PRT Director Beckett

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PRT Director Beckett
PRT Director Beckett.jpg
Dressed (and armed) to kill
Author Nashoid (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Samantha Beckett
Affiliation Parahuman Response Team (Denver)
Age 42
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver MisfitMaid
Trigger Type Untriggered

Publicly Available Information

Former Assistant Director of the FBI's Security Division, and currently the Regional Director of the Denver PRT.

She is responsible for the entire Rocky Mountain Regional Division (Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona)

PRT / Government Information


Costume Appearance

Not a genuine costume, as Director Beckett is unpowered, and would not be caught dead playing dress up. Director Beckett in her capacity as Director wears very flattering custom-fitted business-wear.

Fond of black turtle-necks, and a very professional overcoat over her shoulders when she needs to make appearances outside in her official capacity, with the notable addition of a PRT ballistic vest.

Field work is not something she is liable to do anymore, though she does have a more complete set of PRT issue armor for her protection during an S-class threat situation, a seige on the PRTHQ for instance, or similar emergency.

She typically has her sidearm with her, usually in a shoulder holster, though she has other holsters if she needs them instead for whatever reason."

Civilian Appearance

Samantha stands at five feet & eleven inches in height, she has fair white skin & very black hair in a blunt bob cut. She has very clear and healthy skin, typically wearing very little in the way of makeup, only going beyond the basics when making a public appearance with the media.

She wears high-quality circular glasses, with contacts in a travel case in her suit pocket. Her clothing outside of work is typically also very professional though she tends to incorporate more in the way of accessories; scarves, jewelry, etc.


Samantha's attitude can best be summarized as 'Professional' this is by her own design, in her youth she had trouble acting out in school & at home, and Samantha put real genuine effort into self-reflection & incremental change to sort herself out.

She is relatively even-tempered, but is ultimately only human, and is not without an occasional temper, though is well equipped to suppress it when she'd rather throttle someone for their idiocy and incompetency.

Samantha is willing to forgive and forget in her personal life, but is much more willing to remember past failings when acting in a professional setting, she does believe in change for the better, but maintains a 'show don't tell' policy for those trying to grow past their prior mistakes.

She value's honesty, especially when its an ugly truth, admitting mistakes, failure, or weakness is something she considers very brave, and doing so when push comes to shove is a quick way to earn a bit of her respect. Friendship is something that comes slowly to her, she prefers letting it happen gradually and naturally, though she doesn't resent those who try to form comradery more directly, she is well aware that different folks form bonds differently.

She doesn't mind polite personal questions, but she isn't afraid to decline answering on grounds of 'I don't know you that well yet, try again in the future. Brown nosing is one of the quickest ways onto her shitlist.

Samantha is Aromantic & Asexual, having zero interest in romance or sexual intimacy. She is female entirely because thats whats on her birth records, and doesn't care to consider anything as trivial as gender identity beyond that.

She genuinely believes in the PRT & Protectorate's cause. She does very much believe in the idea of America, & the ideals of Freedom and Justice. But is not blinded by patriotism in the slightest, well aware of systematic failures, but believing that the best response to those failures is working to fix them overtime, incrimental positive changes being the hardest to undo by those with poor intentions. She isn't especially fond of Swordfish, but is ambivalent on Watchdog & Nucleus.

She isn't someone who is fond of excess, but does make efforts to live a more comfortable lifestyle when its convenient, and she doesn't feel it an unnessicary distraction or something wasteful.

Samantha prefers a tidy home, a tidy workplace, and a tidy body. She lives a healthy lifestyle within reason, not denying small pleasures like nice food or drink, but working to maintain a healthy fitness and use moderation."

Skills & Training

  • PRT & FBI Field agent & Intelligence operative training.
  • Near Excessively In-depth knowledge of Law & Procedure.
  • Well versed in Anti-terrorism tactics, procedure, & Theory.
  • Exceptionally Familiar w/ overseeing a large organization
  • Well versed in parahuman theory, keeps up to date.
  • Fluent in Spanish, Vietnamese, & American Sign Language.
  • Semi-Fluent in French, German & Arabic.
  • A mix of martial arts from her training, decent but rusty
  • Versed in use of an assortment of firearms, good but rusty
  • Great First Aid & Trauma Medicine skills, keeps up to date.

Resources & Wealth

Has received salary for multiple high-ranking, high-paying positions in the FBI over the years, & now the salary for one of the highest ranking positions in the PRT, she is very well off financially.

When outside the PRT campus or a secure area, The Director typically has a protection detail. usually one or two senior vetted PRT troopers. Potentially more depending on the state of the city or location she's intending to head too.

Lives in a nice but reasonable home near Denver's Capital hill very close to the PRT HQ for safety & convenience. Has spared little expense on physical security renovations like shutters, panic room, and durable construction. Redundant & overlapping security systems, cameras, floodlights, door and window alarms, etc."

Investments in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Techology, Food, and Agricultural Sectors.

2 Cars, older w/ solid construction & minimum electonic components, lightly armored w/bullet proof glass & tires.

Equipment & Gear

  • Beretta M9 in a shoulder holster
  • Two extra magazines in the opposite shoulder holster.
  • Small knife in her coat, and her left boot.
  • Multi-tool in her coat.
  • Contact lenses in a travel case.
  • Panic Button / Tracker in her earbud comm.
  • Several secure cellphones.
  • Earbud Comm.
  • Tinker tech tablet with fold out keyboard.
  • Bulletproof (IIIa) & Stab Resistant Vest.
  • Small flashlight in coat.
  • Panic Button / Tracker on her keyring.


Samantha joined the PRT as a field agent in 2001, after distinguishing herself in a joint PRT/FBI operation against the Fallen in 2005, she was offered a higher paid position in the FBI as a Special Agent.

Promoted in 2010 as a supervisor in the Inspection division at FBI Headquarters, later she returned to Denver in 2013 to work on national security cases.

Promoted in 2014 to supervisor of the Joint Terrorism Task force, overseeing all international terror investigations in Colorado.

In 2015 she returned to FBI headquarters as the Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI Security Division, then in 2017 promoted to Assistant Director when her predecessor retired.

In 2018 she was approached by the PRT about potentially returning to them as a Director if a vacancy opened, with several current Directors at the time having either health complications or making overtures towards retiring.

She expressed interest, receiving several additional training courses in her spare time at the PRT's suggestion to better fit the role.

in 2019 she resigned from her position with the FBI, and became Deputy Director of the Rocky Mountain Region in Denver, where the acting Director Isacc Shaw training her to take over for him when he retired at the beginning of 2020.

Becoming the Director of the Rocky Mountain PRT region in January 2020, she would put her experience, training, and connections to work keeping the Region's PRT presence running smooth.