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An image captured shortly before Abominable robbed a small store.
Notoriety Criminal
E / -
Author /u/FoolishRoss (capes)
Civilian name Matthew Turner
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (1997-10-13) October 13, 1997 (age 25)
Ashton - Washinhton
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

An independent villain with a basic brute power set and a distinct lack of any costume. His experience is limited to a few minor robberies and assaults, trying to keep a low-profile as he takes what he needs to get by. Recently he has also had an encoutner with Neptune Striker, wherein is became obvious that he has lacks any proper combat training.

There is very little public information about his power beyond his enchanced strength and toughness, though there are rumors that his choice in name has something to do with the cold aura that seems to follow him around.

Its not hard to find Abominable, especially because of how openly he operates in the southern end of the business district. Some of the homeless in the area even know where he camps out for the night, most going out of their way to avoid running into him or getting involved with his crimes.

Character Sheet


Matthew is a young man in his early twenties with a narrow but suprising heavy frame. He stands with a slight hunch at just over 5'9", often bearing a rather empty downcast expression. His hair is a muddy brown, its length is often tucked away behind his ears, exposing his dark beady eyes. Otherwise his features are rough and untamed, with the beginnings of a beard usually hidden away under a bandana. Usually tucked away into his pockets or hidden under some gloves are several scars running across his hands and fingers, though their origins are hard to identify.

As Abominable he doesnt dress very differently than normal. He usually switches into older more expendable clothes and slips on a bandana to cover the lower half of his face, though this is generally to minimise damage to his good clothes than hide his identity.

Skills and Specializations

Living on the streets has taught Abominable how to fend for himself in whatever way he can. Over the years hes picked up some basic lockpicking skills to take what he needs and has a good understanding of how to hide from people when required. Hes a decent cook when it comes to putting together a meal with bare minimum. Sometimes he also plays card, though hes infamous amongst his friends for either being lucky, talented or both.


With a pessimistic outlook on life, hes learned to be wary of even the littlest things. There are very few people he would call friends and even fewer he is able to trust, often ruining relationships over the smallest of lies. This is partly because he is a firm believer in honesty and disclosure, even when telling the truth isnt necessarily the smartest or easiest solution. There are still times when he does selfishly however and wont hesitate to disregard the wellbeing of others if it would hinder his own development. Since triggering he has become somewhat more aggressive, more willing to stand up for himself in confrontations thanks to his strength.


Trigger Type: Natural

Abominable's powers, whilst always active, are mostly beyond his control. Whilst he has learned to cope with his newfound strength he still finds his heat absorption especially annoying as effects him and a small area around him without any of his input.

His passive heat absorption draws in heat constantly, though it does so more efficiently the closer the source of heat comes to his skin. At weakest he can absorb up to 300°C in just a few seconds of direct contact, though as his internal stores of heat grow he is able to withstand and absorb greater temperatures without sustaining too much damage. For every 500°C of heat he stores the amount he can absorb through a few seconds of direct contact increases by about 200°C.

Touching a hot object or putting his hand into a fire will initially burn him, though as his stores of heat increase these burns normally heal while the heat itself becomes less harmful to him. Being hit by a fireball or laser would still leave a sizeable burn and cause him some pain though the the wound might not be so severe as expected because some heat is absorbed on contact.

His heat absorption aura is much weaker than his touch. Whilst his aura reaches up to 10ft it is much slower at absorbing heat, generally drawing in between 1-2°C across several minutes. Standing next to a fire that is a few feet away wouldnt immediatley put it out, though it would gradually cool it or possibly slow its growth. So far his heat absorption doesnt seem to drain heat directly from living objects, though will take in the heat they radiate.

As his internal storage of heat builds up his other abilities grow in power. The growth of his strength is most easily measured every 500 degrees. It should be noted that his abilites to increase between these levels, these numbers simply serve as easy to measure milestones.

Below 100 degrees his powers are at their normal intensity. At this level, he can just barely lift 5 tons while a good punch will knock a normal person back and break a few bones. Small arms fire does little more than bruise whilst common blades leave shallow wounds. His healing factor can mend surface wounds after a few minutes but deeper wounds can take hours to fix.

Over 500 degrees his abilities almost double in strength. His lifting strength is about 10 tons at this point and a blow from him is enough to bend or dent metal. He grows very slightly in size as his skin thickens, making him more resilient to basic weaponry. Any wounds he receives at this point mend much faster than before, though healing deeper injuries drains his internal heat stores.

At 1000 degrees he can lift or throw anything up to 20 tons with ease and his hardest attacks are lethal to anyone who lacks some kind of durability. He can put himself through a thick concrete wall if he put his weight behind his blows. His skin thickens to the extent where only heavier or tinker weaponry are able to pierce or seriously damage his flesh. Like before his regeneration increases in efficiency, though it will drain even more heat to deal with more severe damage.

At 1500 degrees his lifting capacity is 40 tons and his punches can easily send a person flying several meters or through a wall. His skin is insanely tough at this point and extremely resistant to burns along with almost all blunt weapons, though hes still vunerable to blades, high calibre/tinker weapondry and internal wounds. It takes mere seconds for surface wounds to fix themselves at this point and only a few minutes for his bones or organs to repair themselves.

Beyond this point there is very little change to his size while his toughness and regeneration grow at a decreased rate. His strength and resistance to heat continues to grow at the same rate though, putting his lifting strength at 80 tons at 2000 degrees, 160 at 2500 degrees, etc.

A side effect of being unable to turn off his heat absorption is that the temperature of his skin and clothing is often much colder than normal. If he stays in a single area for an extended period of time the area around him also tends to cool down, reaching below freezing if the space is confined or there is little airflow. His skin is generally as cold as ice, though he himself seems unaffected by this.

His Mover ability is the only ability he has any real control over. Through venting all built up heat he is able to gain a burst of speed and momentum that allows him to travel in one direction very quickly. He can accelerate to at most about 90mph in only a few seconds through doing this, though he struggles to control his direction at higher speeds

When away from stronger sources of heat his stores of power will decrease and he weakens back to his standard brute rating. This decrease in energy occurs even faster when his body is recovering from wounds or in extreme environments below freezing. His internal heat stores are constantly draining back towards empty due to his passive use of his powers. Typically he loses about 2% of his heat every minute, though if his regeneration kicks in this can increases to anywhere between 5% to 20%.


Before he gained powers Matthew whad been living on the streets of Ashton, kicked out of his home because of his poor grades and growing gambling debts. Things had been this way for several years before he was involved in an apartment fire that lead to his trigger.

He'd been camping out in said abandoned apartment when the inferno started on the lower floors, quickly climbing up the building and alerting Matthew to the danger only when it was almost too late. During his attempt to escape he fell down several flights of stairs as the floor crumbles underneath him, leaving him crippled and trapped under burning rubble as the rest of the building came down ontop of him.

At some point during this incident he triggered, leaving him unconcious for several days whilst his body healed underneath the wreckage of his makeshift home.