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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Scipio1516 (capes)
Civilian name Florence Summers
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationShaker/Mover
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Public Information

Still not a lot of info. She's fought a few criminals, and one villain, but nothing too impressive yet.

Physical Appearance

Her costume currently consists of: a set of thick, woolen clothes. They’re spattered in rusty stains, and are quite worn out.

A combination of sports equipment and kevlar armor, on the majority of her limbs and torso. They’re painted gunmetal gray, with highlights of scarlet. this stuff must’ve cleaned her out.

Her head is protected by what used to be a football helmet, painted over with splashes of pale red. Her face is covered by a simple black domino mask.

Black combat boots, of course. Nice and comfy.

She also has a bag slung over her shoulder, stuffed full of supplies.


She puts up a grim and serious facade, when out as a cape. Her reasoning is that the more serious you are, the more people will trust you. This contrasts with her longtime love of heroes, and trying to help people. When caught off guard, she reverts to her normal personality, quite shy and filled with curiosity.


She doesn’t have much, most of her money going into renting an apartment and her starting equipment.

Wealth Level: 3


Various knives/butchering equipment

Giant bundle of zipties

Basic medical kit

Emotional support plushie(spider)

Survival supplies(Lighter, Trail mix, Flashlight, Batteries, Duct tape, Smartphone, Pliers, etc.)


Basic bushcraft

Basic Anatomy(mostly animals)

Knife throwing and fighting


Shaker/Mover: When activated, growing field around the cape is converted into a slaughterhouse/dungeon-esque environment. It’s centered where the cape activated it. This change includes natural terrain, and it turns back to normal after the cape drops the effect, and damage to the terrain carries over after the terrain changes back.

It’s filled with heavy equipment, dangerous traps(from simple pits to full blown arrow firing ones), and the like. The cape can choose what generally is in each part of the field, though there is still some variation.

This field starts at a radius of about 5 feet, and grows a foot in radius every second(goes through walls), until it reaches a maximum of 300 feet in radius.

In addition, there are corpses slowly cropping up around the place. They seem to be combinations of many animals. The cape can teleport to the other side of people inside their field, leaving a corpse behind when they do so. There are a few seconds of cooldown between swaps.

A very minor supporting power gives the cape knowledge of where and what their traps are, as well as when they trigger.

Trigger type: Natural Single Trigger

Another normal day, at the slaughterhouse. You come into work, noticing most of your coworkers taking the day off. Not your concern, so you get to butchering the carcasses- luckily, you haven’t had to kill anything in the time you’ve been here. Lost in thought, you only realize the breakdown of the system that moves the meat after a cow’s corpse falls on you, slowly crushing and suffocating. You trigger, as you desperately struggle to maintain consciousness.


Florence looked up, confused. She was being crushed by the cow, and then… passed out? The carcass was now dangling on a hook, and as she watched it was placed down next to her, hook winding up into the ceiling. As she took in her surroundings, she noticed the sleek machines and conveyor belt being converted into blocky, clanking things. Openings appeared in various places, and Somehow, she knew what each would do. This one would snap open, revealing an array of spikes. That one would- she jumped back, stumbling and tripping, to avoid an axe swinging out of a slot in the ground. She realized that this movement would put her in the path of another trap, and at the last possible moment, she stepped to the side, and…. SHINK. SQUELCH. Florence sighed in relief, as the blade cut nothing but an already butchered carcass.


Born in the town of Possum Bluff, in an average middle class family, with four siblings. As a kid, she got into a lot of fights, trying to protect other people. Once she got old enough, she moved out immediately, taking a job in a slaughterhouse.