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Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author /u/amassmanytwigs (capes)
Civilian name Jessica Day
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger, Striker, Shaker
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Being an extraordinarily recent trigger, not much is known about Bloom, other than the aftermath of what little power use she's tested. Her power itself is a changer or breaker, with a shaker effect through a striker execution. In civilian guise, she's a twenty-two year old woman named Jessica who has a dead-end job at a fast food place in town. She moved here from a nearby rural community.

Character Sheet


Sitting around five foot five, Jessica is a seemingly typical white girl, other than the fact that she’s slightly underweight- she doesn’t eat much. Brown hair, slightly wavy, not straight. For civilian clothes, she usually dresses for whatever the weather is, whatever’s cheap, and looks vaguely nice. She does, however, always make sure her make-up is on point, despite not committing to an aesthetic.

When she's not transformed and still out caping, her costume consists of a series of plates made with her power, that are so thin that they won’t hold up to much abuse. They’re crudely attached to a sleeveless sweater she doesn’t wear much, and her armor ends at her forearms. Her mask isn’t very human, but it is vaguely shaped like a face of some kind, with a mouse, nose, and eye-holes.

Equipment and Resources

  • A costume
  • Phone
  • An apartment

Skills and Specializations

  • Weaving
  • General hand dexterity
  • Keeping her cool in front of customers


Jessica legitimately buys into the “with great power comes great responsibility” guff from occasional comic books and such she read early on in life- though most of those, of course, were high fantasy. She could just look at the news for superhero stuff. She’s been more distant from her friends, as she tries to push back against how close they’ve become to her, but she hasn’t allowed herself any time to think. Considering things is not her forte- she’s more likely to just keep doing things, no matter whether they’re working or not.

Passive, and easy to convince, not really holding any firm beliefs. Could probably be easily convinced to go villain, hero, or rogue.


The most basic example of Jessica’s power is the fact that she can transform her body into any earth-native plant, though the basic form is an assortment of braided twigs, leaves, and vines. She can partially or completely do this. There are a few benefits to this- while it’s weaker to some forms of harm, near-everything but fire can be actively healed from, if slowly- plants regrowing to reform the limb. This also applies to wounds taken while the plant form is not active on a body part. She can divide her amount of plant matter however she wants- it doesn’t have to be contiguous.

This, arguably, however, is only the delivery method. The far more relevant part of her power is how absolutely devastating it is on a larger scale. By touching a transformed limb to something, she can detach a small portion of her body, which then forms a “clone” in the gardening sense. The larger the original transplant, the faster it can grow, and the slower she heals from it.

At first, the clone sends out roots, undermining the structural integrity of what it’s implanted in. Then, it sends out leaves, breaking the structure apart and finally, it sends out vines, replacing the former structure with an entirely new one. This is possible without a structure to destroy, but is slower, requiring active feeding. She can direct this growth vaguely via mental commands- grow in a specific direction, how fast it should grow, etc. This allows her to only have something start growing when she wants it to.

Buds/clones don't require sunlight, or the actual nutrients required to grow a plant- however, if they're in ideal conditions, it's faster.

There’s no hard limit on the area she can affect- however, the larger an area she wills the roots to spread out to, the longer they’ll take to start growing, and eventually it becomes so slow to move around nutrients that the pace slows down to a days-long crawl.

Due to her limb’s nature in penetrating into the cracks of things, they’re good for scratching and climbing, finding footholds and handholds near-anywhere.


Living the rural life wasn’t so bad, other than that there was nothing to do. So Jessica learned simply to keep talking to people- when she wasn’t helping her parents on the farm, she was out with friends, doing whatever they wanted to do. At the local high school, she wasn’t exactly unpopular, but she wasn’t exactly popular either. She was well-liked enough to be invited to most events, went through them relatively well, had a girlfriend, then a boyfriend, then the same girlfriend again, then decided to split up amicably when she moved out. Which she did, right after completing high school- Devilfish was close, it was fairly big, and she reasoned she could make friends there.

She got a pretty poorly paying job at a fast food place, and together with roommates, she was slowly introduced to various social circles. However, she never made plans of her own. Never really took time to herself, either- it was either work, hanging out with people, partying, or sleeping. And she enjoyed it, or at least thought she did. She had a crush on both Bev and Layla (her roommates) at varying points, then she developed a crush on this guy at a party, and then she met up with him and started spending time with him, and none of this really lead anywhere. She just kept living a life, not really for herself, just partying because that’s all she knew how to do, never recharging.

Eventually, she goes to a party, out in the woods. Bonfire, tons of people, free-flowing drinks. And she drinks, and she drinks, and she drinks. And so does everyone else. When her friends start getting physically close, in a way she couldn’t run away from, couldn’t figure out why she didn’t like, and couldn’t rebuke, she felt profoundly uncomfortable.

The sheer mundanity of it all weighed on her- this wasn’t supposed to be what panic attacks were like, right? Then, she got a notification on her phone. It was simple- she was needed for a shift, now. And she starts panicking, for what her brain tells her is no reason.

And she triggers, and then, she runs home to her apartment, no idea what to do with herself. Might as well become a hero, then. Nothing else to do, not now.