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Notoriety Criminal
Author Alice (Mothbed) (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Mica Hirsch
Alignment villain
Affiliation The Court (Denver)
Age 17
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver the4bestgame
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

Bandersnatch possesses some manner of control over dogs, and transforms into a werewolf-like creature under yet-unknown processes.

Bandersnatch is a low-threat villain, with her greatest dangers being to public and private property and a spike of missing dogs wherever she goes. She's often spotted on the outskirts of town or in lesser-populated districts. Still, as a villain, she is to be avoided, even if she lacks a track record of civilian harm.

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

Bandersnatch dresses in less of a costume, and more of something that looks like it was pulled out of a landfill. Basic shoes, a bulky jacket or hoodie, a skirt, fingerless gloves, leggings, and a shittily altered hockey mask.

Civilian Appearance

Mica is 5’4” with long dirty blond hair (always dyed a shade of pink), brown eyes, and a very wiry build. Her clothing is the same as her cape costumes, just minus the mask- she wears whatever she can find out of the trash, which makes her overall aesthetic very glaring and in-your-face.

She wears braces.


World hard and cold. Doggo soft and warm…

Mica is a very sociable person with a complete distrust of people, instead focusing her attachments and trust to dogs- creatures she knows will never betray her.

Deep down, Mica is deeply lonely, and while distrusting of people, still strives for people’s attention and validation, even if outwardly she says otherwise.

She generally distrusts people, always assuming the worst in them, and will perceive the most minor miscommunications as danger (if somebody yells at her, she’ll take it as a show of aggression).

She exhibits other dog-like mannerisms, like seeing eye contact as a sign of aggression, and certain nonverbal cues in different contexts, such as sudden movements as, again, shows of aggression.

Aside from this, Mica is violently anti-establishment, and believes that pet ownership (especially dog ownership) is immoral and wrong and evil, and she will go out of her way to stroll through neighborhoods to send people’s dogs into frenzies. Whenever she’s bored, she and her pack will go around causing general property damage. Deep-down she doesn’t like hurting people unless they show aggression, and so she will avoid populated places.

She cannot read or write, due to diagnosed dyslexia.

Skills & Training

  • High-school level mathematics
  • Cartography
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming

Resources & Wealth

Mica is currently homeless and destitute. She doesn’t have any resources to her name- everything she has now is what she fished out of the trash or stole. She lives in a junkyard, and has access to whatever junkyards and garbage dumps have lying around in them.

Her current living situation is an emptied school bus she has situated with very basic necessities, like a mattress and a radio.

Equipment & Gear

  • Switchblade x2
  • Small flashlight
  • Canteen full of water
  • Band-aids and bandages

Parahuman Power

Bandersnatch broadcasts a wide-reaching effect on canines, reaching as far as a quarter mile in all directions. Affected canines are taken over by the urge to follow Bandersnatch’s subconscious needs and desires. If she’s in danger, dogs will swarm to attack the source of the danger. If she’s lonely, dogs will start showing up just to offer her companionship.

She cannot issue conscious commands on canines- canines under her thrall follow a psychic programming determined by her power, rather than herself [see example].

While dogs are the most common subject of her power, it works on all canines- including wolves, foxes, and coyotes.

When canines are near Bandersnatch, she begins to take on wolf-like traits proportional to the quantity of canines around her. Just a few might give her fangs and teeth, while 8 around her will turn her into, for lack of a better term, a full-fledged werewolf.

Bandersnatch’s werewolf form stands at 9’, can run up to 40 MPH, strength capable of lifting moderate-sized cars with some difficulty, and the ability to leap up to two-and-a-half stories. Notably, in her werewolf form, she becomes notably more “animalistic”- she doesn’t lose herself completely, but her mentality shifts. She’s prone to blind rage much easier, and she tends to not pull her punches, forgetting or outright ignoring the unwritten rules and what’s considered socially acceptable. Her werewolf form/traits last until canines begin to disperse.

Each dog within a 50 radius bestows strength, speed and size to Bandersnatch. These boosts grow less impactful or each dog, the first granting her claws and fangs as well as a small strength and speed boost, these boosts collect together over time and once at 8 she is covered in fur with claws and fangs, can run at 40 MPH, can lift but not throw moderately sized cars and can easily clear 2 and a half stories in a single bound. Going this far makes it hard to focus, becoming prone to blind rage and heavily injuring her foes, though she maintains enough of her mind not to go for kill shots.

Beyond 8 dogs, boosts become negligible, making it hard to notice the difference between 10 and 50 dogs.

She can’t control her changer form or traits, but she can suppress them with conscious mental effort. Distractions can cause them to apply.

If she’s knocked unconscious, her mastery ends over canines, and they’re left to their usual instincts, but the aura is still in effect if she sleeps of her own accord.

Independent of her changer form, Bandersnatch has the sense of smell of a bloodhound, and the hearing of a labrador retriever

Background & Trigger

Mica Hirsch was born the daughter of a surgeon and the owner of a local bank. With lofty goals held above her since birth, Mica Hirsch had a lot to live up to.

But she grew up to be a “problem child”. School was difficult- but it wasn’t quite her fault. She struggled, then the schools and her parents just applied more pressure, to make her “normal”, disregarding the signs of learning disabilities, and this sent her into an unending cascade of failure and lashing out and making her feel like it was all her fault. It wasn’t long until she fell in with an unsavory crowd- a bunch of fellow “problems”, they gave her attention and they laughed at her. She took this as validation, and she became their class clown. It hurt, but she was happy, as far as she was concerned. These people, her “friends”, they defined who she was, they were the ones keeping her from breaking.

On Mica’s 17th birthday, instead of celebrating their daughter’s birthday, sent her out on the streets to fend for herself. Naturally, Mica turned to her friends- just to crash at one of her friends’ places, until she could just… figure things out.

Unfortunately, even they got tired of Mica, and they lured her into a basement, chaining her to a boiler, and leaving her there without food or water.

Days later, in the pitch darkness, slipping in and out of consciousness from dehydration and starvation, reality finally settled in for the poor girl: her friends, the people she thought she could trust the most in the world, betrayed her, and left her to die in a hole so they could finally just get rid of her. So everyone could get rid of such a pitiful failure of a human being. And she triggers.

Shortly after her trigger (roughly 3 weeks ago), in a primal rage, she winds up burning down the house, and disappearing, becoming homeless with her newfound pack of dogs.

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets

Parahuman Intelligence Report

Note: The following information has been transcluded from the PRT Online Information Services SAGA Database. For more information, please see your PRT-InB point of contact.


Parahuman Intelligence Report
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  • Classification: Master (Changer)

Bandersnatch controls canines in a radius understood to be roughly below half a mile in all directions. She has been observed having rough control over canines, yet lacks finer or proper control. When enough canines are present with her, she begins to change her body to take on wolf-like qualities; sharpened claws, increased jumping, faster running speed, and enhance strength. Both inside and outside her change state, Bandersnatch has been observed to possess minor canine qualities, namely heightened sense of smell and hearing.
Bandersnatch's changer form is slow to take into full effect. If possible, incapacitate mastered dogs with nonfatal area of effect methods, such as smoke bombs, teargas, and flashbangs. Bandersnatch outside of her changer state can be dealt with via normal means. Bandersnatch inside her changer state should be dealt with exclusively via ranged methods. Her enhanced senses can be easily taken advantage of in either case, using any mix of loud noises and strong smells to incapacitate her.