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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/RelapsingThinker (capes)
Civilian name Fernando Martínez
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Ashton)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


He has light brown skin with hazel brown eyes. His face also supports two dimples and slightly chubby cheeks. His hair is trimmed down the sides while the rest is trimmed down leaving a mess of curls on the top of his head. He stands at 5’10 with a slim and slightly muscular build. His costume is rather simple as it’s just a black cloak,a golden smiling theatre mask, and some rollerblading pads that he wears under his clothes.

Equipment and Resources

He has an acoustic guitar that he bought from a pawn shop. A small pocket knife A wooden harmonica

Skills and Specializations

He is a not too terrible writer. He knows the art of not over cooking hotpockets.


He can be goofy kid who doesn’t take anything serious and tries to make a joke out of everything. It's what he does to deal with most of his problems. He is also a bit of dreamer who finds himself deep into daydreams of fantasy worlds with adventure and love. Fernando isn’t always cheerful as he when he is alone that is where his darker side show a lot more. He is lonely and feel absent from the world around him like he doesn’t have a place and the one thing that holds him to the world takes him away.


His power allows him to create illusions with the use of music. When he applies his power as he plays, he creates a bubble around him that has a radius of 15 yards. Within this bubble he can create a vast set of illusions that can range from subtle to dramatic. Types of subtle illusion would be causing a slight chill in the air or having objects in different places. Types of drastic illusions would be something like having a dragon fall from the heavens to eat his enemies. His illusions are also capable of causing pain but not actually creating real wounds. His illusion do have quite a few flaws. He can make things appear at a distant further than 15 yards ,however; his range limit still applies as if you step out of the 15 yard range the illusions will be gone. You can hear his music in the background while in the illusion no matter what he does. He could have a loud explosion but if you just pay attention you can hear the music. If you can stop yourself from hearing the music, you will be taken out of the illusion. This means someone who is deaf or has nose canceling headphones they are immune to his illusions. His power only works on music that he is involved in ,so he can't just hold a radio and active his power.

His illusion and what they consist are controlled by two things. The vibe behind the song and complexity of the music. Aggressive rock music will create illusions of chaos and destruction while a more softer tune will create illusions that are more controlled and peaceful. The complexity of the song plays just as big of a role as a simple hum will only be able to produce subtle illusions like slight temperature changes, lightning, and other things you wouldn't notice right away. Now a actually full-fledge song with multiple instruments and him singing will allow him to make more intricate illusions like looped doorways or a crowd of people with each having a different face.

His power also gave him a thinker ability that allows for him to play all instruments


His life has its ups and downs with a few more downs than ups. But everytime he was down, he always had two things to bring him back up. His mother and music which at times were intertwined. His mom always seemed to know when things were getting to him. She would sit him down and play some old school music and joke with him. She never pushed for the answer and always gave him the time he needed to speak on them. His mom was his hero and he loved her for it. But all heroes have tragic tales.

It was just a normal school day when he woke up to his dad calling out for his mom. And when there was no answer, his dad quickly called the cops.He was then sent to school with this lingering worry about his mother. School was odd with the random stares and glances that were shot his way. He thought something was on his face ,or that he fly was open. It was until he talked to his friend that he understood what was going on. On the news, there was a report saying that a woman by Mrs.Martinez was shot and killed last night. His heart sank but didn’t fully sink in as he held onto the idea that “Maybe it wasn’t her” that maybe just maybe there was another married woman whose name was Mrs.Martinez. Then he made it home to see his father crying on the couch. That was one of the hardest nights of life as he didn’t have his mom to run about the pain in his chest. But he held onto irrational idea that maybe she would just come home and sing to him. That crazy fantasy kept him from fully breaking that night.

It was the next day that he fully broke. He kept getting people telling him that they were sorry for what happened. The looks of pity and half sorrys just kept shoving the reality into his face. He finally had enough of the attention at lunch and ran into the bathroom. And so as he hummed a song he mom used to sing to him, he triggered.