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Notoriety Criminal
E / -
Author /u/spider_dream23 (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Magnum Grant
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT Classification Striker/Shaker (Master, Mover)
Born (2003-09-02) September 2, 2003 (age 20)
Status Active
Other names Wonder Man, Conjurer
Reddit Sheet

Born in chicago he started out as a thief and con-artist, his reputation only grew over the following few years Sometimes acting like an ordinary sales man only to be revealed a fraud, he nowadays tries to make money as a showman and magician-themed Cape.

Currently on the run after repeatedly screwing with a lot of people, including certain dangerous organizations(the chicago Mob...), costing them lots of money as well as collateral damage.

Additionally some people may have gotten hurt(badly) by many of his creations(stuff breaking down at the least convenient times, food poisoning, malfunctions, animal attacks....)

Character Sheet


Caucasian with Asian ancestry, 1,70 cm height, slender atlethic build, medium length black hair, brown eyes.

Nowadays he tends to keep good care of his appearance, with a tendency to wear suits, his style sometimes mildly flamboyant with a liking to makeup and extravagant costumes.

As a cape he tends to dress himself as a magician or showman, hiding his identity either with a face mask or heavy makeup.

Tattooed on his back, chest, arms, legs and some more intimate areas. Mostly something awfully cliche like feathers, stars, hearts, Japanese/roman symbols.. or names of his various ex partners, often badly covered up.

Equipment and Resources

Bunch of burner phones

Trick Cards


First aid kit



Fire crackers



Keeps a few trained pet rats/mice and a crow as well as doves and butterflies. Magnum is somewhat of an animal lover, spending parts of his time training/spoiling them, though he does not shy away to use copies of those like canon fodder or distractions.

Wealth Level: 4

Skills and Specializations

Adept at hand to hand combat (though his physical strength isn't that special)

High agility


Card tricks

Poker and gambling

Lock picking


Skilled con artist




Knife throwing

Natural charisma

Familiar with a variety of weapons, tools and vehicles

Marathon runner

Animal trainer


Used to years of being compared to others he run away to life on the streets, from there on Magnum reinvented himself as a sly and deceitful person. Not one who actually considers consequences, instead always only after his next great gig, absolutely adoring the show, even more than the reward. Tricking people either to show how good he is with what he does or rub it in their face how stupid they are.

Leaving home to become someone else, a decision which he deep down regrets but would never be consciously considered as such. The start of a long history being used by others only to become even better at the game than them, at least that's what he likes to believe. Associating himself with big names or powerful people, the get go to fame and riches. if that's not working out betrayal is always an option.

Besides his somewhat successful shenanigans and tricks, he has a hilarious record of failure caused by self-sabotage or outright stupidity. Outsmarted and robbed by other parties, losing money with gambling or literally just forgetting where he hid it.

Has a history to fall in 'love' with one night stands and then being taken advantage by them or 'friends', sometimes even when it was planned the other way around.


Able to conjure any object previously touched in a certain vicinity around himself.

  • Usually items would manifest inside a space of 5 m around himself, they would float for 1 up to 60 seconds similar to items in a game, until they just fall to the ground or once he got distracted.
  • He can summon them anywhere around himself as well as directly on the palm of his hand. Objects can be spammed in high numbers as long as there is enough space available.
  • Summoning takes 1 to 60 seconds depending on size and weight, with such things as cards, small knives and pieces of paper... materializing almost immediately while something big like a car would take much more time and concentration.
  • Floating items are fixed in space allowing him, for example to walk through air stepping on books he previously created.
  • Ability is not manton limited, he can summon a bunch of animals(butterflies, birds, dogs..) or even master minions, but without any direct control over them, the sentience of those things being questionable. Summoning a human would just be a flesh puppet unable to do more than stand/walk.. smile, repeat certain sentences.... which he has also no control over.
  • Animals are likely to behave like their original counterpart, with copies of trained pets inclined to respond to his commands. This also depends on the quality of the copy.
  • Anything created has an expiration date and is usually very faulty, objects being much less durable with less overall weight and tech just overall being shitty(for the sake of conflict, there is a high probability of them breaking/malfunctioning or behaving in a way that tends to endanger other parties involved).
  • Expiration date and functionality will rapidly decrease with numbers. Though he is able to create almost perfect copies(even of tinkertech or power created materials,..) and have them work for a while, but their existence will put a constant strain on himself. Similarly he can always make them disappear.
  • Small stuff(tools weapons food), can last for days /one week if its the average shitty copy, living beings a few hours or less than one if mass produced, Replicas close to perfect or anything bigger(person up to car sized) mostly only one hour or a few minutes). On average they last longer if not getting used or not being needed, while the chance of degration increases if relied upon(mostly regarding anyone else using it).
  • For him to summon them, the original needs to be touched sometime in the past. He has slots for up to 10 different items, he would be able to readily materialize, can't materialize different objects at the same time, only one or multiple copies of the same thing until he switches to something else.
  • Only works with small and light things he would be able to carry anyways.
  • Slots can be bypassed, allowing him to just multiply the last thing he touched without any size rules involved. Still summoning something extraordinary heavy like a car, will let him feel the weight almost as if he is holding it himself(getting crushed by it), could summon a whole bus resulting in knocking himself out with the strain of that action.
  • Usually items would just materialize out of thin air and therefore turn into air once they expire, but he can transform any material or object with similar size into something else(creating a sword out of water or random dirt). Using a resource close to the original would extend their expiration time and give them a durability much closer to the real thing. Manton limited as he can only transform non living materials.
  • On a technical level he can conjure something out of fire, acid and other more hazardous elements(if available). The object in question would be just like anything else he makes, but will return to their original state once expired.
  • Can't telefrag, Replicas will only displace air(or water) unless he specifically tries to turn one material into another: creating a sword out of a stone leaving a hole, shaped accordingly to the object he pulled out.

