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Notoriety Criminal
E / -
Author /u/Tiamat-of-the-sea (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Nicole Payne
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute/Thinker
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Atalanta E- | Marie Kino F?

Character Sheet


A early twenties woman with mid back black hair, lightly curled at the edges, in her civilian identity she wears a decent length black skirt with leggings and a short sleeved button down shirt, with an over jacket. In her cape Identity she wears a heavy duster jacket to conceal the growing collection of weapons, underneath is currently just a T-Shirt saying, “Always be yourself, unless you can be a dragon, then always be a dragon.” With appropriate Graphic, a rugged pair of pants and simple tennis shoes round out the outfit, lastly is a simple glued on masquerade mask covering her eyes, a black japanese styles fox mask with red outlines.

Equipment and Resources

  • Chain Whip- A ten foot long, 1/8th inch chain, tempered,hardened,then sharpened to a lethal weapon, a heavy solid spike on one end to provide the weight needed to drive it properly
*Whip, A standard hybrid performance whip, bought froma  consomer station 
* Rope + weighted rubber ball, A weighted rubber ball on a ten foot long length of rope, she uses this as a capture method and dealing with people she doesn't really want to hurt.

Skills and Specializations

Master’s Degree in English Basic forge knowledge, enough to make simple blades, like knives.-Hobbyist level German- Conversational


She’s a kind girl, though rather sarcastic when dealing with her students and stupid questions, she provides encouragment and thought process to help children work through their issues based on her own experience. Working around problems some students don’t get to come at it from a different angle. However, after her trigger she’s been short tempered, eventually taking a break from teaching to strike out at heroes purely for the stress relief, though her favorite target is honestly gang members, from which she collects their weapons as trophies. Her triggered skewed her mentality to being more sadistic and take some amount of joy in inflicting pain.


Her Primary and strongest power is her regeneration with minor super strength, stronger than any unenhanced human but weaker than even relatively low level true brutes. Being complexity based the less complex a wound the faster it heals. Muscle and other soft tissue damage takes seconds to repair, bones about half a minute to a minute depending on where the break is, limbs take between five and ten minutes to regenerate, simpler organs take an entire hour to heal, with more important organs like lungs or the heart taking up to four or six hours to heal, not that it really slows her down due to her regen handling cellular issues, though it does pretty much stop regeneration of other injuries. The brain takes an entire week to heal from any damage more complex than a concussion.The super strength comes from her Adrenaline being locked on by her regen.-Her Secondary power is a simple thinker power giving her enough skill in any weapon she uses to use it effectively though only at an Adept level. Trigger type:Single Natural


As a teenager she managed to get dual enrolled in an English college course. Thus started her school career, which culminated with her getting an English Major and a teaching degree. So she was one of the younger teachers who joined the Highschool staff, as a Ninth grade English teacher. During one of the field trips, an excuse to take the kids someplace to help them relax from school, she and her class was assaulted by a small gang of five people, during this time she was severely injured before she triggered and managed a counter attack, having to hide her injuries and powers from her class as new trigger caused mentality pushed at her for even more violence and pain. She managed to escape the inquiries of the policy about the event with the claims of trauma and witness testimonies about the situation, the emt’s left her alone once it was obvious she wasn’t injured, scheduling her for a physical checkup, the PRT noticed her regeneration working and marked her down as a cape and left her alone once it was made clear she didn’t want to live the life of a cape. The Media of course couldn’t back off when told so she lawyered up to get them to. Now she’s had even less issues with her students and her fellow teachers respect her more despite her young age, especially her neice.