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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/BelladonnaTheFlower (capes)
Civilian name Charlotte Lolth
Alignment Villain
Affiliation E.V.I.L. (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute, Blaster, Mover
Status NPC
Height 8 ft 0 in (244 cm)
Weight 200 lb (91 kg; 14 st 4 lb)
Reddit Sheet

Brand New Case-fifty-three, fresh off the factory floor. They are a big spooky spider.

Character Sheet


Arachne takes the form of a spider with a human torso. Her armour is made of her woven spider web suit, with small plating woven into the suit. Arachne is 8 feet tall. Arachne wears a handwoven spider silk suit, to the silk is dyed to be shades of greys found commonly through the city. The playing take on a similar grey but all one colour.


She's outgoing and fun, always seeking a new thrill or adventure, that's how she ran into Coven. She would go out and look for capes, trying to learn about how she could become one.

(After Coven) Nothing much changed about her personality, if anything it made it easier to be herself. She was able to see new thrills, even more dangerous and daring than she was previously able. Even though her appearance changed she never let that stop her from being herself.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 1 at best and a surplus of web/silk

Skills and Specializations

Skills with parkour and rock climbing. Highly athletic. Basic knowledge of capes around Ashton, pretty much what can be picked up from a newspaper.


Power: Trigger type Case 53

A blaster/mover, she can shoot strands of web out of both sets of her hands and webspinner. Can shoot multiple strands at a time. The thickness of strands can be changed at will.

She can teleport (instantaneously) to any point on a web she has created (within 70ft), leaving a strand from where she teleported from, to where she teleported too. The teleport has a 10 second cool down.

Webs have the same properties as normal spider webs. At minimum Arachne can make webs the same thickness as a regular spiders silk, at maximum it is comparable to the largest cord in this [Helpful chart]( She is not affected by the stickiness of her webs. She has an instinctive knowledge of when someone is in contact with her webs and their whereabouts.

She can only jump to webs she can see that are unimpeded by other obstacles.

Webs shot from extremities have a max range of 70 feet.


(not updated, I am lazy, changes simply being a change in the cooldown and in turn, she would focus more on the blaster and being a pain instead of a warping mess)

Arachne scuttled up the wall of an alleyway. She had led her enemy to this alleyway for a reason.

"Over here," she calls out in a sing-song tone.

The target follows the sound of her voice, running into the alley before stopping and looking around confused as to where Arachne had gone.

Two webs shoot down from above, making an X shape across the entrance to the alleyway. Before slowly repelling down with the help of a web.

"Caught like a fly in spiders web" She jokes to herself, knowing they'll either run and get caught in the webs or try to fight.

They swing at her, a quick right hook swing straight through the air where she was. A new strand of web appears the instant she's gone, followed by a voice from behind the target.

"You're going to have to be faster than that fly," she smirks, shooting another few webs around the entrance of the alleyway to make sure it's sufficiently blocked off.

The target starts to freak, their escape route blocked off and guarded by Arachne. They pull a gun and call out to her.

"Let me go and no one needs to get hurt," they say, raising the gun, aiming at Arachne.

A smile crossed her face and she shakes her head no, shooting a warning web past them. They fire the gun as the web is shot, the bullet hit her torso before falling to the ground.

"Ow," she taunts in a sarcastic tone, hiding the pain that it caused. "Spidersilk, such a useful thing, stops bullets and so much more." She says, shooting a web onto the wall next to the target.

She teleport to the new places web before the target can do anything more, a new web appearing as she does.

"You’re trapped," says shooting a web directly into their side, teleporting around them leaving a square of webs surrounding them, whilst wrapping them up in the first web.

She disappears up the side of the building leaving the target wrapped up till someone finds them.


[Data expunged] had an adventurous spirit, she sought thrills, new experiences, she tried weird food, and made friends with eccentric people, she despite her exciting adventures, and her relative youth, she felt like there was so much more that she wasn’t experiencing.

She sought out a way to become more than she was, to feel the thrill that only parahumans could experience. This brought her to coven, she was offered a deal, powers in exchange for something valuable, she was told that she needed to give something significant after all this was a once in a lifetime offer.

She gave up her Identity, she gave up all the memories she’d made, all the friendships she’d gathered, she reasoned that the new her would probably make her own along the way.

Thus Arachne was born.