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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/baka2k10 (capes)
Civilian name Alex Watson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationBreaker (Thinker, Stranger, Mover)
Born (2001-09-23) September 23, 2001 (age 21)
Status NPC
Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Reddit Sheet

A relative unknown to the cape scene. Listed powers show she's simply a mover.

Character Sheet


Alex generally prefers feminine but loose fitting clothing. She's grown her hair out, and changing it's colors has become a monthly ritual for her. Her skin has a slightly pale complexion from being indoors most of her life.

Equipment and Resources

Protectorate Salary

Pepper spray

Skills and Specializations

Alex has a knack for working with her hands and has excellent tactile sensation. Rubix cubes, little puzzles, tying knots. She has amazing hand-eye coordination thanks to this talent and can even maneuver around a dark room just by feeling it out.


After the miscarriage, foster homes, betrayal and shock have taken such a magnificent toll on her mind that Alex has developed a severe form of depression. She's currently on antidepressants to help out but she's not sure she'll ever be able to live without them. She became a Ward not out of a sense of justice but because they offered therapy and to keep her away from her father.


Trigger type: Natural single trigger

Alex is a Multi-Form Breaker. She has the power to switch between two very different bodies. One representing her masculine side, the other representing her feminine.

Masculine: In this form, she takes on the aspects of a tree like figure. Weirdly comfortable but is unable to move, her shard's method of reminding her of who she was. As she stands still, she roots herself to the ground and proceeds to reach outwards. In this state she cannot be altered physically. If someone who can manipulate wood comes along, they'll find her form unyielding. She can still be damaged even destroyed in this form by normal attacks though. This form also allows her some resistance to mental coercion as even her mind is deeply rooted in it's past. She needs to remain rooted in the area for 1 minute per hour she wants to go back. The rate speeds up the longer she remains rooted.

In the areas that her roots extend to, she begins to experience post-cognition. The longer she stays in this form, the more information she gathers and further back she can go. She is able to see events as they took place as if she was physically there.

Feminine: Her skin takes on what can only be describe as "sickly colored marble flesh" and everything about her looks and feels alien. From the way she moves, to the sound her voice, there's always something unfamiliar or foreign about it. She is able to cover more distance this way, and moves slightly faster beyond normal human peak with an unnaturally long gait and perfect balance even when otherwise hampered by ice or tar. She is also unable to be bound or restricted, and while she always maintains a human form, she is able to slip free of any physical bindings (such as ropes, handcuffs, etc) due to the semi-fluid nature of her body.

The feminine form can pulse an aura of confusion around it, causing trains of thought to come to a screeching halt, even briefly causing a strange disconnect between mind and body, feeling pins and needles for a second. A charging brute forgets why they were rushing forward and trips. Someone aiming a gun at her suddenly is wondering what the hell is going on, and why they have a weapon out. It doesn't actually make them forget everything leading them up to these events. The brute will get back up, the gunman remembers he's attacking her because she's a hero and he's got priors, but it will break any concentration they were maintaining. The range of this pulse varies, she can extend it outwards to 50 meters but it is not selective and would affect both friend and foe.