Village Idiot

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Village Idiot
Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/Bedslayer (capes)
Civilian name Fen Carlisle
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster
Born (1998-04-02) April 2, 1998 (age 25)
Status NPC
Height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Reddit Sheet

Relatively unknown villain with a history of performing random acts of mayhem and chaos, usually minor vandalism, or dumpster joyriding. She is known for licking multiple art pieces.

Character Sheet


Fen is a 5’11” inch Enby, caucasian, with androgynous features. They are extremely fit, though it can be hard to tell under their esoteric clothing choices. They prefer a lot of freedom of motion, and thus prefer legging or even jeggings, and hoodies. Their hair is styled in a choppy bob cut, with a slight wave. Their natural color is off-blond, but the color changes day to day, depending on what hair dye they’ve gotten their hands on recently. Their color coordination is best described as ‘Miss Frizzle let loose into a milsurp store with a credit card’. Someone once gave her a bedazzler, and it is clearly her most prized possession.

Their ‘costume’ is whatever clothing they happen to have that fits the situation at hand, and the mask they use is a poorly constructed, full face, paper plate mask covered in sequins and random feathers. It is held on by a rubber band that used to go to a newspaper bundle.


Fen’s power has given them a feeling of total invincibility. They no longer feel like the rules apply to them, and that anything they do is permitted. Despite this, they have a deep, childish delight for life at their core, so they use this permissive nature to do very minor things. People who get in the way of their fun often meet a shovel to the face, so they can’t really be said to be a good person.

Their power has given them a strange outlook on injury and consequences. With their own life so often disposable, when clones, they have started internalizing that and becoming more and more reckless.


All of their money, and any money they earn, is converted to precious metals or coins, and kept in a big pile at her home. Several money caches have been buried.

A nice ranch style home, condemned and abandoned, on the edge of a wooded area.

A ‘dojo’ made of random junk stacked up, some gym equipment, and a set of rusty monkey bars.


  • The Glorious King Amadeus Shovel, Long May He Reign: A modern survival shovel, sometimes called an entrenching tool. A tri folding shovel with a sharpening axe edge for cutting through dirt, roots, and faces. A speaker is rigged to play ominous Latin chanting when it is unfolded.
  • Sir Roger Knife, Knight of the Realm: A survival knife, with a firestarter striker built into the handle. Slightly serrated, ruggedly built. The handle has been garishly bedazzled.
  • The Grand Treasure': A big bag of shiny marbles and caltrops kept in a pouch on her hip.
  • Power Cloth: Colorful roll of duct tape. Neon colors feature heavily.
  • thE dEploYeR: A sling made from an old bra strap.
  • Wizard Magic: Little pop crackers. The kind that makes a loud bang when thrown at a hard surface.
  • Stickers: A big pack of extra shiny colorful stickers.

Skills and Specializations

Their powers ability to allow them to goof off at 16x efficiency, and learn skills faster than average, has given them a wide variety of odd skills.

  • Lock picking: Idiot is a novice lock picker, capable of opening most standard low security house locks.
  • Slinging: Idiot is an experienced sling user, capable of whipping shit at other shit with surprising accuracy. Their claim that they can "KO [your] heterosexuality at 100 paces" is not verified at this time.
  • CQC: Idiot has picked up the basics of multiple styles and martial arts, and refined them through constant clone combat with themself. The result is an effective combat style that lacks any real flash, but focus on quick brutality.
  • Shovel Fu: It is safe to say that Idiot is the single most competent living shovel wielder. Their personal style involves a mix of kendo forms, staff training, YouTube combat tutorials, and form 6 lightsaber combat.
  • Basic DIY Engineering: Idiot can rewire a socket, build and stain a deck, and cause a fire with nearly any tool handed to them.
  • 'Computer Programming: Idiot knows JavaScript, C#, Python, and LISP.
  • Language Arts: Idiot knows English, French, Italian, Esperanto, Tolkein Elvish, and enough Klingon to insult someone's ancestry.
  • Graffiti: Good enough with a can of spray paint to get a detailed penis sketch up before the cops arrive. Unless it's directly on a police car. Again


Trigger type: Single Natural Trigger

Village Idiot is a personal self duplicator. When Village Idiot activates their power, they split into up to 16 exact copies of themself, including any clothing and non-parahuman derived equipment. All copies appear in the same physical and mental condition as Village Idiot was when they triggered their power. The copies cannot move further than 100 yards from the point where the split occurred. Copies cannot split again. The last remaining Idiot is the ‘real’ idiot, and is no longer a ‘copy’

The copies maintain an awareness of how close they are to the edge of their range, so they do not accidentally step past it.

If a copy dies, it melts into a puddle of 4 liters of thin green slime that evaporates over the course of 32 hours. If forced outside of the boundary limit physically, a copy also melts.

Copies can merge together if both are willing, or if one is willing and the other is unconscious. The result of this merge is an Idiot with the memories of both copies, and the physical form of the copy who initiated the merge.