General rule: There is some focus and concentration needed for each and every duplicate, less time and higher quantity comes with a detriment in quality, the mere existence of his creations causes mental as well as physical fatigue again depending on number, size and quality. Its easier and faster to make multiple shitty replicas than one close to the original.

Power favors variety over mass production. Conjuring the same thing over and over causes a rapid decrease in quality opposed to switching between multiple different things.

Over exertion will cause drawbacks like: Headaches, nausea(up to the point one starts to throw up), fatigue and disorientation.

Copies of food may or may not taste bland, but always tends to cause some complications post digestion(usually worse if he tries to have them be close to the original)..


"1...2..3 Showtime"

The room filled with darkness and the already impatient audience, suddenly full of light. Dozen of LED lights of various colors appearing in the air. Many would vanish after a few seconds while others materialize at different points, creating letters.. words or patterns. Trick just standing in the midst of it all, pausing the light show to announce his presence followed by him throwing his hat right into the crowd as it turns into a ball of glitter, a new hat manifesting inches above his head to then suddenly drop down. Again grabbing his hat he lift's it with a dove appearing just beneath, followed by him extending his hands as he creates a swarm of butterflies right on the spot.

"Now welcome into world of wonders and magic... any special requests and preferences... i can make it all true."

Deleting some of the lights, he subtle has glass platforms appear in the air as Trick seemingly levitates and walks on air, distributing popcorn and more snacks, stuffed animals as well as various other gifts through out the crowd.

Multiple people were admitted into the next hospital suffering from food poisoning the following day.

Example 2

"What was it this time?... Money?...scam?...shitty food?... allegedly nonfunctional tech or just stealing your girl?"

"Honestly not my business neither do i care."

With that a door appears in front of him to shield from the impeding gun fire, with another on descending downwards right above the annoying bruiser, followed by a hail of kitchen knifes, as Trick does not waste any time, disappearing into the crowd.

Example 3

Alone and circled one moment, Trick now suddenly surrounded by a whole crowd of bodies. A mob of meat-shields the same person ten times but not really... only a breathing walking shell of the original, bleeding and groaning once shot but only a mere distraction for Trick to confuse the hell out of everyone and get away through the next backdoor, sweating and exhausted trying to have them exist long enough to fullfill their purpose.


Magnum grew up the fifth child out of six in a family full of over- achievers and prodigies. His parents not abusive but distant. Both famous actors and movie stars. Growing up, he learned early that if you wanted attention then you had to work hard and distinguish yourself. If one sibling got A's he needed to get perfect 100's for his chance at more than a half-assed congratulations and reminder to work harder to be like your sibling next time. So, like the rest of them, he did. At the age of 12 he was already in the rat race only against his family instead of coworkers.

Two of his brothers already out, with a head start following into the footsteps of his parents and his sister starting her carrier as a famous stylist. He too tried his best to be someone..

He worked his ass off. To have better grades... to be seen. To get better awards. Better hobbies. Dates with people of better breeding and status, just like the rest of his siblings. With the oldest ones already making names for themselves, he grew closer to his remaining older brother, still there was some competition always one trying to surpass the other, sharing most of their activities.. friends and hobbies. Sometimes he wants to stand out more choosing another interest, doing something new and his brother would quickly pick up and follow, other times he is the one to imitate. Honestly, he saw nothing really wrong with it. Sure, a bit grating when you get perfect at something but so did your older sibling so you miss out. He wasn't bitter at all...nope. Still...his older brother knew that that one person was off limits. They were his date. His love to be. They should have stayed away. He trusted them. and they impressed his date better than he could, taking them out from under his nose. Despite doing his best, despite giving fabulous gifts, his brother gave better than he could. Always it was like they were the same but only now he realized that even that wasn't true... somehow he was even lesser than that...and he lost his love to someone he trusted. He just wants to be able to give better, or leave... TRIGGER Only now he can do both..."