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Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/KatyushaKommander (capes)
Civilian name Leon Woodson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Found Family (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMover (Thinker, Blaster) -->
Born (2007-01-01) January 1, 2007 (age 16)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

One of the Found Family, Leon prefers to go by "Leo" and isn't the most comfortable with attention, especially that of the press. Who he sees as a bit over-bearing. He triggered at 13 and was adopted by Wulfric Sigmond a year later. He's been seen attending Taekwondo classes at the nearby community center.

Character Sheet


Average height but a bit more wiry than average, he has short brown hair, hazel eyes and a "Resting bitch face". Has a blue pair of glasses which he uses when reading.In costume, he wears a light grey body suit with black stripes running down the shoulders. He eschews a cape in favor of a light blue scarf. He's not a fan of masks and instead wears a pair of light grey goggles.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 4

  • Padded knee, elbow and shin protectors
  • Steel toe-capped Running Shoes

Skills and Specializations

  • Really Good at Maths
  • Blue belt (4th Geup) in Taekwondo
  • Good endurance / Stamina


Leon is a quiet and nerdy guy, who enjoys a bit of outside reading, and takes anything hero-related perhaps a tad too seriously. It's certain that he wants to be a hero, but his quiet nature makes the publicity of it... intimidating.


Mover: Gets progressively faster with every dodge. With an upper limit of 50mph at top-speed.

Blaster: The power also passively attracts loose rock to float around the cape, giving them a passive option for attack when they reach high speed.

Each successive dodge Pulses the stones around them in a random direction, at the capes current upper limit of speed. Can forcefully crash the stones around them into the floor, resetting their speed and bringing them to a halt rapidly.

Thinker: Is able to perceive in minute detail the velocities and trajectories of objects orbiting themself, or approaching them.


Leon's a 2nd generation trigger, the son of the Woodsons. A pair of heroes who went by "Tagger" and "Rockslide" Both were 2nd / 3rd rate heroes that were well liked in the neighborhood and absolutely loved taking Leon on random and sudden outings to the country-side. Likely to hide from some of the villains they'd annoyed.

Thanks to that, when they were inevitably taken out, it wasn't a villain but a force of nature that did them in. Ironically an actual rockslide, which caught the family unawares. His parents used their powers to get Leon to safety, but he was forced to watch his parents tumble down the side of the mountain path.

There were still a few loose rocks tumbling down, one smacked him in the head and he fell unconscious. He triggered during the ensuing nightmare, wishing that his parents could have just a bit faster to avoid the disaster. When he awoke, something felt different, and he could see a few tiny pebbles floating around him.

After the rockslide he was placed in the care of his extended family, but they quickly decided it'd be better for him if he went to a state facility. After spending a year being moved from place to place he ended up being taken in by Wulfric. Who has been aiding Leon ever since in living up to his parents legacy.