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Notoriety Criminal
AA /
Author /u/Bedslayer (capes)
Civilian name Isaac Simons
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMover
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Torque has been a villain all across the country, starting from a small-time courier and escape expert and slowly escalating as he became more comfortable with his abilities. He has arrived in Devilfish after fleeing the much more ruthless Los Angeles underground. He is known for being an extremely high speed mover, allowing him quick access to country wide resources and rapid deployment. He is infamous for having no inside voice, and hardly listening to people when they speak.

Character Sheet


Torque is a very large man. That is, perhaps, an understatement. Standing at six foot three, and yoked like an entire herd of oxen, this tan man is best described as "An absolute unit."

In his costume, armored in dark grey plate mail, he is an imposing figure, and his booming voice only lends to this. He has a half cape, yellow tinted eye lenses, and armor so thick it looks unwieldy. The welding is obvious and ugly, giving the armor a very brutalistic design.

Equipment and Resources

His costume is a set of thick metal armor made from armor plating. There is a single layer of plating over the limbs, with a triple layering over the helmet, torso, and thighs, with a dual layer over the pauldrons and boots. The pauldrons and upper arm have been specially reinforced to allow shoulder rush charges. The result is nearly 500 pounds of metal. Please note that the plates are spall coated. A heavy shield made of double layered, spall coated metal, weighing in at around 150 pounds. Several leather pouches are sewn into the belt around the armor. These contain water bottles and snacks. It gets really hot in the armor.

Torque keeps small caches of equipment scattered in remote areas around the county, in places that are difficult to reach by normal travel. The Canadian wilderness, the western mountains and deserts, and the east coast swamps. These caches contain extra plating, but ate also used as cash depositories for ill gotten gains.

His main workshop has been relocated to Devilfish as part of his attempt to work his way into the local criminal underworld, and is housed in an old garage purchased through a shell company. There he keeps standard automatics tools as well as welding and metalworking equipment.

In his civilian identity he owns a dull red Ford pickup truck.

Skills and Specializations

Welding - Isaac is a certified welder.

Mechanic - Isaac was a career mechanic, skilled in working with most common vehicles and metals.

Machining - Isaac has often worked to machine parts that are hard to come by, in order to keep his business afloat. Nothing absurd, but he knows his way around an angle grinder.

Bodybuilding: Isaac's obsession with effort has led him to work out on an almost constant basis, though he rarely ever competes.


Torque has no time for losers, quitters, wimps, or failures. He has a surprisingly common soft side, and treats most people with respect, but it is also easy to lose that respect. He does not approve of bringing civilians into conflicts, but he's also not above it if it is properly awesome. He has a weakness for fast cars, big spectacle, and machismo. He deeply approves of effort and despises laziness.

His tendency to shout is actually not on purpose. He has developed a moderate case of tinnitus over the years and has trouble with volume control.


Torque is a pure mover, with a form of personal high speed telekinetic flight. He accelerates at 10g, up to a maximum top speed just above mach 1.5. Equipment he is wearing or wielding, up to 3k pounds, can be flown with him, which he uses to allow movement in his extremely heavy armor. He has a manton immunity against the G force effect of his own flight, but no special defense against crashing, meaning he cannot effectively utilize his maximum speed in combat without also seriously injuring himself. He does have a mild manton defense against the discomfort caused by loud noises, but long term exposure to sonic booms has still given him a nasty case of tinnitus.


To say that Isaac had a rough childhood is a serious understatement. His father was an alcoholic who constantly put the young man down, and his mother was a quiet enabler. His constant attempts to earn approval via his own efforts never managed to impress his father, even though by any measure the young man was an absolute genius.

His constant effort and natural talent caused his teachers and other authority figures to heap praise on the young man, but his poor family limited his career options, and the constant abuse he suffered slowly warped his world view as he grew.

By the time he was an adult he was convinced of his own superiority, but his massive ego was also very brittle, leading to furious explosions of anger when questioned.

With both of his parents dying young, he was able to sell his childhood home and open a mechanic shop, which he worked in as the head mechanic and also ran. Despite barely scraping by, Isaac was utterly convinced of his own business genius, and took on mountains of debt in order to turn his small shop into a local chain.

For several years, he was able to stay afloat with shady sales tactics, and unscrupulous dealings, such as convincing people they needed work they really didn’t, or passing off generic parts he fashioned himself as name brand.

Despite his best efforts, the debt started to build, threatening to tank his entire business. Desperate, he turned to a bit of crime. He burned down one of his most under performing shops and tried to claim the insurance money.

He was caught. Quickly.

Standing in front of a judge, listening to his sentence being handed down, he railed against his fate, blaming everyone and everything except himself for the failures, and wishing he could do something, anything. He broke as the cuffs slipped around his hands.

Instead of getting a power that would have let him fight back, his shard connected with his desire to escape, and now his power serves as a constant reminder that when the chips are down, he’s a coward.

Ever since his ‘daring’ escape from the court house, Torque has been working as a low to mid level criminal, forcing his way up little by little and using his raw speed as his greatest asset. He has arrived in Devilfish ready to take the next step, and to carve out a little slice of the country as his own, one way or another.