Briar Patch

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Briar Patch
Briar patch 2.JPG
Briar Patch at approximately half his maximum size
Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author /u/Magos_Nashoid (capes)
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute, Mover
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Blu C | Duelist A$ | Packrat D+ | Phalanx A | Vigor C-

The first sightings of the individual who would later be dubbed ‘Briar Patch’ was by a youtuber named Basement_Baphomet, who posted a series of videos of his encounters with the parahuman (at the time believed to be a supernatural or cryptozoological creature) (gonna post a lore post of these encounters later)

After an encounter with local law enforcement, it seems that Briar patch has changed to a more nomadic lifestyle, often stealing from rural homes, farms, and even a Ranger station to survive.

Character Sheet


Briar Patch is a creature of variable size, consisting of a mass of prehensile black-gray vines. They tend to prefer to move around as a quadruped due to the unwieldy nature of its form, although it can rearrange itself to function as a biped.

Briar patch has been observed using the skulls of various animals, as a cross between a mask and a puppet, opening and closing the jaw bones manually with its vines in-sync with its own voice.


Briar patch is pragmatic above all else. He recognizes that his existence is unusual, he is an outlier, the world is not designed for the likes of him. Regardless he intends to flourish. His standards of living are odd, enjoying a rustic lifestyle, finding himself content with the simple things, the smell of fresh air, the sound of birds, and the starry sky at night.

His favorite Book is Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, having taken the novel (among other things) from a farmers storage shed. He enjoys wood carving, often leaving small trinkets people as payment for the things he takes, he knows it's not a particularly fair-trade, but it alleves whatever guilt he feels for stealing odds and ends from people.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth: 2 Briar patch only has about 200 dollars USD in small bills.

His personal belongings consist of the following:

  • a set of makeshift wood working tools
  • a collection of animal skulls (Coyote, Goat, Horse, Black Bear, Cougar.)
  • a few assorted novels (Hatchet, Redwall, The Hobbit, Robinson Crusoe, Black Beauty)
  • a brass wind-up music box
  • a number of animal pelts.
  • Sewing kit
  • assorted canned meats
  • Odds and ends (Can opener, Travel Lantern, spare batteries, etc)

(Briar patch carries all these things in a number of waterproof travel bags (having previously used a tarp))

Skills and Specializations

  • Wood carving
  • Climbing
  • Digging
  • American Sign Language
  • Spanish

Altered Biology

Briar patch is a mass of black-grey prehensile vines, with a core that contains a Brain-like structure, as well as a form of digestive system.

Other than its odd coloration, and prehensile nature, the vines are similar to naturally occurring vines, or perhaps the more flexible branches of a tree sapling. individual vines can extend up to 3 meters at max length. Individual vines can lift about 5lbs on their own.

The core resembles a basketball sized orb, armored with dense Hard-wood . The only opening on the Core is a small mouth filled with razor sharp teeth.

While not possessing any external eyes, Briar patch’s core emulates this function, its line of sight supernaturally unimpeded by its own vines being in the way. This uses a normal human cone of vision (front facing eyes - on the same side as his mouth)

Briar patch is strictly carnivorous,as any plant matter it consumes is absorbed by its power instead of being used for nutrients. Briar patch can eat raw meat, but prefers seasoned and cooked meat.

Briar patch is biologically akin to a plant, than anything remotely resembling a human, but is considered human to powers that only affect humans, and is considered a plant for powers that only affect plants.

Briar Patch is a hardy creature, and isn't particularly bothered by harsh weather conditions. Briar patch can survive periods underwater, as he can hold his breath up to 30 minutes.

Breathes C02 and oxygen, depending on his sleep cycle.


Trigger type Coven (c53)

Briar Patch has a striker-based regeneration ability capable of instantly absorbing any plant matter that comes into contact with its core or vines, to fuel its regeneration. This is a 1:1 ratio of matter absorbed = matter regenerated/added

Assuming that Briar patch is undamaged, any additional plant matter absorbed simply increases his size, until it reaches a maximum size. (Briar can shed vines from its mass at will)

At his smallest (Excluding a situation where he is stripped of all vines) Briar patch is just barely capable of carrying its core using 4 rudimentary limbs made of entangled vines, and is about the size, strength, and speed of a Medium sized dog (chonky beagle).

A his max size, Briar patch is a dense mass of vines, about the size of a Hummer, and capable of moving about as fast as a Grizzly bear (35mph) and can lift slightly less than a Grizzly bear at 450kg (990lbs)


Briar patch's exact appearance is variable, but tend to have the same mound-like shape