Archibald Jones

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Archibald Jones
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Coryn02 (capes)
Civilian name Archibald Jones
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation None (Devilfish, Minnesota)
Born (2003-08-16) August 16, 2003 (age 19)
Devilfish, Minnesota
Status NPC
Other names Archie
Reddit Sheet

What's to know? Archie is largely unknown to the wider world, as he isn't a parahuman nor even a particularly influential civilian. At most, one can learn that he lives with his parents, and has an older half-sibling named Sasha from his mother's previous marriage.

Character Sheet


Archie looks like a typical teenager, but can be singled out by his blond hair, slouched posture, and intent eyes. He prefers to wear athletics pants over jeans for comfort, and his t-shirts have no designs on them. When it is windy, Archie may bring a windbreaker. When it gets bad, he may have a couple of bruises.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 1

Archie is financially dependent on his parents to survive, and hasn't had any luck getting a job. Aside from roughly $150 kicking around in his bank account, his ability to gain money is limited.

  • A clamshell cell phone
  • A laptop computer
  • A gray windbreaker
  • Assorted book collection, 36 in all

Skills and Specializations

  • Has read the Art of War
  • Good at making inferences about people through observation
  • Can retain his composure in almost any situation, or at least look like he's not freaking out
  • Knows how to code (most fluent in Python)
  • Has seen the Harry Potter films enough to quote their scripts from memory


Archie's 'default' behavior is withdrawn and distant. Even when called on to speak, he does so tersely and as directly as possible. Despite this, he has a chip on his shoulder for parahumans, and gets visibly upset when asked to explain why. Archie tends to overthink matters, especially when left to his own devices.

While Archie lightens up around friends, the side he never shares with others reveals deep and abiding hopelessness. He seeks to rise out of his current circumstances, but is afraid that taking action will only make things worse. In a confrontation, Archie is more likely to back down or run away than stand up for himself.


N/A Triggered, but has the potential to trigger.


Archie was born into a blended family to Hannah and Frederick Jones, and was raised in Devilfish his entire life. What disrupted an otherwise normal life is older step-sister Sasha: she got into the habit of degrading his self-confidence for the sake of her own- she needed to feel like she was on top, and decided new baby brother was getting in the way.

Unfortunately for Archie, Sasha was much beloved by both of her parents, especially when she enrolled at Taylor College in their Parahuman Studies program. Their parents felt proud of her accomplishments, so they condoned and eventually joined in on her attempts to "motivate" Archie to make something of himself. This treatment slowly escalated from insults to tirades, and recently physical violence. Archie hides the bruises as best as he can.

Attending Eagle Mountain High has not satisfied any of the desires of Archie's family, and he increasingly feels unwelcome in his own home. These days, he wanders off into the city alone. After all, going home to do homework is the only way he gets a moment's peace, so it's best to do literally anything else when there isn't any.