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Notoriety Criminal
C /
Author /u/PM_ME_UR_SIMURGH (capes)
Pronouns she/her
Civilian name Asbestos-chan
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster/Blaster, Brute
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Asbestos C | Astrohaunt B? | Knockoff F? | Misfit A$ | Retcon E | Zettai C?

Local cryptid Vermiculite (better-known as Asbestos-chan thanks to local PHO shitposters) was recently announced as the newest member of the Devilfish Wards. Protectorate Captain Phalanx's decision has been seen as controversial, as the Case-53 is widely believed to be responsible for the 2021 deaths of a local child as well as a deer hunter.

Character Sheet


Vermiculite is a short, teenagerish, vaguely humanoid creature made mostly of a tangled mess of white fibrous mineral deposits. Her hands are tipped with long bladed talons made of some sort of metallic material, with a messy jumble of fangs made of the same (it appears she cannot fully close her mouth due to these fangs). Her digitigrade legs end in hawklike talons that make scratching and clicking noises as she walks. Her eyes appear to be some sort of glowing gemstone material, possibly citrine from the orange color. Finally, she possesses a prehensile tail ending in a sharp spike.

PRT analysis of left-behind dust and fibers has shown that she is indeed made of material functionally similar to chrysotile asbestos, although examination under an electron microscope reveals the fibrils are shaped like the ᛗ rune commonly associated with Case-53s.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth level: 4

  • A nest in the depths of the old Deckard Company mine

Skills and Specializations

  • Very good at hunting and scavenging
  • Limited grasp of English
  • Fluent in Russian (but does not know this yet)


Vermiculite seems to be a feral being, sticking to the outskirts of society if at all. She is focused solely on her survival, by any means necessary.

She is also very lonely, and jealous of the people who get to just vibe normally, but she is in denial about that.


Trigger type: Single, Coven trigger (Case-53)

Vermiculite can focus on a single living conscious creature within line-of-sight. When she does so, her eyes turn from citrine to ruby and the creature finds themselves unable to breathe. Any attempts to try breathing will result in a painful itch in their lungs, growing in intensity until it is unbearable.

The effect quickly fades away upon the creature passing out or otherwise becoming incapacitated. It also fades if line-of-sight is continuously broken for at least two (2) rounds.

Vermiculite can only target one such creature at a time, although she can stop her power or switch to another target on demand.

Additional "powers" provided by Case-53 physiology

  • Vermiculite is fireproof and is not affected by electrical shocks.
  • Extreme cold and heat do not bother her.
  • Vermiculite does not need to breathe, but she does need to eat. She is capable of speaking, however.
  • While she cannot see in the dark, she can use primitive echolocation to find her way around, thanks to improved hearing.
  • She can easily climb buildings with her claws and talons, albeit destructively.
  • She can run up to 30mph on all fours, and jump roughly up to fifteen feet vertically.
  • She doesn't bleed (or seem to have blood at all), but any injuries sustained will take similar times to heal as a normal human person.
  • She is considered a living creature by Manton protections unless otherwise specified.


A mother sat in a hospital waiting room, waiting for hours and hours, unable to do anything except hope and pray for good news.

At some point, she falls asleep, and when she wakes up the room is empty, except for her and another woman. The woman told her there was no hope to be had here, that her child would die despite all the medicine and surgeries.

But there was another way, she continued, over the mother's anguish. Let her child go, and they would live. But she would never see them again, or hear from them, it would be as if they never existed. But they would live, and in exchange she would do three things, without question or hesitation.

The mother agreed, and woke up from the peculiar dream with no memory of it ever having occurred.