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Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/Beauf5 (capes)
Civilian name Walter Wilkernshire
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Unknown)
PRT ClassificationChanger Brute, Master, Shaker
Born (2000-03-04) March 4, 2000 (age 23)
Ashton, Washington
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

There have only been a few accounts of Bonezone being witnessed in action, but very little power usage has been observed. Most eye-witness accounts usually follow the same trend: a man in a skull bandana with spikes made out of bone coming out of him can be seen running from two other caped pursuers of unknown identity.

Character Sheet


A big guy with well defined muscles and very athletic build, usually rocks a brown haired buzz cut and dark/discrete clothing. He has blue eyes and is relatively attractive. In costume well...not much changes. He wears a bandana with a skull face printed on it and black tinted goggles around his eyes. Additionally, he wears a thin black, long-sleeve t-shirt and black jeans for full skin coverage.

Equipment and Resources

  • Flashbang
  • Smoke grenades
  • Knuckle dusters
  • Burner phone
  • Backpack filled with spare clothes for when his power inevitably wrecks whatever he's wearing upon activation.

Skills and Specializations

  • Knows how to fire a gun, mediocre aim.
  • Highly skilled in parkour and used to run track in high school.
  • Skilled martial artist, can throw a mean left hook.
  • Skinny but thanks to long legs can run super fast, nothing superhuman but certainly noteworthy.
  • Decent lock-picking skills from a rebellious youth.
  • His hobby is amateur photography.
  • Menacing appearance and intimidation tactics which he learnt during his brief side-job as a nightclub bouncer.


"All bark and no bite" is Walter Wilkenshire's way of life. Ever since some bad experiences as a kid he's suffered from severe cowardice, shying away from any situation that looked like it might be a threat. He never goes into a situation without knowing every possible detail that could end up being dangerous. He also tends to use scare tactics and threatens people with his menacing appearance in order to avoid conflict if need be, however he will crack easily if someone barks back at him.


Changer primary: You can explode into a web of fleshy tendrils and messy appendages from the head down at will. While in this changer form your body is spread across a 15ft radius area and you can anchor your now web-like flesh to any surface available to make a 3-dimensional web of flesh tendrils. Green, bulbous lumps are spread out across your flesh once it's spread out, about 2 lumps every 5 square feet. Once every 2 minutes you can choose to explode again, creating another 15ft radius of fleshy tendrils centered on any one of these green lumps or your head, you cannot spread your body further than a maximum of 90ft from your head.

Eyes, ears, arms, legs, and other body parts are also scattered within the web of flesh and function normally. There are around 2 arms and 2 legs per burst and a set of eyes and ears every five square feet. While in this state you cannot move since your body has been transformed into a web of flesh and is rooted into the ground and other surfaces. It takes about 2 minutes per 15ft radius of flesh to revert back your original form and you need a minimum of a 15ft radius of flesh to revert back to human form. While in this state, damage to your body is mostly meaningless as you cannot feel pain and your body is entirely comprised of redundant systems. Meaning large portions of your body could be completely obliterated, but as long as the head remains you won't die or suffer from negative effects that would normally occur from fatal injuries. You lose the ability to control parts of your body that have been severed or isolated from the rest of your body. Severed parts flail and kick at random, sensory organs give back fuzzy or incomplete feedback.

Brute Secondary: Razor sharp spikes and hooks made out of bone are spread out across your transformed body like thorns in a rosebush. Harming anyone who tries to move through you and arming your various limbs with natural weapons made out of bone. Additionally you can encase small portions of your body in a bone shell in order to protect key areas. The act of growing and detaching bone growths from your person is quite exhausting and repeated use without rest will result in extreme fatigue. This bone spike growth and shell generation works outside of your fully transformed state as well. Bone growths are the same strength as regular bones, so if you were to make a shell around your head, it would essentially be a second skull.

Master Secondary: If a green lump is in any way disturbed before you pop it manually, it bursts, releasing a small cloud of spores within a 5ft area centered on the lump. Any creature that inhales these spores will feel a mild sense of anxiety and fear towards you. This effect stacks, for example: inhaling a single cloud of spores would be 25% power (minor anxiety and fear), another would be 50% (moderate anxiety and fear), then another would be 75% (intense anxiety and fear) then 100% (Tiny constipated pieces of poop are shooting out of your asshole)


In a desperate attempt to overcome his cowardice, he started taking martial-arts classes and worked out frequently every week. This boost to self confidence lasted for awhile, made him think that because he was big and strong now that people would leave him alone and he wouldn't actually have to use all the things he learned in his martial arts classes. He eventually developed some self-confidence by the end of his high-school career and pursued a path as a security guard and moved out of Ashton, only to come back once the quarantine began as one of the security members keeping people inside the city. It was at this time he got the call from his old high-school buddies that were still trapped in the quarantine and the events of his trigger took place. Immediately after the trigger, he ran as fast as he could from the scene. Unfortunately he ran straight into the quarantined zone instead of out of it like an idiot, so now he's trapped in the city with two people who will stop at nothing to see his head put on a stick.