Second Hand

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Second Hand
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Bedslayer (capes)
Civilian name Elizabeth Chriton
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Elizabeth is an extremely new cape, whose cape name is the provisional designation given to her by the PRT

Character Sheet


In her civilian identity, Elizabeth is a young, red haired woman. She would stand at around 5'6", if her legs didn't end in stumps, just above where her knees should be. She wears shorts to show off the stumps on purpose, to keep people off guard. She gets around in a standard wheelchair.

In costume, she wears tight cut overalls, and heavy pants, that have prosthetics inside to hide that she is missing her legs. She wears heavy brass goggles that cover her eyes, keeps her hair tied back, and has her lower face and head covered in a brass mask that connects to the goggles.

Equipment and Resources

Currently, her costume is a set of mechanics overalls, with a metal plate formed around the chest area for some minor protection. She has a brass mask/helmet combo, with a set of currently normal goggles.


Shimmer Goggles

A basic set of scanning goggles

  • Appearance:A set of brass goggles in a steampunk style, with greenish tinted lenses.
  • Abilities: These goggles, when worn, give the entire world a vague greenish tint. Anything influenced by a shard, such as the bounds of a shaker field, or materials left behind by a cape power, glows with a soft light when viewed through the lenses. Manton limited, does not see power affected humans.

Skills and Specializations

Elizabeth is a trained pianist and has part of a law degree. She used to be very good at sports, until she lost her legs. She is well versed in programming and many aspects of comp sci. She does not do well around people.


Elizabeth hates capes. She doesn't hate parahumans, she hates capes. People who dress up, play hero and villain, and destroy the lives of the normal people around them.

She is hyperactive, and constantly paranoid. She believes that she will be forced into a group against her will, and is planning defenses against that. She despises feeling helpless, and will lash out against people who make her feel that way. She is constantly nervous, and keeping her eyes out, ready for the next shoe to fall.


She makes high end technology using materials, objects, items, or tools that have been affected by parahuman abilities.

The more parahumans who have affected the same material, the more useful it is. The more parahuman materials she used, the better the tech she can create.

Materials that have come under the effect of her own power do not count as shard touched materials.

Materials that have not been affected by a power in at least three weeks do not count as shard touched.

Powers that have been more directly influenced are more potent when used as part of her technology base.


Elizabeth grew up poor, surrounded on all sides by poverty and crushed by the weight of responsibility to her family. Her mother, bless her soul, did the best a single mother could do, and Elizabeth watched this woman struggle day in and day out to provide for her.

She grew up knowing she had to be the best, or she would never get out of this cesspit of a life, and she threw herself into schoolwork, sports, and any activity she thought would get her ahead.

After school sports, clubs, studying, her entire life revolved around being the very best she could be, and rising above the life of her family, with her mother cheering her own the whole way, so proud of her brilliant daughter.

Until finally, she made it. Accepted to a prestigious law school on a full scholarship, her life heading to soaring heights, all on the back of her constant hard work and effort.

During her celebratory dinner though, tragedy struck. A fight between a hero and a villain broke out in the street. As the cafe where she and her mother were celebrating was evacuated, the battle grew heated, and in the end, her mother was dead and she was crippled.

Without access to her athletic scholarships she couldn't continue her law degree. Everything she had built came crashing down, piece by piece over the next few months, as every opening she had ever made for herself slipped away because two idiots with too much power and not enough sense decided to get into a brawl.

She found herself at the site of the accident that ruined her life. Staring at the scorched ruins of what was once a building. Something catches her eyes. A sheen, on the ground. Glass. Heat from the explosion fused the sandy earth into glass. She wheeled herself over, and as she stares at this totem of the incident that ruined her, she is filled with disgust.

And possibilities.