Iron Maiden

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Iron Maiden
Notoriety Criminal
Author UnknownMercury (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Anetta Lang
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 18
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Nashoid
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

Her "costume" consists of plate metal armor forming over her body, which varies slightly every time she appears, but is always large and intimidating.

Civilian Appearance

Anetta is 5'10, with a modelesque frame. Her platinum blonde hair is shaved on one side and goes to her waist on the other. She has blue eyes, and fair skin which is dotted with scabs from use of her power. She wears grungy, baggy clothing such as loose jeans, combat boots, and oversized tee shirts with rock or metal band logos on the front.


Maiden constantly walks on the razor’s edge of anger, ready to lash out at even the smallest perceived insult. She has a tendency to try and bulldoze right over obstacles and believes herself superior to most people she meets. She is an anarchist who thrives in chaos and bucks against authority.

She exemplifies the idea that Parahumans are more emotionally raw than normal humans. Her happiness puts her on top of the world, her sadness is a pit of despair she has trouble dragging herself out of, and her anger comes with lots of collateral damage.

She tends towards the grandiose in presentation, forming elaborate armor and giving grand speeches as she commits her crimes.

Skills & Training

  • Good spatial awareness and reasoning, allowing good mental mapping skills
  • Scrappy in a fight
  • Knows when to get out of dodge
  • Knows how to use a gun
  • Can adjust a car's suspension

Resources & Wealth

  • Decent apartment
  • Cheap beater car
  • Low-end smart phone
  • Bluetooth Earpiece

Equipment & Gear

  • Pistol with ammo

Parahuman Power

Natural single trigger with capability for second trigger; Changer/Brute/Striker

Maiden is capable of creating hard metal plating over her body that acts as armor. She is fully in control of how the metal is shaped, including forming spikes, barbs, hooks, and the like.

She can create a growth of metal up to eight feet long and detach it from the rest of the metal, allowing her to create weapons for combat. The metal is rated at the same strength as titanium.

When not in use, the metal retreats inside of her body, making her very durable to blunt attacks, though she can still be slashed and stabbed. This makes her incredibly heavy, weighing in at 600 pounds.

She also has a brute rating, capable of punching holes through brick walls and to pick up and throw things up to 1000 pounds.

Background & Trigger

Anetta Lang was a child pageanteer until the age of 13, when she changed her look and attitude. This led to a shouting match with her mother, which turned into her mother hitting her. She triggered, and her power impaled her mother. Anetta fled, leaving her mother to bleed out and orphaning herself.

She became an itinerant villain. Heroes would come after her, but she was dangerous and hard to pin down for an arrest by the preliminary forces used. She was good at making an escape and would move on to the next town whenever the big guns were deployed against her.

She wandered around the Great Lakes region for a while, including a brief stint running two blocks in Green Bay, Wisconsin, before being run out and making her way to Denver.

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