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Notoriety Criminal
E / -
Author /u/Bedslayer (capes)
Civilian name Simon Williams
Alignment Villain
Affiliation E.V.I.L. (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationBlaster (Mover)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Simon is a short, effeminate male, roughly 5 feet, 2 inches tall, with shoulder length platinum blond hair, and a fair complexion.

His costume is stylized to resemble a cat. Cat ears on the biker helmet, cat tail coming off of the back. The entire outfit is blue, with yellow highlights. It is clearly not professionally made.

Equipment and Resources

Simon is currently attending a local university on scholarship. He has access to food, shelter, and cheap dorm weed.

Wealth Level: 2

Sparkat's current costume is homemade. It consists of a climbing harness with four little tether cages in the back, each holding a wisp and functioning as a rudimentary jetpack. Flight is janky and relies on specific arm movement commands, making it difficult to change direction and move around in hectic situations.

He has a pair of boots with a similar harness on the back, one on each, to help keep him stable.

He carries a car battery on his back, wired to one of his gloves, which he can clench to cause an arc between the wire pair, for charging wisps.

His helmet is a stylish biking helmet with cat ears on it.

His chest is covered by a standard t-shirt.

The whole thing is colored blue with yellow highlights in strategic places.

Sparkat usually patrols with 5 - 10 stage 5 wisps, and the six stage ten wisps that make up his flight set.

Skills and Specializations


Simon is an eclectic and often cowardly person, who's only into this cape shtick for the fun of it.


Sparkat can channel electrical energy into small wisp-like programmable glowing forcefield orbs.

These wisps are roughly the size of two human fists curled together. They are physical objects and can move at a speed of 40 mph.

Each wisp can be programmed with a set of simple instructions. Such as "When I do [x] movement, and say [y] command, move along this line until you hit an obstacle, then detonate." or "If I shout [x], move out fifty feet, move back to the starting point, if an obstacle is hit, detonate." Or "follow [x] target at [y] distance until other command given."

Each wisp can carry a number of instructions based on how long it has been charged up.

As part of an instruction, a wisp can be commanded to detonate. These detonations cause the wisp to burst in a small energy blast. The blast has a radius of a foot and, and hits like a beanbag round physically, with an electrical shock similar to a police grade taser.

A wisp is orb shaped, and thus can't lift things on its own, but with a harness a wisp can comfortably lift 40 pounds.

Charging a wisp up requires an electricity source. A wisp does not need to be charged all at once. Sparkat can feed them over time, as he gets the chance throughout the day.

A single instruction wisp takes 1 second to charge up. A 2 command wisp takes one minute. A 3 command wisp takes ten minutes. A 4 command wisp takes 30 minutes. A 5 command wisp takes two hours. A 6 command wisp takes five hours. I'm not putting this in a chart.

If a wisp is struck with significant force, around a pistol shot or higher, it will rupture and detonate.

As a required secondary power, Sparkat can channel electricity through his body. If he is standing on solid ground, or there is a path to it, this means he can ground out electrical attacks. If he is flying, he cannot, and will suffer normally. Nerd.


Simon has never made any secret of his proclivities. His friends used to joke that he never knew there was a closet to hide in.

Which is how he found himself at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Pride, under assault by Nazis.

The smell of fire, the sound of gunshots, he panicked. He ran.

He never noticed the changes, not until later. A subtle tingling near electrical gadgets. An urge. One that led him to discover what he could now do.