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Blitz Costume.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/Beauf5 (capes)
Civilian name Anna Heintz
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute, Blaster
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Blitz is a well established, experienced Protectorate hero who has been working as a hero for a few years now in other cities. There's a wiki page about her talking about her multiple, yet brief, stays in different major cape cities across America. It is also known that she is a highly durable brute who wields a flail and shield in full plate armor and can also pack a punch using what looks like controlled bursts of lightning.

Character Sheet


Civilian: Anna is a tallish Caucasian woman with long, blonde hair that's been braided into a ponytail behind her head. Due to walking around in full plate armour all day, she has a very muscular build. Her hands are both covered in burn scars that travel all the way across her chest and back.

Cape: Her armor is shaped to elegantly fit her body and her helmet is styled to be birdlike in appearance.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 6 Full time Protectorate hero. She has a salary of about 100k as well as custom gear designed specifically for her using PRT resources.

  • A spiked, metal flail.
  • A one handed metal shield.
  • A two handed metal quarterstaff that can be collapsed down to a smaller size for ease of storage.
  • Cellphone.
  • A pair of handcuffs.
  • Full PRT issue metal plate armor built for her body and gear.

Skills and Specializations

  • Skilled in fighting with a one handed flail and shield.
  • Skilled in fighting with a two handed quarterstaff.
  • Good people skills when not using her power.
  • Always takes care to be aware of her surroundings even when in the middle of battle thanks to her experience as a hero.
  • Is in great physical condition thanks to intense training.
  • An expert in electrical engineering.


A proactive, hardworking woman who is fiercely competitive. She always feels the need to prove that she's better than everyone around her when out in the field. She doesn't work well with others and will often not listen to other people's advice when tackling a problem. There's not much room for compassion in her heart for villains since she views the world as very black and white with little gray area in between. Someone is either good or they are evil, but not both. She believes in responsibility and duty, and that someone should always strive to be better than they were the day before. Because of this she's constantly pushing herself to be better, often failing to meet her own standards and hating herself because of it.


Trigger type: Single Natural

The cape can convert kinetic energy into electrical energy and store said energy within their body. They convert kinetic energy into electric energy and store it in their body whenever two objects collide with each other within a 1 meter radius of them. How much they can convert isn't perfect however, they can only convert and absorb up to 75% of the kinetic energy generated from the impact. This absorption and conversion is a conscious effort on the cape's behalf, which means that while most of the time they will be able to reduce the impact of any attack, surprise attacks will catch them off guard and bypass their impact reduction. They use this electrical energy within their body to fuel the power of their attacks and abilities. The cape can store up to 6 charges within their body before being forced to use their Zap ability to expend it all on whatever they are touching. Charges don't last long and after gaining a charge the cape has only 5 minutes to use it before it dissipates. Different levels of kinetic energy award the cape with different amounts of charge. Below are the different amounts of charge followed with a few examples.

1 Charge: Strike with fist, improvised weapon such as table leg, weak blow with baseball bat, small pieces of flying rubble from distant explosion, fall damage from falling 1-2 stories.

2 Charges: Large club, punches with super strength or power armor, collision from car moving at moderate speed, fall damage from moderate height, shot by a medium caliber gun.

3 Charges: Hit by a train or car on highway, fell off skyscraper, shot by a large caliber gun.

The cape has several different ways to use their stored power including several different special effects

  • Tether(2 charges): The cape can expend a medium amount of energy to shoot out an arc of electricity from their body up to 30ft. It travels at around the speed of an arrow from a bow. Upon contact with a human being, the target of the attack will feel a strong pulling sensation as the arc of electricity pulls them towards the cape. Brutes with enhanced physical strength or are especially heavy (as well as a regular human with good grip strength and is holding onto something sturdy to keep them in place) will be able to resist this pull. The arc only lasts for about 5 seconds before ending. The tether does not actually electrify the target, only pulls them towards the cape.
  • Zap(All charge): The cape can discharge all electricity they have stored up in their body into a single attack, releasing it upon contact with another person or object. This attack can also be channeled through a conductive material like metal if the cape chooses to. To calculate the power of this attack, the more charges the cape has, the greater the power of the attack. For example: 1 charge would be around the power of a static shock, 2 charges would be around the power of a taser, 3 charges would be around the power of mild shock from a power socket, 4 charges would be around the power of touching a power line, 5-6 charges would be around the power of getting struck by lightning. The electrical charge dissipates into a harmless zap after traveling 1m away from the cape.
  • Yoink(1 charge): The cape can expend a small amount of energy within them to pull a medium sized metallic object (like a car door or a metal sledgehammer) up to 30ft of of them towards their person using a kind of pseudo-magnetism. The pull is not that strong but the object being retrieved would move through the air at a speed of about 5ft per second. Its main use is for retrieving thrown, metal items after use.

Charges also come with a negative effect. As the cape stores up more and more energy, their ability to communicate and comprehend language is hampered. For example: while at 4 charges, anything the cape says will be mostly gibberish and words without meaning, meanwhile they would have a hard time understanding the meaning behind what others are trying to say.


Anna used to work as an electrician for a big name electrical company who's job was to repair or maintain broken power lines. One day, a large storm swept through her area and she's sent out to repair as per usual. The problem was that there were a lot of lines to repair and she'd be all on her own. But she pushes through and by the end she's exhausted, but there was still one more line to do. Ignoring the advice of her peers, she pushes herself a little too far. In her exhaustion, she makes a fatal mistake. Forming a connection with her body, the live current of the power lines flows right through her. Not enough to outright kill her, but enough that her muscles locked up. Her flesh begins to cook and all she could think of was the agony. Unable to let go and break the connection, slowly frying within your own skin. She triggered. After that she started working for the protectorate part time, believing it was her duty to use her new power for the greater good. Eventually, she started working for the protectorate full time and hopped from major cape city to city, not staying in one place for too long due to her difficulties working with others.