slowly crumble away over the course of a few minutes, and regeneration will slowly peter out, though he does retain a boost to strength and stamina while the field is inactive, with those benefits fading back to around around the point where he could lift a refrigerator without too much trouble, and maintain high activity for an hour without issue while the field is inactive.

His regeneration, as with most, seeks to return him to an optimal state. As such, spending 15 minutes with his regeneration active during a period of low activity (walking/sitting, not running around or fighting) can effectively supplement 2 hours of sleep.


Simon had a pretty good thing going, he had recently finished college, and was now working at what was basically his dream job, a large, fancy restaurant in a wealthy city, his pay was good, and it seemed that one of the other chefs had an interest in him. They hit it off, going on a few dates, and things were great, then they decided to move in together. Everything changed after that, she became demeaning, controlling, and abusive, lording her better position at work over him, beating him for the slightest perceived infraction, making him doubt his own abilities, the whole nine yards. Eventually, it got to be too much, and he decided to end it all, taking the toaster, he stripped down and filled the bathtub, taking in the wreck of his bruised and scarred body, he plugged it in, climbed in the tub, and let it drop, however, the voltage wasn't high enough to kill him immediately, as he writhed in agony, the electricity coursing through him, he triggered. Shortly after his trigger event, he managed to escape, cutting all ties and moving to Ashton to start over. having had little success in Ashton, but getting areal taste for the cape scene, he moved to greener pastures, hoping to ride the growing success of Devilfish.